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Ewin Holyfield: My dad isn’t homophobic but he thinks ‘being gay is a choice’

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Reader comments

  1. “being gay “ain’t normal”, it’s “a choice” which “can be fixed”.
    So which part of that is not homophobic and prejudiced?
    “He treats everyone like human beings…even homosexuals”
    Well ain’t that’ big of him …but is that before being fixed or after?

  2. “He treats everyone like a human being… ‘even’ if they are homosexual,”
    Even if… Wow! What a man!
    Tell mister Holyfield, if he’s so sure being gay is just a choice, then he should, himself, choose to be gay for a year. Show homosexuals how easy it is to simply choose our sexual orientations.

    1. Well said. The even if is the clincher – and that’s from the son! Can you imagine what the father’s like?

      1. Pete (Nottingham) 7 Jan 2014, 12:12pm

        I totally agree. The “even if” bit completely changes the implication of the sentence. I read that as “He treats everyone like human beings…even those who AREN’T… like homosexuals”!

        1. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 3:37pm

          Those two little words “even if” show that the son, like the father, thinks that homosexuality is the worst thing possible. How can that not be homophobia?

          1. nixi otemba 7 Jan 2014, 4:18pm

            but now we know for sure that being stupid breeds stupid

  3. It always astounds me how everyone is an expert on other people’s ‘choices’. Anyone who’s ever experienced going out with someone who likes you more than you like them knows that you can’t ‘choose’ who you’re attracted to, or maybe this boxer’s brain has been so damaged that he thinks he can simply choose to be attracted to any woman on the planet? Why are we even debating his comments in a world where people are homeless & starving & he’s worried about the ‘rightness of homosexuality’ – spend that energy on things that matter. It’s not sex that’s screwing up the world!

  4. So not only is he a homophobe, but so is his son then? Well that’s clear

  5. Mr Holyfield & son are ignorant, homophobic or both.

  6. bobbleobble 7 Jan 2014, 12:29pm

    I’m not sure his son has done him any favours here!

    1. I don’t think he was trying too to be honest, Holyfield junior is just another one of the herd! BAH

  7. and standing in a boxing ring beating seven shades out of someone else is “NORMAL”????

    He has his opinions and is entitled to them but he should also be aware that if he airs them in public then he should expect there to be people who wish to respond to his comments and that among them there may be more than a few who find them abhorrent.

    Could you imagine what a white supremecist would say about Mr Holyfield. Would he stand idly by if such comments were made about him because of his skin colour.

  8. BlokeToys 7 Jan 2014, 1:17pm

    In an ideal world, Channel 5 would persuade Stephen Fry to attend Holyfield’s eviction, then broadcast a live debate where Stephen explains to this ignoramus the facts – for instance, homosexual activity has been seen in over 1500 different species, that the argument about procreation is rendered null and void because millions of people are unable to conceive (are they not natural?), and finally that bigotry, religion and homophobia are only seen in one species – Humans.

    It angers me when someone expresses their ignorant and uneducated views and there is no one on hand to challenge them with facts and reality. People like him and views like his should be challenged, perhaps if he is given more information and encouraged to consider actual facts instead of religious bullsh*t he might change his opinions?

    1. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 3:51pm

      The trouble with creationists is that they believe that all organs and organisms have a single function, e.g. feet are for walking (even though they also make good weapons), the mouth is for eating(also a weapon, useful for speaking and breathing) and so on. Hence, the sex organs are for procreation only. Anyone, who subscribes to this belief only needs to shove a rubber bung in their orifice and see how long it takes for their bladder or urinary tract to rupture, in order to be persuaded that biology isn’t that simple.

  9. jonnielondon 7 Jan 2014, 1:20pm

    I am gay and have never had a choice to be otherwise. I have straight friends who have always been straight and who have never had a choice to be any different. If Evander feels that for him it is a choice to be gay, then I believe he is feeling this from his heart. He has chosen to be straight, when he could also choose to be gay. We call people who have this choice bisexual. That’s all.

    1. Surely bisexual people are just that ie open to seeing sexual (and sometimes emotional attraction) in BOTH their own gender and that of the opposite one? They are both straight and gay at the same time. I know that some of them lean more towards one gender or the other whilst a few are precisely in the middle of the spectrum and are EQUALLY attracted to both genders. As far as I can see being bisexual is a distinct sexual orientation in its own right as is being homosexual and straight.

    2. My choice 7 Jan 2014, 3:48pm

      I tried going with a woman once, yes you are right I chose wrong and decided not to do it again. Never to make that mistake, never never.

    3. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 3:57pm

      The bisexuals that I’ve known seem to be attracted to people of both sexes but they seem to have no more control than the rest of us concerning whom they fall in love with. So, I don’t think that even bisexuals have a choice in such matters.

