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US: Utah man says he went on hunger strike ‘to expose the hatred of the homosexual movement’

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Reader comments

  1. To be fair, some of the response that people tweeted and posted in comment sections on articles were appalling and really didn’t do a lot for us in terms of retaining the moral high ground.

    It’s just such a shame that by coincidence of events he might be deluded enough to think that his hunger strike had any influence on the actions of the Supreme Court.

  2. Sinead Harkin 8 Jan 2014, 3:05pm

    Some people are gay,get over it.How come no one goes on a water strike?

  3. Expose HIS hatred, more like.

    Btw, what is this homosexual movement? How does one do it? Perhaps I’ve done it without knowing.

    1. Took the words right out of my keyboard!

    2. Mark in Halifax 8 Jan 2014, 3:48pm

      I can swish……does that count?

    3. You do the actions to ‘I’m a little teapot’ and then wiggle your hips :)

  4. He exposed the hate within himself and the cult of Moroni he belongs to, and told the world that he is a self hating closet case with a low IQ, nothing more.

  5. Orwell used to call this kind of bullshlt double speak.

    He went on hunger strike because of his own hatred of the ‘homosexual movement’ – whatever that is.

    1. Midnighter 8 Jan 2014, 4:14pm

      Quite right. I’d also suggest that a privileged American going on a short lived seasonal diet is hardly a legitimate hunger strike, and to do so in the name of denying equal rights to others is an insult to genuinely oppressed people around the world who have taken such measures to try to reclaim the very rights that people like him (moronic theocrats) took away in the first place.

  6. That There Other David 8 Jan 2014, 3:24pm

    I refuse to tolerate someone who views me as lesser than himself and wants to use the legal process to keep me in a lesser place in terms of rights. I wonder if he viewed women wanting the vote as hateful, or Martin Luther King.

  7. And what about the hatred of the “religious movement” towards homosexuals? You could fill up entire libraries with examples of it without having to make a hunger strike.

  8. He probably considers anything but condescending fake concern about his pathetic hunger strike as hateful and intolerant.
    I doubt he has ever been on the receiving end of real hatred, unfortunately.

  9. what a chump. equal rights must jar with religious wingnuts! do they not understand there is no concerted movement and only an agenda of equality? so he dies of hunger for a contrived myth, big deal! and one less wingnut to flick a finger at!

  10. I don’t hate you, love the sinner, not the sin (of judging others) ;)

  11. Mark in Halifax 8 Jan 2014, 3:59pm

    What frustrates me about people like this is the massive black hole into which irony and rhetoric disappears. He did this to “expose the hatred of the homosexual movement”. Let’s see now……..many of the comments about his actions came from the heterosexual press, the majority of whom thought he was ridiculous in his actions. The torrent of comments from the gay press were mainly just pointing out how ridiculous his actions were. There were very few comments that I read that were full of straightforward hatred (“die @$$hole” was a typical US one). I’d say these haters were about the same percentage you’d get on any site about any subject, so his rationale holds no water. And as someone else on here pointed out, the State of Utah hasn’t yet ruled against same sex marriage, they’ve just put the ruling off, which means he should still be on hunger strike. And all this nonsense – because it’s nothing more than that – is in the name of religion. Sheesh!

  12. If Meacham’s silly “hunger strike” has exposed any hatred, it has exposed only his hatred for homosexual people. His so-called “hunger strike” has also displayed the intelligence of the gay community in seeing through his ridiculous charade.

  13. I really hope he ends up on permanent hunger strike really soon.

  14. All LGBT people have to do to “expose the hatred” of the US conservative movent is to draw breath.

  15. Helge Vladimir Tiller 8 Jan 2014, 4:34pm

    A complete idiot. No brains, no compassion, no humanity. What will be his future ? None ?

  16. Christopher Coleman 8 Jan 2014, 4:42pm

    To support his idea of “hatred” there should be several million people on hunger strike. In addition to giving his opinion some validity, that would help reduce US obesity stats and (if the uneaten food were distributed to the poor) to reduce world hunger.

  17. Tim Hanafin 8 Jan 2014, 4:43pm

    ‘The hatred of the homosexual movement’????!!!!
    With the hatred we are on the receiving end of from religionists like him, the irony is rich.
    He is lying. His stated goal has shifted after the event. What a complete waste of space.

  18. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jan 2014, 4:47pm

    Of course, he would know a thing or two about hatred since his Moronic cult forked out $22 million+ to make sure Prop. 8 passed in California. Pot calling the kettle black. Twisted loon.

  19. What is these people’s obsession with ‘gay’? It must be patently obvious to tosspots like him that his ‘god’ couldn’t give a monkey’s what two consenting adults do with their love life because he’s far too busy allowing innocent children to get cancer and throwing killer storms at the USA. So, this man’s alleged religious belief cannot possibly be the driver behind his vile homophobia. The ONLY plausible answer is that he is struggling with inner-angst about his own same-sex attraction which he is then spewing outwardly. He should just accept who he is and end the self-delusional belief that he is acting on behalf on some sky fairy.

    1. That There Other David 9 Jan 2014, 12:39pm

      His faith can be the driver. Christianity and its sister faiths are built on a vicious and violent beginning, not to mention being massively misogynistic to boot. Ironically the closest modern group to what the message of the Bible actually is are the Westboro Baptist Church, with their message of “Obey or die!! Obey!!” It’s not a pleasant text, indeed it’s actually incredibly depressing, with its repetition and prophesying of calamity for disobedience mixed with tales of innocents being massacred or threatened with such. It’s no wonder so many that follow that book end up messed up when it comes to their ethical value system. Same with the Qu’ran.

  20. Hah! Projection much.

    He’s changed his story after the fact to paint himself as a martyr rather than a bigoted whinging narcisist.

    No-one is buying his BS, primarily cause the only tangeable impact gay marriage has had on his life is the one he chose of his own free will, i.e. starving himself to get his own way.

    I’ve witnessed toddlers throw more convincing tantrums in the local supermarket. Most people grow out of it by age 5.

  21. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jan 2014, 5:59pm

    Moronic Mormons will be celebrating today. Utah’s Governor just invalidated all of the same-sex marriages in the state. What a screwed up system in America.

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