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Rapper Dappy warned for using ‘bent’ in Celebrity Big Brother penis conversation

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Reader comments

  1. model Jasmine Waltz who asked the rapper whether he had ever sucked on his own penis.

    In response, Dappy said: “Do I look bent?”

    I would’ve then responded “Well, yeah. Why do you think I asked, you dumb ass?”

  2. “Dappy”…or “Dippy”?

    Seriously, I thought this was Celebrity Big Brother, not Nobody Big Brother

  3. MyLyricalDreams 7 Jan 2014, 7:20pm

    EVEN if they are homosexual?
    Like father, like son by the sounds of it…

  4. Dappy seems a bit “special”.

    1. Sister Mary Clarence 8 Jan 2014, 12:50am

      Trust me, Dappy is REALLY not special at all

  5. Erica Cook 8 Jan 2014, 12:25am

    FYI, if you end a declarative statement that you are not racist or homophobic or any other attitude in the same nature with, “even if you (fill in the blank).” Then you are whatever it is you’re saying your not, because if you didn’t see them as other you wouldn’t need to say, even if…. Any questions?

  6. “Dappy”..????? Have the standards of the entire UK been lowered to trash like this ? I should have know things were going in the wrong direction when they moved the figure of H.G. Wells from its spot at Mdm Tussaud’s and into storage, to make room for the Spice Girls.

    1. No, an entire country of 65m people is not adequately represented by one individual whom most of us have never heard of.

  7. Sinead Harkin 8 Jan 2014, 8:35am

    Total nobody who makes chav music says something rude on trashy TV show.What happened to quality TV like Spooks and Waking the Dead?

  8. Lol at Pink News’ inability to have a photo of any male celebrity with a shirt on.

    1. Shirtless celebrity? Where?

  9. Dappy who? I think Pink News has spelt his name I’m sure it starts with a C not a D. Joking aside, now he mentions it, yes he does! What a moron!

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