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Blue singer Lee Ryan: ‘I’ve experimented with men’ but I’d never have a gay relationship

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Reader comments

  1. Swell. I bet his partners were ooooh SO happy to be someone’s “experiment”.

    “He’s not always asshat but… when he is, he “experiments” and then repudiates a people’s lifestyle”

    1. ^ Sarcasm

    2. I’d be quite happy to be someone’s ‘experiment’… I don’t see the issue.

      If you like someone then what’s wrong with helping them explore? If they find it’s not for them then why be angry at them just because their sexual orientation isn’t what you want it to be?

      1. Lion in Winter 9 Jan 2014, 5:28pm

        Some people would like to actually fall in love, Tom. Not everyone is dreaming of being someone else’s “experiment”.

        1. Sure, but love isn’t a formula – you’ve got to try new things and open your mind a bit before you find love (often in unexpected places).

          Many people have a few dates before realising they are not a good match – without sexual orientation playing a part – are you as bitter toward them?

          I’d rather try something that doesn’t work out than never try at all.

          The term ‘experiment’ is actually quite fitting – in that in proper experiments you never know what the result will be and you have to change your hypothesis based on the results. Those results may well be ‘it’s not for me’ but equally they may be love.

          If you are looking for love then you can’t just focus on ‘what’s in it for me’, you have to take some chances sometimes.

    3. BlokeToys 9 Jan 2014, 7:39pm

      Why do you see this as anything different to heterosexual first times? Tell me, did you know what you wanted with the first person you experienced sexual activity with?

      Let’s not get too far up our own butts here that we manipulate language in order to sling sh*t at people.

      Love and partnership come later, you don’t immediately fall in love with someone you sleep with. If you think that this is the case, you’re an idiot.

  2. The way he has treated 2 women whilst in the CBB house tells anyone watching what sort of person he is. I for one am particularly pleased that the gay community is to be spared the dubious ‘pleasure’ of having this egotistical ‘player’ within our midst.

  3. LOl. Typical hysterical offence finding reaction from people on here when there is no offence to be taken. Ive experimented with women but would never have a relationship with one. Get over it, victims.

  4. onesecond 9 Jan 2014, 3:03pm

    I did watch CBB but I think it is good for straight man to admit experimenting with other guys. It really takes the drama off and helps erasing this crazy taboo about men having sex with each other.

    1. Well said.

      I hope we are not far off the time where it’s ‘cool’ for a guy to experiment – like it has arguably become for girls (for better or worse)

      1. BlokeToys 9 Jan 2014, 7:43pm

        It’s already like that in subcultures. For example, emo and goth culture have always been more accepting of bisexuality and experimentation.

        Look around and you’ll see plenty of small subcultures where same sex experiences are not uncommon and almost a part of the “scene” (for want of a better word).

        Interestingly, it also seems that those subcultures are generally more tolerant of others on the whole, less judgmental, less violent, more intelligent and so on…

        Emo’s goths, hippies, many bikers, metallers… sexuality generally doesn’t seem to be an obstacle for these groups.

        1. I agree, I used hang out with the goth/fetish crowd/scene and it was a pleasure to escape the narrow minded bigots on other scenes. Unfortunately that scene appears to be dying, theres only one club left in London now, slimelight, such a shame

  5. I think it is good that he said so and I respect him for that. Some boyband members have a hetero image to uphold and he was one of them, so saying what he did took a bit of nerve. The situation between himself and the two other housemates is something they have all created together. I doubt if any of them are what you might call naive.

  6. Officer Dribble 9 Jan 2014, 3:23pm

    I love the word ‘experimented’ in this context…just brings to images of Lee in a lab coat, recording results on a spreadsheet.

    1. Yes, he sounds like a mad scientist, Frankenstein experimenting with a man strapped to a table.

  7. It’s a shame that more people cannot find it in themselves to reveal same-sex experiences. A gay friend once discussed this topic with a straight colleague. The straight guy said, ‘Everyone does – they just don’t talk about it’. Perhaps the ones that haven’t are the rabid homophobes we hear from so often …..

    1. BlokeToys 9 Jan 2014, 7:46pm

      I disagree. Perhaps many of those who are bisexual just don’t feel the need to preach about it and make everyone instantly aware with rainbow badges and pride parades?

      I’m not suggesting that it’s wrong to be proud of it (quite the opposite in fact) it just annoys me that many seem to think people have an OBLIGATION to be completely open with everyone they meet about who they choose to sleep with.

      Plenty of people I know who are bi just don’t feel the need to explain anything to anyone.

      1. Bravo for that resounding defence of hypocrisy.
        I was merely saying that for our society to pretend same-sex activity is not routine and commonplace is totally dishonst and leads to ignorance, homophobia and discrmination. No wonder the French call us ‘Le Hypocrites’

  8. It’s amusing how some people choose the verb “experimenting” to describe a brief or unusual relationship, and the phrasal verb “having a relationship” to describe a longer relationship.

    In either case people are having a degree of relationship, just as I have a relationship with the elderly woman down the road with whom I always exchange greetings if she’s in her front garden.

    It’s those suffering from some degree of homophobia who refuse to apply the word “relationship” to their sexual relations with members of the same sex.

    1. I think they are using the word “experimenting” to put some distance between what then have done and how they see themselves and want others to see them. I don’t think it is homophobic. They just need a bit of headspace to work it out or forget about it. The idea of “experimenting” allows them both options.

  9. Don Harrison 9 Jan 2014, 7:24pm

    Right Lee, I am gay. Like you I never have a “gay relationship” either.

  10. Don Harrison 9 Jan 2014, 7:26pm

    Lee I am not gay but my boyfriend is.

  11. if we shade homosexuality we got?
    more homophobia.

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