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Gay couple angry at council over Brighton Pavilion same-sex wedding competition

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Reader comments

  1. UglyGeezer 9 Jan 2014, 7:10pm

    In fairness, I think they’re doing a good job of making themselves sound silly without the councils help. Does it really matter that you wont be the first?

  2. Poor ickle spoilt queens. They want to be the first boo ho. They really need to stand back and take a long look at themselves. This sort of behaviour does no good for the rest of the community. They obviously think they are somehow special and above the rest of us!

  3. Paul Brownsey 9 Jan 2014, 7:44pm

    If they do have paperwork saying they are to be the first, then the council is welching on its deal and needs to be called to account.

    I think the anonymous posters here who say spiteful things about this couple are the ones who need to stand back and take a long look at themselves.

  4. I feel bad for the couple in question, it seems like the town of Brighton is engaging in double talk for it’s own benefit.

    Reading between the lines, it seems more about an after thought that this could be a well planned publicity event for the city. There is more of a let’s take advantage of the situation, than there is about the celebration of marriage.

    “The council has also stipulated the couple must be willing for the media to be present at the ceremony and to appear in publicity about the historic moment.”

  5. How selfish of the couple?!

  6. In reality, unless the paperwork clearly states (and I cannot see WHY it would) that the couple were guaranteed to be the first to marry in the venue, they probably haven’t a leg to stand on. That said, it does sound as though Brighton Council’s treating LGBT marriage like a sideshow, “auctioning” the right to be first amongst Pqeers :D

  7. Oh I have an idea, why couldn’t we have talent show on which the winners get married first huh??? What is wrong with people? Wanting to be the first in line to get the latest iPhone, being the first in the queue for the sales on Boxing day, and wanting to be the first to be married. There is something fundamentally wrong and clinically worrying about these people.

  8. E Carpenter 10 Jan 2014, 4:28am

    It’s nice to see so many commenters agreeing that being able to get married that day is much more important than who marries first.

    Myself, I’d like to see a mass wedding – let this couple and any others who want to be first ALL be first.

  9. The registrars said they would have the earliest possible slot… but crucially not the *FIRST* slot. The registrars may have been under the impression that they would by logical process be the first, but presumably they don’t have the last say on the matter. They probably made no firm assurances to that effect either.

    I do feel sorry for the couple, they obviously wanted to be the first and put the effort in to make sure they registered first. But they really shouldn’t have got themselves all worked up about it until they were actually given a confirmed time.

  10. Your wedding is about your love for each other, not about firsts.


  11. GingerlyColors 10 Jan 2014, 11:12am

    It doesn’t matter whether or not you are the first gay couple to get married in England, people marry because they are in love. James Preston and Phil Robatham are just playing into the hands of the anti-gay marriage brigade who believe that allowing same-sex couples to marry will cheapen marriage. Marriage is not a contest to get your 15 minutes of fame or get yourself into the Guinness Book of Records.

  12. get over yourselves you silly queens -if being the first is that important maybe you shouldn’t be getting married -I guess they may be other reasons they want to be first, i don’t know maybe a media feature that that have failed to mention

  13. They are making a mockery and circus of the whole idea of marriage, let alone ourselves.”

    How? If Preston and Robathan paid extra for the “privilege” of being the first, that’d be one thing. But otherwise it seems as though they’re the ones who have lost sight of what their ceremony is supposed to be about.

  14. I have never come across a wedding whereby there hasn’t been some elements of jealousy, arguments or oneupmanship.

    To hear a couple of queens moaning that they are not the first to get married is just priceless lol.

    I do enjoy equality.

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