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FA equality adviser who called gays ‘detestable’, resigns

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Reader comments

  1. Didn’t the FA check his personal views before giving him the job as an equality advisor?

    1. The FA is so biggotted, they probably saw his skin colour and assumed “well he’s diverse” and didn’t look further.

  2. Result
    GLBT community – 1. Michael Johnson – 0.

    1. Own goal by Michael Johnson

  3. The FA is starting to look like it’s always been: a joke. And this is the best thing this guy could have done.

  4. Colin (Queenstown/London) 7 Jan 2014, 7:58pm

    Under the circumstances and the importance of this job I am delighted Mr Johnson resigned. People come first and there is space on this planet for different ways of living. Bringing religion into it just a no no.

    This post needs someone of calibre, who has some sort of background in communication, has has experience in dealing with discrimination and really wants to change society’s views on homophobia. I’ll write the job advert if you want.

    I wish Mr Johnson well for the future however and hope he find a fulfilling post.

  5. Why would you take on the role of an equality advisor, when you know that you will not treat everyone equally.

    That’s like asking a man to give birth – not gonna happen!!!

    1. Well he was for equality for black people but not really for gays, some people are more equal than others… somehow

  6. Good. It is high time the sport of football in particular and some other sports came into the 21st century. I hope 2014 will be the year when at least one footballer (it would be best if were the Premiership) came out as either gay or bisexual. There must be a few within the leagues. Football has such a macho image both for its followers and the players and is a sport that a lot of homophobes and biphobes take note of so it would be helpful if a gay or bisexual player ‘came out’. This would show that football is a reflection of society and that gays and bisexuals exist within it as well as in other walks of life.

    1. Who would have thought your wish would be fulfilled so quickly, albeit a retired soccer pro? Could you wish for me to win the Lottery this week, please?

  7. bobbleobble 7 Jan 2014, 8:14pm

    I’m glad he’s resigned, he wasn’t right for the job clearly. However, there is still the problem of the fact he was appointed at all and the fact that, upon discovering the problem, the FA chose to support rather than remove him. The FA need to tell us what they are going to do to make sure this doesn’t happen again and they need also to act to make sure we can trust them to take the issue of homophobia in football seriously.

  8. Michael’s resignation was honourable. He is trying to understand, and we should take him for his word on that and encourage him further. People can change their minds. But you have to deal with, and atone for, the past. I wish him well.

    1. ” we should take him for his word on that”

      why? There’s no shortage of celebrities out there pulling out a quick PSA when they’ve been caught in their bigotry. In fact, I think there’s far more like that then there are ones who have made a genuine change. Especially since his apology and backtrack only after he was caught.

      Why give him the benefit of the doubt? Why assume good will?

  9. Good that it happened – but doesn’t change the problem.

    First of all, it shouldn’t have happened. Some basic fact checking on the part of the FA for homophobia should have been part of the selection process (especially since a google search would have done). Either they were totally inept or homophobia wasn’t a priority

    Secondly, the minute it came to light, they should have acted and he should have been dropped. Heather Rabbats shouldn’t have defended him, the FA shouldn’t have just dismissed us. They didn’t – it took days of pressure before they saw what a hot mess it was – and he resigned not booted, suggesting that Rabbats and her team still feel a homophobe in the role was appropriate

    A hot mess all round

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jan 2014, 8:56pm

    I’m just holding my breath but just wait, religious nutters will be all over this. Wait till the Mail gets hold of it.

    1. Beelzeebub 7 Jan 2014, 9:48pm

      The “Free speach” bollocks will prevail and the ignorant readership wil boo boo our complaints at this as the “GAY AGENDA”.

      I retort at the Jewish being called “Jesus Killers” before Herr Hitler decided his solution.

      That was free speach.

