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Egyptian director fears that censors’ demands will turn gay love story into tale of friendship

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Reader comments

  1. Very sad, and an unfortunate reminder that the lack of censorship in this respect that we have been able to take for granted here in the last 2 or 3 decades is extremely unusual, globally speaking.

    1. And lest anyone think it doesn’t continually happen in Hollywood, I refer you to the 2001 adaptation of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, where the story about the gay Italian, one of the 3 voices the book in sections entitled ‘L’omosessuale’ (if I recall correctly) was expunged completely from the film.

      (OK that was 13 years ago, but it was the first example that came to mind.)

      1. Frank Boulton 8 Jan 2014, 4:05pm

        And look what happened with the film “300” about the Spartan Sacred Band, the world’s first and only gay platoon of soldiers. Not the slightest hint in the film that all of them were paired off as lovers.

        1. Sacred Band of Thebes, surely?

  2. Isn’t this film about curing gay people anyway? (according to the last discussion on this film via Pink News).

    Ban the entire thing if that’s the case. Gays can’t be cured

    1. Not quite, but it does seem to be controversial among gay Egyptians.

      It’s hard to tell really, if we don’t know how the story ends. The fact that many gay Egyptians are forced into trying “cures” is, after all, a matter of fact.

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