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Coroner criticises gay sauna where man was left dead in his own faeces for hours

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Reader comments

  1. Tim Jones 8 Jan 2014, 2:48pm

    The members of staff at venues such as this should include at least one at any time with simple First Aid training. Would we go to a swimming pool without a lifesaver on duty? Even Village Fetes have St. John volunteers on hand.

    I’m not saying that it might have saved this man’s life, but elementary dignity might have been preserved.

    1. PantoHorse 8 Jan 2014, 3:27pm

      Elementary dignity? The place sounds like an absolute toilet!

  2. Poor fella.

    This sauna sounds like a scene from pasolini’s salo. Horror movie. I’ve never been in a gay sauna. Are they all this scummy?

  3. Is this how we treat each other?


  4. I’ve never ever before heard of a gay sauna being a scene typified by excrement, blood, and urine. Neither have I heard of patrons generally keep their dicks erect by way of hypodermic syringes! This place in Manchester does indeed sound like a hell-hole. It most certainly is NOT typical of gay saunas in the UK or elsewhere.

  5. pretanivirago 8 Jan 2014, 5:02pm

    and cue the religious and conservative rightwing nutjobs using these few and far between establishments as a broad brush for the rest of us. *smh*

  6. Colin (Queenstown/London) 8 Jan 2014, 6:22pm

    I’m sorry but to me this is unacceptable and I am no prude be assured of that. I defend the right of gay people to have such places and I think they are healthy.

    This place should be closed down. Neither the owner, the manager, the staff care about the customers or what is going on there. No one is checking what’s going on including safe sex.
    I do not want police control but I do want safe venues and that is under the control of owners / staff.
    Someone with faceas on them, supposidly asleep would trigger a problem to me. And basically anyone asleep in a non rest area surely you would wake them to check and then let them sleep.
    This is wrong and the staff are to blame in part.
    I hope the police either close the place or do regular unannounced checks. If the management cannot run a safe business then close it.
    Any way you look at this it is appalling.

    Come on boys sort ourselves out. Going too far on one front and not far enough on the other.

    1. Places like this are already licensed and subject to checks. What’s happened here is unacceptable but there are plenty of ways to force improvement. Just to pick up on one of your criticisms – it’s not the responsibility of the staff to check people are having safe sex. Firstly that’s a choice, not something that can be enforced. More importantly though how are staff meant to check people are doing it without standing over them while they do the deed?

      Other than that, agree with many of your points. The fact that a staff member cleaned crap off a guy he thought was asleep but didn’t feel it was necessary to wake him up and remove him (or check the guy was okay in general) is pretty damning.

  7. Perhaps I am being naive here, but exactly how do you injec yourself to stay erect? Have these people not heard of Viagra.

    Sadly, it may be more plausible to conclude that these needles were being used for crystal meth.

    1. it is very dangerous to take viagra and poppers at the same time. so im guessing thats why alot of the needle treetments get used i think.

      1. What ‘needle treatments’ are you talking about?

        What substance is allegedly being injected to deal with impotence?

        Whilst it may be dangerous to mix poppers and Viagra, I dare say it could be dangerous to inject crystal meth and then go and sit in a sauna for hours on end and then put additional strain on your heart by engaging in demanding and sustained physical activity? Nonetheless, if you popped in some establishments you would no doubt witness lots and lots of people doing it.

        1. LeatherNun 9 Jan 2014, 1:36pm

          There is an injectable impotence treatment called Alprostadil/Caverject but it is usually administered using a dedicated dispensing system. I suspect that the needles are actually associated with injecting amphetamine.

  8. Been in many saunas over the years, including in fairness the one named in the article, and never seen anything like what’s described in this article. I’m pretty glad of that.

  9. I reallllly hope injecting your own penis isn’t something people actually do to stay erect, the though of sticking needles into my dick would keep me soft for weeks just at the thought of it.

  10. If this had been a sauna for str8 folks the Manchester City Council would have closed it down long ago but as with so many other matters involving race & sexuality – the authorities are paralysed by a fear of denunciation for racism or homophobia if they act.This should stop.

    As a gay Mancunian & H2o sauna is a place I would walk on the other side of the road to go past.It is not alone in being another filthy dump setting out to exploit gay men.

    Sadly it substantiates the point that Manchester’s former Chief Constable once said about “gay men swimming in their own sewage”.Does being gay mean that men have to be so depraved?

    Manchester’s Gay Community deserves better. As a gay man in Manchester I say – clean up the saunas & light up the “dark rooms” We are not all pigs.

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