      1. I love how homophobes and biphobes come out with this ‘gay agenda’ crap. Yes, wanting to be EQUAL (NOT special) citizens of Great Britain and to be treated as fully integral members of society like everyone else comes to expect as a matter of course is really an ‘agenda’, isn’t it?

  11. “I remain a big advocate of inclusion in football”… as long as it’s ONLY inclusion of racial minorities.

    Sometimes one really has to sit and ponder whether or not these peoples’ brains are firing on all cylinders.

  12. Why he was appointed in the first place is another matter, but at least he’s done the right thing.

    I think this is an example of ‘social media’ working at its best, isn’t it?

  13. The a Bible also says that slavery is fine if the slaves come from another country and that slaves should be obedient to their masters. Which is just as much cock as the stuff about homosexuality.

    1. Yes, most people seem to have forgotten that the bible was used to justify slavery and banning mixed race marriages. But it’s still acceptable to day to use it to permit homophobia and discrimination.

  14. Its always the same – if you want to know about fishing ask a fisherman, if you want to know about LGBT issues ask a heterosexual religious male – makes good sense really!

  15. Why is it that these bigoted, delusional ignorant twats always quote the bible when they spout their nonsense! Where in the bible does it say gay people are detestable? Where?

  16. Calling people who decide to label themselves ‘gay’ ,’detestable’ is wrong .Calling their lifestyle choice ‘detestable’ with it’s distorted sexuality(with all the associated health risks) and acts of gross indecency is perfectly reasonable and should not be thought of as an Orwellian thought crime(or the new invented buzz word ‘homophobia’) .What ever happened to free speech ?

    1. Staircase2 8 Jan 2014, 12:40am

      You’re missing out the fundamental part of the ‘Free Speech’ equation: that just because you are free to say whatever you want does not mean that you are excused from taking responsibility FOR the things you say.

      He exercised his right to free speech and demonstrated that he doesn’t actually understand what Equality and Diversity actually means. On that basis people questioned his appointment to such an important role and one THAT basis HE resigned…

      What exactly is it you have the most difficulty in understanding in that lot…?

    2. Staircase2 8 Jan 2014, 12:43am

      …ps ‘lifestyle choice’ my arse…
      We’re talking about the fundamental core of who someone is and how they’re attracted to other people not about whether they invite friends round for a bloody fondue party once a fortnight for fvcks sake…!

    3. Shouldn’t you be pouring over the Christian Institute website or brown-nosing Andrea Minichiello Williams at Christian Concern… Ray Sunshine?
      What are you doing here on a gay comments board? …Are you gay?

    4. Ah, that would be the American definition of Freedom of speech, “The freedom to be a total dick to everybody without consequence”.

      In fact article 19 of the universal declaration of human rights spells out “special duties and responsibilities” that come with politically unrestricted speech.
      Specifically restrictions “for respect of the rights or reputation of others”.

      1. Frank Boulton 8 Jan 2014, 4:42pm

        Yes, Bob, I agree with what you’ve pointed out about “Freedom of Speech”. I’d go even further and say that absolute Freedom of Speech exists nowhere on this planet. It is always hedged about with constraints. The UDHR places restrictions on Freedom of Speech “for respect of the rights and reputation of others” and so many countries give citizens civil or criminal redress against slander, libel, denigration and hate speech. In many countries we have Freedom of Speech so long as it does not damage the public moral or the public health or the public order. We may not incite violence and even in America speech that endangers national security or breeches the intellectual property rights of others can lead to serious legal consequences. Harassment and stalking are other limitations frequently placed on Freedom of Speech.

    5. Heh – “lifestyle choice”. Still wallowing in outdated language, Ray? Still, so long as you’re enjoying yourself and providing us with entertainment – !

    6. Ah yes the right of free speech. The right of some Christians to “do unto others” by smearing a minority through pretending that heterosexual sex “carries no health risks” and involves no “acts of gross indecency” whist whining that they are being persecuted for not being allowed to impose their bullying and unchristian hatred on others.