      1. You’re absolutely right, Frank. Love sucker-punches us just like everyone else, we don’t get a choice.
        Perhaps he means that we can choose who we date, but everyone can do that. A gay man could choose to date women, it would just be really stupid.

    4. Well, then you don’t understand bisexuality.
      I’m a bisexual woman. I did not choose to be, I just am. If I were to marry a man, that would not mean that I’m choosing to be straight. I’d still be bi. If I marry a woman, I’m not choosing to be gay, I’m still bi.
      My life might be easier if I could choose (since we get abuse from both straight and gay people and are sometimes made to feel that we just don’t belong anywhere) but I can’t.
      And you know what? If I could choose? I wouldn’t.

  10. “But at the same time, my dad is not going to judge someone for their sexual orientation.” Liar, or just thick?

  11. “He treats everyone like a human being… even if they are homosexual,”

    Wow, really? Does the young Holyfield man understand just how offensive that statement is?

    1. How would this tosspot feel if I said, “I treat everyone as white – even if they’re not”? Stupidity and ignorance obviously run in the family …..

  12. Tom Cotner 7 Jan 2014, 2:47pm

    Well, I think being a boxer is a choice, too — and a very poor one, at that. Who, in his right mind would want to beat the crap out of another human being? Some role model!!!

  13. John Peter 7 Jan 2014, 3:13pm

    “EVEN if they are homosexual” ???
    I refuse to be classified as an “even.” I do not need your broadminded pity.

  14. your dad might not be homophobic but he sure is dumb as a board then!!

  15. Is being black a choice? Is being black a lifestyle? So, Being gay is not a choice or a lifestyle. Many black folks should stop oppressing LGBT – do they forget their past history with oppression, getting lynched, killed for being black.

    1. Staircase2 8 Jan 2014, 12:10am

      …’many black folks’…?!

  16. Why would anyone ‘choose’ to be gay with disgusting homophobic bigots like Holyfield around? I wonder of he thinks being black is a choice ….?

  17. The ONLY way someone can assert that ‘being gay is a ‘choice” is if they have experienced making that very choice. Otherwise how can they POSSIBLY know? So, we have to deduce from his comments that this punch-drunk has-been has, at some point, been attracted to men, has fought his feelings and has now become a self-hating homophobe who uses the bible to re-inforce his inner-loathing. What a saddo.

  18. Maybe he is bisexual and he chooses not to be in same sex relationship, that is the only explanation for him not being able to understand being gay/ bi is not a choice.

  19. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 4:08pm

    Ewin Holyfield, “My dad is the most loving and caring person you will ever meet.” Yeah, it’s a really loving and caring career choice to kick other guys’ heads in and damage their brains for a living.

    1. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 4:12pm

      Sorry, folks, insert “said” after “Holyfield”.

  20. All right, I’m going to say it. I treat everyone like a human being, even if… They’re black. How does that phrase sound Mr. Holyfield? Sound good to you? Does that sentence sound good?

    1. James Campbell 7 Jan 2014, 6:05pm

      In fact, if every negative comment re. LGBTI people was replaced with the word ‘black’ the perpetrator would face a storm of protest (quite rightly). It is still, even now, open season on all minorities except discrimination based on grounds of race. I may be mistaken (so please feel free to correct what I say), but I sense that this exception regarding race has its roots in white guilt relating to slavery (forgtting of course that white people were also taken as slaves). Any black protest however is self evident.

  21. EVEN IF they are homosexual???

  22. That’s like saying being black is a choice … What a twat !

  23. Peter Blaise 7 Jan 2014, 4:44pm

    Maybe for him, being attracted to same sex folks IS a choice — perhaps he’s bisexual, and that’s HIS truth.

    1. Bisexuals cannot choose whether or not we’re attracted to the same sex. We are.
      We can choose not to act on the attraction we feel, but that is true for everyone. You are in control of your own limbs, so you can choose not to touch. But you still want to.

  24. Even if they are homosexual? What a clown. That goes along with some of my best friends are……..

  25. When has one homophobe (who denies that he is a homophobe) EVER classified another homophobe (who denies that he is a homophobe) as a “homophobe”?

  26. James Campbell 7 Jan 2014, 5:53pm

    Just a note for Holyfield Jnr. I am male and unable to father children. Many women too have problems conceiving. Should I not have married and should women who are destined never to bear children be banned too? On the other hand, my brother who is gay, plans to marry his partner next year and then look seriously at the possibility of them becoming parents (so I may just make it as an uncle!). This “gays can’t create life’ is total rubbish. As for Holyfield’s views on ‘choice’, the closest he may be able to get to understanding what ‘choice’ means is what he wants on his pizza.

  27. RedDevil9 7 Jan 2014, 6:10pm

    Always makes me wonder about someone’s sexuality when they say ‘being gay is a choice’. It’s as if they’ve had same sex attraction themselves at some point and have taken up sports like boxing in an attempt to suppress it. ‘We can’t change what we are… All we can do is just go with what we are’. A Rocky quote Holyfield could actually learn something from.

