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US: Utah man against same-sex marriage went on hunger strike because ‘everyone needs a hobby’

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Reader comments

  1. I don’t believe for one second that this moron was on a hinger strike. He’s just a deluded bigoted idiot desperate for attention. And he’s got it. He’s probably jerking off right now at this new pink news story and all the tweets he’s getting. It makes him feel important – which he isn’t. Sad and pathetic.

  2. “Everyone needs a hobby”.

    Maybe a tacit admission that he ought to get out more.
    Can I suggest that made-up state he owns at the bottom of the Pacific?

    Attention seeking prat.

  3. Tim Hanafin 8 Jan 2014, 6:43pm


  4. rainbow coloured pizza 8 Jan 2014, 9:08pm

    “Meacham may go on hunger strike again.”
    I remember an article yesterday where he said that he would not go in hungerstrike again but he will give up on baseball or something.

    His whole pathetic action just wasn’t thought trough, and in my opinion he’s nothing more than an attention whore. Nevertheless I was dissapointed with seeying all the vile comments directed to him. Threats like “let him starve to death, the world will be a better place”, it made me remember the time of the stone wall riots, where LGBT members went on hunger strike and received the same hate and threats (of course those strikes where for a good cause while this one was just an ignorant impulse that even got ridiculed by some of the right wing media). Still I kinda hoped that the LGBT community would have been the bigger man and send him a rainbow coloured pizza slice or piece of gay wedding cake to celebrate the end of his worthless strike. Comedy instead of all the hate (which only served as fuel).

  5. Desperate to be a martyr more like, although I am a teensy bit doubtful that Meacham would have let himself get to the stage of having to be fed by a drip. Now for your next amazing challenge try making a new ‘hobby’ last a whole fortnight.

  6. Either he’s got quite a dry sense of humour or he’s an unbalanced fvckwit.

    (I think I know which of those possibilities I’m inclined to go with.)

  7. … further proof that people who become religious fundamentalists are in need of psychological therapy. Why cannot they see how moronic they appear to the rest of society?

  8. Christopher Coleman 11 Jan 2014, 7:57pm

    More than a century ago Lady Bracknell approved of a prospective son-in-law who admitted to smoking, because, in her opinion, “a gentleman should have an occupation”. Incisive social comment is never out of date. Now we have a gentleman in Utah who admits to homophobia as a hobby. If homophobia in Utah has become a hobby (for some) it must mean that these hobbyists no longer feel the hatred held by other homophobes. Can one dare hope that Mormon Utah is growing towards social maturity?

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