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Former West Ham and Everton midfielder comes out as gay

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Reader comments

  1. Derek Williams 8 Jan 2014, 12:43pm

    This is good news. I can only hope it encourages other closeted sportsmen and women to come out, be good role models and improve the lives of LGBT youngsters. It is of particular significance and importance in the run up to the Sochi Olympics that we have a decent number of LGBT going about their lives in sport and as good citizens in their communities.

    1. Yes, it definitely is good news. It is just a shame he couldn’t have come out whilst playing. There is a desperate need for this to happen. When homophobes and biphobes realise that even some professional footballers in that oh so macho sport of football are either gay or bisexual then perhaps the slightly more thinking ones will realise the game is up for their homophobia and biphobia and change their attitudes accordingly.

  2. glasgow1975 8 Jan 2014, 12:59pm

    From his comments, it’s obvious he was ‘out’ whilst playing, so I can’t help but feel the ‘debate’ would have been ‘moved forward’ a lot more by him coming out while still playing, and pocketing his massive wage. He didn’t even come out when he retired, he waited nearly six months. All this does is confirm the Football closet is not opening anytime soon.

    1. Apparently until 2007 he lived with a girlfriend but they separated a month before they were due to marry.

      1. Left it a bit late in the day. Hopefully, she has now moved on and found someone else.

  3. PantoHorse 8 Jan 2014, 1:52pm

    PN, why did you delete the comment that pointed out this article is all but a direct copy of the one on the BBC website?

    1. Yes, why did you delete it?!

    2. Colin (Queenstown/London) 8 Jan 2014, 5:52pm

      They have a small editorial team. What do you want a place where we get the stories with some cut and paste and a few mistakes or one or two good articles. Thats the choice here. We don’t pay for this.
      I don’t want to offend anyone please take it at face value. I think they do very well really. I come on here almost every day for a quick update.
      Best Wish Folks

    3. Does it really matter? The subscription isn’t that much to read pink news articles. It’s only £0.00 a month, so not much lost. I even enjoy reading one of their ‘reporters’ unbelievable, not even GCSE grammar articles. Can’t remember his name.

      You know you love it. If you didn’t, why would you be here?

      1. PantoHorse 8 Jan 2014, 8:49pm

        You’re completely right, it is a petty obsession I have and not really worth getting aerated about. I think it’s the removing of comments without explanation that gets me.

        I do come here as a one-stop-shop for LGBT news and am not all that bothered about the nicking from other sources. Be nice if it was acknowledged, I guess.

        Hey ho, onwards and upwards.

  4. That There Other David 8 Jan 2014, 2:02pm

    Every one of the current generation of gay sportspeople that can be honest with the world makes it that much easier for those that follow. Well done to him.

  5. Frank Boulton 8 Jan 2014, 3:12pm

    This is wonderful news. It will help to make stereotyping less credible.

    1. Yes, hopefully that will be the case. Gays and bisexuals can be sportsmen in the particularly macho one of football and numerous others, they can be brave soldiers willing to die for their country ect. In short, they are just like everyone else apart from their sexuality.

      Let’s hope 2014 is the year a current footballer in the Premiership comes out as gay or bisexual.

  6. Paul Amann 8 Jan 2014, 3:36pm

    You’ve missed a few here: Thomas Hitzslperger joins Robbie Rogers, David Testo, Anton Hysen, Thomas Berling, Jonathan De Falco, Marcus Urban and Justin Fashanu.

  7. Helge Vladimir Tiller 8 Jan 2014, 4:23pm

    Yes, give him compliments ! Openness gives courage to others . Openness creates respect and admiration among young people. Schöner Kerl, viel Glück in deiner Zukunft !

  8. Good for him. I’m happy for that he has lifted that closeted weight off his chest.

    It’s a long road from Fashanu. Bless him. Now we just need the closeted premiership players to come out. Are they brave enough?

    Makes me think how brave an active sportsman like Tom Daley has been. I reckon Dustin, his BF has had a lot to do with his courage.

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