    7. There is not one single thing that has happened to free speech, Ray. You, and others like yourself, seem to have made the assumption that it includes a mythical other word that exempts you from consequences of said free speech and that word is impunity. Freedom of speech is a right, but it comes with responsibilities and when you try to side step them, you will encounter other people who have that very same right of free speech to rebuke you for your misuse of it, and if needs be, enact sanctions against you. You’ll notice, in that logical progression, the word impunity never appeared because it is, as I said, a myth.

  17. I’d just like to know Why I have been block by PN and not the trolls.

    I’ve been trying to post a comment for several days and PN keeps blocking me. This is just a another try.

  18. Sounds like he believes equality is for some but not for all Not much use as an equality advisor!
    I think he has to reflect on why he uses the bible as an excuse to hate, he chooses to believe some things that are written in the bible, but is happy to dismiss others that don’t suit him. i.e. Slavery!

  19. Now he can go back to calling gays “detestable” in public again. Should never have been on the board to begin with, but in England Its possible to be an extremist bigot and be put in a position of promotion of equality , just look at warsi.

  20. I note that he still hasn’t explained how he now *actually* feels about homophobia in football or LGBT people and equality generally.

    He mentions inclusion but can’t seem to bring himself to state that that encompasses gay people also.

    If he had been able to clearly state that he is no longer homophobic and now fully supports the campaign against it them maybe some people would have given him the benefit of the doubt but he still is being deliberately vague on the core issue and that is very suspicious.

    My guess is that he is he joined the panel to support one aspect of inclusion, one which he probably is well qualified to comment on, and he hoped that it wouldn’t matter if he still was a bigot in other areas of inclusion (LGBT). This should is acceptable.

    Disgraceful handing from the very beginning by the FA.

  21. friday jones 8 Jan 2014, 11:35am

    Overt displays of Christian proselytizing are detestable unto me, but fortunately for Piety Whores hoping to become footballers, I’m not on the equality board either.

  22. Obviously, when this homophobic religious bigot applied for the job, he didn’t consider the word ‘equality’ included gay people. But then, he can’t be blamed. His childhood religious brainwashing has conditioned him to think the way he does.

  23. Well — Johnson seems to think that “inclusion” only applies to those minorities he’s part of. Obviously, some people are more equal than others, in his view.

    Didn’t anyone vet this guy at all before he was appointed?

  24. GOOD RIDDANCE – And just in case this bigoted moron doesn’t know yet – we find him to be detestable!

  25. Good riddance

  26. Frank Boulton 8 Jan 2014, 5:00pm

    If Michael Johnson had given public testimony that his views on homosexuality had progressed since his comments of 2012 before his selection, then possibilities other than his resignation might have opened up. Unfortunately for him, in the world of business, right not only needs to be done, it needs to be seen to be done. If the FA does such an abysmal job of investigating candidates for the IAB, then I think that the damage has now been done and is irreparable. How can the LGBTI community or any other minority group now seriously trust the IAB? A little care and the outcome could have been very different for Johnson, the IAB and minority groups.

  27. I have a level 2 certificate in E & D. How can a man who has clearly ignorant of the requirements, responsibilities and duties placed on the FA (as an employer as well as a body providing a public service) by the Equality Act become an “equality adviser”??? Should have been sued for false representation!

  28. Good riddance to this bigoted, bible-thumping a’hole. If he’d been discriminated against because of his colour he would have screaming his black head off.

  29. And this is a black citizen?

  30. Raj said.
    “Why should his views be checked . As long as he does nothing illegal”
    Because it is not a police state yet and it is not a crime to hold a view, however unpopular.
    A persons legally held views are irrelevant to their ability to do the job. It is only when such views are expressed with a view to incitement that it is potentially criminal.
    Some people find homosexuality immoral on religious grounds but it is illegal to deny employment to anyone due to their religion. These fundamental protections are ensured in the equalities act.

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