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Aston Villa fan David Cameron: I admire Thomas Hitzlsperger for coming out

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Reader comments

  1. Well done, David Cameron. “Every little helps!”

  2. With all due respect to Thomas Hitzlsperger let’s not pretend that hia coming out is more important than it is. He has retired and faces zero consequences for his career by coming out.

    It’s good that he is out but he ia no Justin Fashanu.

    if he wants to make a difference he needs to name the bigots in football.

  3. London AVFC 8 Jan 2014, 8:47pm

    As a gay AVFC fan – Thomas Hitzlsperger – Once a Villain always a Villain

  4. True, he is not currently actively playing but so what? It’s nonetheless a big step. I don’t follow football much and hadn’t heard of him before today. Nevertheless he has very big name recognition in Germany and is very prominent in all newspaper websites (top story). It’s still a brave thing to do and I think he sets a good example for others to follow.

  5. Bill Cameron 8 Jan 2014, 9:10pm

    I have no interest in football, but I do welcome this. However, it is a fact he retired as recently as September 2013 from professional football and chooses to come out so soon after. Hardly a coincidence I think, but still I applaud him.

    When the first footballer who is still playing professional football, particularly one who still has some years to go before retiring, chooses to come out then it will be a real signal that the [perceived?] bigotry in this game amongst supporters and club owners (not to mention those who pay the major clubs huge sums of money to carry their matches on television and the advertisers and consumers who ultimately pay for this) is beginning to change in the “beautiful game”.

  6. If the F.A. had any collective ‘nous’, they’d invite Hitzlsperger onto their Committee for Inclusivity to fill the space now vacated by the retired soccer-player who was convinced gays are ‘detestable’.

  7. At 19, Tom Daley has undoubtedly set the platinum standard for the foreseeable future with his YouTube video and top billing on the Jonathan Ross show, but Thomas Hitzlsperger’s effort is important nonetheless.

    His action will help to ‘de-demonise’ the image of gay players, making it easier for current players to come out sooner rather than later.

  8. I hope Cameron matches Hitzlsperger’s ‘bravery’ by expelling some of the extremist bigots in tje Law and Justice Tory Party who think we are 2nd class citizens.

    We will not forget that over HALF of current Tory MPs are vicious bigots.

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