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Daily Mail gets hot under the collar over sexy calendar featuring fake gay priests

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Reader comments

  1. Looking forward to the Muslim Imam edition.

  2. Colin (Queenstown/London) 7 Jan 2014, 8:09pm

    Love it…have we lost our sense of humour…..or maybe the mail has…lol. Remember they only want sell papers so really its just another story. They add nothing to the planet.
    I have no time for all religions equally be assured of that, but sometimes you just laugh.
    Great video, sexy men and fab music….Loved it.

  3. Did anyone actually proof read this article before posting it? It looks like it was written by a 5 year old with no concept of grammatical structure.

    1. #drunk

    2. Pete (Nottingham) 8 Jan 2014, 10:31am

      Was just thinking that!

    3. PantoHorse 8 Jan 2014, 11:30am

      It’s a classic Joseph Patrick McCormick. The man can’t even plagiarise without introducing spelling and grammatical errors. I think this is my favourite sentence:

      “The surprisingly in-depth Mail as well as scrutinising each month’s photograph, also went on to gauge reactions from Orthodox churches in several countries, and highlights the meaning behind the”

  4. LOL. Looks like someone has worked out how to get their hands on some pink ££££s.

  5. Helge Vladimir Tiller 7 Jan 2014, 8:10pm

    A lovely calendar ! My words for January :

    While January is cold and bleak
    an orthodox priest is more pleasin’
    with his young beauty at its peak
    winter is my favourite season.
    H. V. T.

  6. Ben Foster 8 Jan 2014, 12:06am

    The Mail has ensured millions know about the calendar who never would otherwise. They will have to print more.

  7. Christopher in Canada 8 Jan 2014, 12:14am

    Wait until the WI hears about THIS!

  8. Wait, The Daily Mail? As in the conservative tabloid? Colour me confused.

    1. IKR Naked Sexy Men + The Daily Mail = Oxymoron

  9. Lloyd (Sydney) 8 Jan 2014, 3:04am

    Great calander but they needed a liturgical advsor. You do not wear a purple stole when baptising, it is white.

  10. Brilliant. Everything on the video looks like the start of a porn shoot. I used to know an American Greek scholar who said that the Orthodox Church is very homophobic in public and full of rampant gay sex behind closed doors. I bet they’re not all as hunky as these blokes though!

    1. Most organised religion is rife with ‘gayness’. Not many ‘macho’ men are into silly hats and flowing gowns, now are they? If only they’d come out about it and stop the disgusting hypocrisy, we’d all be happier.

  11. I have to say that the Mail article featured a LOT of homoerotic photographs without condemnation. Surely the Mail hasn’t made a New Year Resolution to turn over a new leaf?

  12. Those pseudo-priests are pretty hot under their dog-collars…

    (Sorry – someone had to say it.)

  13. Hahahah. Hysterical. The Fail flailing over how to react. Hahaha.

  14. BlokeToys 8 Jan 2014, 1:02pm

    This has to be one of the most poorly written articles I have seen on PinkNews.

    Nowhere did you outline the Mail’s opinion, and I still don’t know what their attitude to this calendar is. Nowhere did you suggest that you’d tried to ascertain how money is going to charity, but merely accused without offering those behind it a chance to explain. Not once did you really offer anything of any note in this piece, other than providing a hasty retort to something the Mail has done – and poorly.

    I’m very disappointed.

  15. Robert in S. Kensington 8 Jan 2014, 5:06pm

    Blimey, the Mail? Maybe there are more not so self-hating closet cases working there than I thought.

  16. white squirrel 8 Jan 2014, 7:28pm

    you have to wonder which chapter and verse in the bible the guy in the first image is reading
    Leviticus perhaps?

    1. The Song of Solomon, maybe…

  17. MommieDammit 9 Jan 2014, 2:57pm

    Who wrote this flaming pile? With all the ads you cram into every page, one would think that Pink News could afford to pay for a proofreader… or at least an editor that understands English grammar!

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