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South African activists demand action against ‘corrective rape’ epidemic

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Reader comments

  1. Absolutely disgusting! ‘500,000 rapes a year; one every 17 seconds; one in every two women will be raped in her lifetime’
    That is sick beyond belief!
    People need to report these rapes – I know it is hard in many cases but people need to stand together and stop this sickening abuse!

  2. Time to stop saying “corrective rape” now – punitive rape would be a good term – but it really looks like heterosexual aversion therapy

  3. The stigma behind the rape of a lesbian is so rife. Most of the “butch lesbians” would feel like their whole being was stripped off and reporting these incidents will only further prove that they are weak.
    The campaigns that should be prioritized by us South Africans are to breach a gap of RESPECT, ACCEPTANCE & EQUALITY. In both sexuality and classism. I am South African. I see these things everyday!

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