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Ed Miliband: Thomas Hitzlsperger bravely showed young people that sport is for everyone by coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Mark in Halifax 9 Jan 2014, 7:21am

    Stop it now! How many more of these politicians and sportspeople are you going to turn into headlines (‘Eric Bristow praises footballer’)? While I have no doubt that Ed Miliband is a gay friendly party leader, couldn’t you have lumped all these comments in the one story, especially the one about that laughable fool David Cameron?

  2. Can Miliband please explain why Hitzlsperger coming out is ‘brave’.

    What Justin Fashanu did was brave. Hitzlsperger had retired and faces zero consequences for coming out.

    It’s good that he is out for sure.

    Now he needs to publicly name the homophobes in football.

    1. Most sensible comment I’ve read on this topic, all bullies rely on the victim suffering in isolated silence because it’s not cool to be a snitch, hey can then continue to freely persecute them without consequences.
      I say blab, speak up, tell everyone about it , expose the bullies and flush them out, don’t protect your tormentors by staying silent or you are colluding with them and they will move on to the next victim when they are finished with you.

  3. Actually, what Hitzlsperger really did was send the message to young athletes, through his words and his example, that if they want to play sports they should stay in the closet until they retire.

    I’m glad he came out but I would hardly call his coming out as a retired sportsman “brave” in 2014. I hope he can help to change things but saying “We’re a long way from a premier league player being able to come out and keep playing” doesn’t give me much hope.

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