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Made in Chelsea star Ollie Locke: Women reject me because they think I’m gay rather than bisexual

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Reader comments

  1. Helge Vladimir Tiller 9 Jan 2014, 7:44pm

    Looking for PR ? Uninteresting –

  2. Lion in Winter 10 Jan 2014, 1:27am

    After having dated for a while a man who not only claimed to be bisexual but also needing both genders as sex partners in his life at the same time (perhaps in order to maintain his label) I can see why. Not everyone wants to be part of a harem. Some people actually want to fall in love with someone they are attracted to.

  3. Be the big man and just open those closet doors to see the light ;-)

    1. He has. He’ s bisexual. Get over it.

      1. It’s a real shame that bisexuality is still misunderstood. There should be a campaign to make more people aware that it is a REAL sexual orientation in its own right and that there ARE some people who remain bisexual all of their lives and AREN’T seeking to hide their homosexuality as in ‘bi now, gay later’.

      2. It’s a real shame bisexuality is still so often misunderstood. There should be a campaign by Stonewall and others to try and make more people in society understand it. Of course, it is true that SOME people who are fully gay will say they are bisexual as they are not confident enough to say they are completely homosexual ie ‘bi now, gay later’ but there are plenty of bisexuals who DO have that genuine sexual orientation and will always have it.

        The more openly bisexual men and women that there are who are out to the world the better it will be. Hopefully then more people will come to understand bisexuality.

  4. I suspect the real reason he’s rejected is because he’s a complete nob.

    1. He doesn’t strike me as a nob, though definitely a knob.

      1. Rehan, the spelling “nob” is a recognised variant of “knob”.

        1. Is it? How confusing. For some it means someone grand, as in ‘noble’.

          1. I’ve just checked my complete OED, Rehan. It states: “nob, n.4, variant of knob n.”

          2. Thanks Eddy – I see even my ancient 1993 complete OED says so too. But for the old-fashioned among us, nob will always mean something different from knob. And the individual in question is, IMO, by no means a nob.

          3. Rehan: yes – it’s now common usage, as in, “What a patronising, pedantic nob …..”

          4. Heh. I can see it’s common. :-P

  5. A great many people foolishly seek TOTAL SECURITY in all things, including relationships. They reject anything or anyone that may not offer them TOTAL SAFETY. A lot of heterosexual women seek a 100% HETEROSEXUAL man. A stupid desire, of course, because all of us, including those women, exist on a sexual spectrum. None of us is 100% homosexual or 100% heterosexual.

    1. I am “a gay man”. I know however that I am not 100% inclined towards members of the same sex. In terms of my relationship I am, but if I were free I know that I have a minor attraction (a very minor attraction) to the opposite sex.

  6. Sinead Harkin 11 Jan 2014, 7:16am

    Women reject you because you’re a pouting,preening Narcissus.A shame you can’t clone yourself and get a date with yourself Ollie.Being bisexual has nothing to do with it

  7. DrDinsmoor 21 Jan 2014, 9:00am

    For this self-obsessed chap, all other people offer him is a mirror; he doesn’t care whether the mirror is a boy or a girl. It’s all variations of self-love.

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