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David Cameron: Alan Turing’s achievements were remarkable and were vital in winning the War

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Reader comments

  1. I should think so too!

  2. Cameron you Feckin hypocrite!

  3. But Turing was from back when the UK produced great brains. Now the UK thinks the ultimate achievement is by someone like rapper Dappy.

  4. Cameron is a moron. A hypocrite. I wouldn’t want him anywhere near where Turin worked. He should be working for pardoning all those LGBT folk falsely imprisoned and arrested etc.

  5. David Skinner 8 Jan 2014, 3:21pm

    We need to be reminded that were it not for Churchill and those who actually gave their lives on land, sea and air, we would not have the freedom we currently enjoy. We certainly did not fight for gay rights. We would probably be under the jack boot of German homosexuals like Ernst Rohm who was a co- founder of the Nazi Party and Storm Troopers, if he hadn’t been so stupid as to make made a play for leadership of the Nazi party. Hitler got rid of him not because he was a homosexual but because he was threat to his own leadership and the standing army.

  6. … and what about pardoning every other person who was ever prosecuted under the same law? While I applaud the move to pardon Turing, other gay men provided equally vital services to the war effort. What about their pardon? It’s high time our government accepted that the state persecution of gay people was an outrage. They should make an apology for the countless lives ruined by the stigmatisation and public shaming of people, simply for being who they were.

  7. David Skinner 8 Jan 2014, 5:45pm

    And what about those who have been publicly humiliated, violently attacked, fined, jailed, lost their jobs and business and imprisoned due gay legislation pushed through by Stonewall? Civil disobedience, peaceful demonstrations and democracy are not exactly the gaystapo’s style. Blitzkrieg and oppression and fear are their weapons of choice.

  8. Cameron is a twat riding on public bollox. Pardon all the gay men the Government harmed. OR JUST SHUT UP

  9. Barry Cooper 9 Jan 2014, 7:18am

    Don’t forget key role played by the Alan Turing Year in getting William Jones’ petition so widely known … via amazing 2012 celebrations … see @AlanTuringYear … and the thousands of diverse supporters …

  10. Philip Breen 9 Jan 2014, 11:55am

    D.Cameron has retreated behind the rhetoric of a “royal prerogative of mercy that is rarely given.” If he won’t get pardons for all the other gay people that police and military homophobia have set up over the years until 2003, he should be looking how to get the old gay, repealed & spent convictions for ‘soliciting’, ‘procuring’ and ‘gross indecency’ disregarded/filtered so that people can get on with their lives and put the past behind them. Peter Tatchell wrote to the PM asking for pardons. Since pardons are described by the PM as so rare, I don’t think P.Tatchell will be successful in this, but the PM, as a matter of justice, should be discussing with Tatchell how to put measures in place to eliminate the effects of these convictions that continue to blight so many lives. It would not be impossible for the gov’t to go through case notes and to distinguish those cases where minors were involved from those where they were not, especially in the case files of more recent decades.

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