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NBA star John Amaechi: Football will always be ‘toxic’ towards gay players with Sepp Blatter in charge

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Reader comments

  1. It goes without saying. How can anything be inclusive if the head and regulatory body are themselves bigoted?

    But it’s not just Blatter. He’s a bigot – but the fact that the ruling bodies of football doesn’t give a damn about homophobia – hence the choice of Qatar in the first place and our recent FA inclusion debacle – means homophobia will not be tackled and the sport will remain extremely hostile

  2. Um.

    This article is very misleading.

    Sepp Blatter ias in charge of FIFA. He has nothing to do with the FA.

    I am not surprised that Amaechi ia defending the closet as he himself only came out after retirement.

    When will Hitzlsperger start naming the bigots in British football?

  3. Helge Vladimir Tiller 9 Jan 2014, 3:44pm

    Football, football- football : ( Society is more than Football ! ) Gay players: Throw your fear away ! I can guarantee -Your life will be much better with openness and honesty. You will embrace your real friends without this disturbing fear ; “Who knows”- Who will tell others about me , and so on, and so on—Fear is your worst enemy, not your beautiful feelings, your ability to be with the one you love in an open atmosphere.— And, your football qualities will get better-

  4. I like this angle. If indeed Sepp Blatter, being one of those individuals dominating the world of football, IS homophobic and “toxic” with regard to gay players, then we should all go after such leaders in the world of football and get them removed, just as we generally think it appropriate to isolate or remove dictators in the world of politics!

  5. peter gregory 9 Jan 2014, 6:29pm

    This guy’s ‘Wiki’ page is almost completely FULL with so many allegations of bribery, corruption and alleged appalling behaviour that it’s incredible that he’s still up there. It’s so often the way, as with badly behaving Republican party bigots that, whilst (to use former homophobic chief constable of Manchester’s phrase which he used to describe gays: “swirling in a [in this case multiply alleged] cesspit of their [in this case his] own making”).
    Google for Sepp Blatter and see an almost unbelievable number of allegations against him.

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