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Comment: Why aren’t we laughing off views like Evander Holyfield’s?

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  1. It’s depressing that whenever some bigot launches an attack on us, you can guarantee there will be some gay fool out there ready to go to bat for them. Some people are really invested in keeping hate against us alive.

    1. I agree but equally you have to admit that whenever someone says something homophobic there are a ton of people who will actively seek it out (through sites like this one) because they get off on being outraged/fighting in a battle for justice.

      I’m on the fence on this issue. The article is too dismissive, but I think each of us as individuals needs to ask ourselves if we’ve become addicted to taking offence:

      1. What would be your level headed response to such widely aired ignorance and homopobia then? Silence? We tried that for a few thousand years and it didn’t work out so well.

        1. No, I think confront it when you find it. Just don’t actively seek it out.

          I DO think homophobia should be challenged whenever it is encountered (and I think I do a pretty good job of that myself – well, I hope I do) but equally I honestly think on some level some people fantasise about low level homophobia in order to paint themselves as heroes – the way some Christians are desperate to be the most persecuted group in the world.
          That waitress who faked the homophobic note on the bill she got back is an extreme example, but I think it wouldn’t harm any of us (and I assure you I’m talking about myself too here) to think about whether we don’t secretly enjoy getting outraged on some level by stories like this – in part because it validates our personal (and real) experiences of homophobia, and in part because everyone wants to be a hero in the face of adversity.

          I am NOT saying we should leave homophobia unchallenged, but that there’s no harm in examining our motives from time to time

      2. Seek it out? He said it on live television! It’s not like we bugged his house looking for comment

        The homophobia caused a response because a celebrity, on television, spouted some hateful, ignorant rubbish – the same hateful ignorant rubbish that is peddled by churches and organisations across the country which forms much of the foundation of homophobia

        This wasn’t something we had to hunt down, nor was it something to dismiss as harmless. We could do with a damn site more taking offence so that bigotry against us did not remain so mainstream and preserved

        1. In this case yes – but I was really talking generally. For example there are many news stories on this site about US shock homophobic radio DJs saying over the top cartoonishly homophobic things. It’s generally right that this is called out, but you think they listen to the views of some British gay people? Is that why British gay people seek out and lap up these stories? You think Westboro don’t LOVE it when they get the attention of the outraged?

    2. bemusingly, a number of my comments seem to be disappearing

  2. ScepticalDave 7 Jan 2014, 4:17pm

    “Why aren’t we laughing off views like Evander Holyfield’s?”

    Because homophobic comments aren’t funny.

    1. Lion in Winter 8 Jan 2014, 12:21am

      Because people like him tend to attack gays with baseball bats.

    2. It wasn’t homophobic. Just because if someone doesn’t agree with you on homosexuality it doesn’t mean they are homophobic.

  3. Vincent in Ireland 7 Jan 2014, 4:22pm

    It is important that the gay is a lifestyle choice message be challenged, whereever it pops up it’s ugly prejudiced head.

    1. It was challenged on the show both by Luisa, who he was talking to and by Big Brother. Did you watch it?
      No one needed to be outraged.

    2. What is wrong with being homosexual as a lifestyle choice? Can’t some people choose to be gay?

    3. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jan 2014, 6:51pm

      Perhaps we should resort to describing heterosexuality as a ‘lifestyle’ to see if some of them react which would be a good place to start to challenge them and expose the stupidity of it.

  4. I watched the show. I was horrified that he was given a public dressing down. He was handcuffed to a young girl who was saying “I don’t think you should have a conversation like this in here” He is an old man from Alabama who believes in god. Surely people cant expect him to have grown up open to the wonders of society. I watched it and thought how sweet this old mans thoughts are, how enlightening this must be for young people? I think Chanel 5 shot themselves in the foot. So well done for writing this article. We are all different in our own way :)

    1. What utter bollocks. If it was a white person quoting the Bible that Blacks are inferior, I would hope other contestants would have something to say about it. Jade Goody made quite a mild remark (she referred to Indian actress Shilpa Shetty as Shilpa Poppadum) and was booted out immediately. What’s the difference?
      There are too many people in Alabama and elsewhere who agree with Holyfield’s views. Are we or our broadcasters to say and do nothing?
      Silly article. Silly comment.

    2. He’s also American American. When it comes to ignorance, and judging people based on myths and stereotypes, he should know better.

      1. His precious Bible says it is OK to take human beings as slaves…………in the same chapter that condemns homosexuality! Or perhaps he never read the history and “justifications” for the secession of the Confederate states.

    3. “An old man”? He’s 51, for Chrissakes – 10 years younger than Peter Tatchell!