    Homosexuality is there from birth. It’s years before kids know what sex is anyway, but they already know who they like. Just as some young girls go mad for boy bands, they’re too young to know about sex, but they know who they’re attracted to. It’s exactly the same for gay people. As for people coming out later, well, many suppressed it due to peer and family pressure, some without even knowing it. No-one ‘suddenly becomes gay’. If same sex attraction is there, it’s there and that’s it.

    I used to like Holyfield, but not after this. I don’t watch Big Brother either and this kind of event reminds me why not.

  28. Mark in Halifax 7 Jan 2014, 7:10pm

    “He treats everyone like a human being… even if they are homosexual.”
    Really?? EVEN if they are homosexual? Should I, as a gay man, be flattered by this show of barely concealed contempt?

  29. Like father, like son, bred from the same genetic cesspit. I’m guessing this is not one of his kids, that the deadbeat dad did not pay child support for.

  30. BibleIsBullsh*t 8 Jan 2014, 4:33pm

    Being ugly and washed up is a choice and a handicap. He’s a nobody =. Got beat and is now on some show in another country because no one really cares for him here. He wants attention and is sh*tt*ng on a minority to do so. 3 wives. Some Christian. He looks like a black Daffy Duck.

  31. It is a choice. They had identical male twins on a major television talk show. Maybe Oprah. The same in every way down to their genetic sequence. One was gay and talked with a lisp and the other was not and spoke without a lisp. That is all the proof you need to know it’s a choice. Now with that said, can there be underlying genetic factors that might predispose you to being gay or other environmental issues surrounding the child during developing years. Possibly but people are predisposed to many things that don’t come to fruition thanks to will power.

    1. What utter nonsense! Did you choose to be gay? One thing is for sure you did seem to choose stupid quite easy

      1. Please read your last sentence and tell me who is the one lacking intelligence here. I offered scientific proof not any religious quotes or beliefs. I thought people would be open to an adult discussion, but I was wrong. Please do hurl another wonderful insult at me; they are quite amusing.

        1. You offer a pair of twins on a television talk show of the Oprah-ilk scientific proof? Seriously? Well here’s some ‘scientific proof’ for you. I write as a heterosexual female who’s met an awful lot of gay men in my life. My husband had one non-gay male friend when I met him. his best friend from 5 years old is gay. He wouldn’t have ‘chosen’ to be gay knowing full well the s**storm of grief he’d get from his family. He knew he was gay from a very early age and wasn’t prepared to not be true to himself just to please his parents. That story is repeated over and over, every day. It wouldn’t have to be that way if it weren’t for the ignorant and prejudiced; people like you I’m afraid who quote spurious science to justify themselves. Every person i’ve met who offers up this ‘it’s a choice’ guff proves themselves in every other respect to be lacking in logic and reason. Scientific fact.

      2. Mikehattan 13 Jan 2014, 3:26pm

        Well said Lee D !

  32. oh the father and the son are experts in human development, personality and sexuality !

    Who’d have ever thought of them ?

    And when and how did they choose ? ….

  33. I think we are pointing at the wrong target. These pea brains are just behaving to type and seeking cheap publicity. Nobody apart from those with a predisposition against gays is going to take their muddled words seriously. The real problem in my view is the bigger picture of the platform given them which allows these offensive unintelligent people to access the young and impressionable. Channel 5 should take steps. It says it is investigating. But investigating what? And how long will it take? Free speech must have boundaries in a civilised society. These remarks go beyond what is reasonable in my view. There is an increasing climate of bullying in the playground and this type of comment gives it succour. Channel 5 must act responsibly and make it clear it will not tolerate this behaviour. The man must have broken his contract and should be thrown out noisily.

    1. So by “free speech must have boundaries in a civilized society” (I spelled civilized correctly) you actually mean “Anyone who disagrees with me is not allowed to talk!” People only try to silence that which will defeat them. I don’t cry for people to be silenced because they have a different opinion than me. Sounds like a lot of people here are too scared for another opinion to be out there because they are not confident enough in their knowledge or beliefs to stand their ground against opposing views. You should welcome debate; it gives you a chance to change someone’s mind.

  34. Mikehattan 13 Jan 2014, 3:24pm

    He should ask his dad when did he choose to be straight.

  35. .....Paddyswurds 13 Jan 2014, 4:00pm

    So sad that Holyfield has spent his entire life hiding the fact that he is Gay. How do we know he is in reality Gay? His son said his father believes that homosexuality is a choice. One can infer from that statement that Holyfield came to a decision in his life to be heterosexual. It is a well known fact that only those who were conflicted about their sexual orientation at puberty need to make a choice and unfortunately it is usually the wrong choice they make and end up being self hating homophobes like this has been …..

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