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Nick Clegg: Football star Thomas Hitzlsperger’s decision to come out is brave and courageous

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Reader comments

  1. bloody band wagon jumper.

    1. Midnighter 8 Jan 2014, 4:06pm

      Personally I’d rather our politicians supported us than ignore or denounce us.

    2. Stephen Glenn 8 Jan 2014, 4:26pm

      Nick is the leader of a party with spokespeople like Lynne Featherstone who are at the forefront of ending homophobia and transphobia in sport.

      The LGBT+ Lib Dem exec has for a number of years had LGBT sports people on it and continue to do so in 2014, and Nick actively is interested in what is being done and what can be done. Hardly a bandwagon jumper.

    3. Stephen Glenn 8 Jan 2014, 4:28pm

      Oh and be thankful you have politicians who are supportive I have already seen two Northern Irish ones being dismissive of this news.

  2. No it is not brave or courageous for him to come out after he had retired you opportunist moron Clegg.

    It would have been brave if he were still playing.

  3. Some real poison on this page about Nick Clegg, who has energetically supported GLBT rights all through his career and a sportsman who has had the courage to come out.
    Why don’t you nasty, jealous little nobodies go and do something with your lives.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jan 2014, 5:03pm

    Nick is always the first in Government to bat for us. Well done to him.

  5. Nick Clegg has a lot of ground to make up given the way members of his party behave.

    Mark Oaten – went with rent boy because he was stressed about going bald.

    David Laws – only came out when trying to make excuses for his expenses fiddling

    Simon Hughes – ran the most homophobic politcal campaign in living memory when he won the Bermonsey by-election. Came out 30 yrs later having based his entire political career on that homophobic start. Then brandishes his religious beliefs in coming out against equal marriage.

    Laws and Hughes in particular did nothiung to open doors for other gay people and then took advantage of all the LGBT’s who have come out before them and help change society.

    1. Yeah. Focus on that, why don’t you.
      I’m going to think about this:
      – The first party to commit to a Gay Rights policy, in 1975
      – Opposed Section 28 right from the start in 1988
      – Supported Gay Consent at 16 in 1994
      – Wrote the Law on Civil Partnerships in 2002
      – Supported Same-Sex Couples in the Children and Adoption Act 2002
      – Led on Trans Rights in the Gender Recognition Act 2004
      – Supported Lesbian Fertility Treatment in 2008
      – Campaigned for LGBT Asylum Seekers in 2008
      – Uniquely Supported all Trans People’s Rights in the 2010 Equality Bill
      – First Major Party to support Equal Marriage in 2010
      And…. Lynne Featherstone
      Carping about the Lib Dems on their GLBT record is redundant and idiotic.

  6. Nick Clegg has no idea what courage is. A footballer coming out after retiring is like volunteering for combat duty after an armistice has been signed. Still, it is undoubtedly an important existential moment for the individual concerned; coming out always is. Good luck to him.

  7. By pure coincidence, I wrote about gay professional footballers today.

  8. Why didn’t any politicians come out and tell me how courageous I was 35 years ago when I came out?

    Why didn’t the fact that a 17 yr old was handing LGBT-rights pamphlets on a street corner, marching in demonstrations/parades, getting beaten up by police, and arrested for my activism elicit such strong “support” from politicians?

    I’m very happy for this former footballer. It’s a great decision, a sometimes difficult one, but in the end a positive one, to come out and be honest about yourself.

    But it’s far from a “courageous act” that deserves commentary from the political elite.

  9. “Nick Clegg: Football star Willy Heinz decision to ‘come out’ is brave and courageous.

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has praised former Red Sauce goalie and international Willy Heinz for announcing that he has ‘sexual’ relations with bottles of sauce’
    “Nick Clegg: Football star Wristy Shake decision to ‘come out’ is brave and courageous.

    Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg has praised former international Wristy Shake for announcing that he masturbates while looking at gardening magazines wearing polka-dot wellies ‘

    Its a mad world when distorted sexual behavior which causes physical and mental damage , suicide , sexually transmitted diseases , unhappiness , is called ‘brave and courageous’ .

    1. Hey homophobic bigot, I hope you have some evidence to back up your claims, no? Thought not!

      “physical and mental damage”
      Such as?

      Bigotry and hatred causes that, not being gay you imbecille.

      “sexually transmitted diseases”
      Which are also rife throughout heterosexual community

      I’m quite happy, thanks. Until I meet ignorant people like you who have such a bigoted view it’s verging on violently hateful. That’s when I’m unhappy.

  10. I would have considered it more brave and courageous if he’d done so when he was playing. By doing this now he’s basically supporting the notion that players need to stay in the closet until they are safely out of the limelight and out of the game.

    Nothing is going to change unless people start coming out in their jobs and confronting the homophobia head on, that would be far braver in my opinion.

    I still understand that every situation is different. It’s just a shame that this is how it’s done.

    1. We don’t know what it’s like. Very easy to criticise from a position of obscurity.

      1. and you’ve just made his point for him.

        the courage lies not in coming out when it is safe. thousands of people do that every single day.

        the REAL courage lies in coming out when it is the most dangerous.

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