      1. Believe me, 51 is not old. I started a completely new career in my mid -50’s

  5. whatever – dumb article… these fools are free to think what they want, I only ask they keep it to themselves until their kind die out – dont spout it in a public forum – such as on TV, or the Internet, or from a street corner, or out loud…
    thanks bye

    1. “these fools are free to think what they want, I only ask they keep it to themselves until their kind die out”
      Tell me honestly though that on some level you don’t enjoy the outrage… everyone loves being the hero fighting injustice – and some people enjoy it so much they actively seek it out (some Christians even invent it!)

      Even if you don’t, I know some do – cos I used to. I love Pink News but 80% of their articles are based on this.

      It’s one thing asking people to keep vile views to themselves – but saying that in the context of a world where any time someone is overheard saying this kind of thing it’s splashed round the internet by people who’ve been waiting for it like hawks is a little weird.

      NB: I’m not getting at you – I’m sure your motives are honest… but there ARE a lot of people out there who enjoy this a little too much.

      1. It’s not like he said this in his living room. He said it in a forum with a national audience. What would you have us do, let his ignorance and homophobia go unchallenged? Ignore it? Laugh it off and give the world the impression that we find it funny? We’ve tried all of those responses for millinia and it was disastrous. If some of us seem obsessed before it’s because we have YEARS of personal silence that is finally bursting through and thousands of years of history to make up for doing nothing.

  6. jonnielondon 7 Jan 2014, 4:39pm

    We don’t say the “n” word or use racist rhetoric without consequences. We don’t use the “b” word and sexist language without consequences. There should be consequences for homophobic abuse as well.

    1. Comparing Racism to a Homophobic is a fallacy, sir.

      1. No it’s not. Bullying any minority (“protected status”) potentially breaches the Equality Act. Under that Act there is no distinction between racism and homophobia.

  7. People love to be outraged. Not to say there isn’t good reason to be outraged… but it’s becoming a bit of an addiction.

    Yeah I think what he said, and the duck guy, was wrong and bigoted. But I’m not sure if I want to start actively seeking out this kind of person to be outraged by, rather than just challenge this kind of thing when I come across it as part of my daily routine.

    But outrage sells, so seek it out is exactly what the press does. They give these kind of views more coverage than they ever would have got – I’ve already been outraged by some Canadian DJs I’ve never heard of before already today – and I wonder what the effects are of exposure to this homophobia (that they otherwise wouldn’t have come across) to young gay people.

    These views definitely need to be challenged… but you shouldn’t ENJOY it quite so much.

  8. Wild Heart 7 Jan 2014, 4:44pm

    I think I stand with people like Peter Tatchell on this sort of thing.
    I find his views obnoxious as well as anachronistic, but I defend his right to hold them and discuss them with others.
    That’s not about “going to bat,” for him.

    I believe we should be exposed to these views so that we can hold them up to the light, challenge them and hopefully persuade a few more people every day as their utter daftness.
    It’s my belief, that, along with legislation, gay people being visible and out etc is slowly changing attitudes. That hasn’t happened by accident.

    So far as Mr Holyfield is concerned, I find it, somewhat amusing and fascinating that people still come out with this sort of stuff.

    I’m even more amused when the Bible is brought into play, especially from a man who’s ancestors would’ve had it “used,” against THEM and not least because he’s been divorced 3 times..

    It kind of puts it all into perspective for me ;O)

  9. BlokeToys 7 Jan 2014, 4:50pm

    First of all, I agree that BB is a REALITY TV SHOW, so having people complaining to Ofcom is ridiculous. If anything, they should be complaining that BB proclaims to be reality while telling housemates that they are prevented from expressing an opinion.

    This is not reality TV, this is manufactured bullsh*t, cleansed and sanitized to make people happy. Guess what folks, he has an opinion, on a REALITY TV SHOW!

    FFS, grow up.

    As for Duck Dynasty and others, I disagree. He was not saying these things as part of a reality TV show, he was expressing ignorance and bigotry in a magazine. Is a petition going a little too far? Yes, probably. But why the fu*k should people just accept it and not argue?

    Fagburn, you’re notorious for coming across as self-loathing on here, and you’re expressing it again in your opinions in this article.

    Challenging homophobia is important, and it always will be. You seem to want everyone to shut up and let the bigots win. That’s not gonna happen.

    1. Good comment – and I think we SHOULD challenge homophobia. But in doing so I don’t think we should give it more airtime than it needs.

      It’s why I can’t bring myself to get angry at every Westboro story… of COURSE if you actively seek out the most homophobic family in a country of 300 million people they are going to be disgusting and say horrible things.

      I just hope this focus on the negative isn’t making the (western) world seem more homophobic than it is to our young gay people.

      1. Why don’t you respond how you see fit and let others respond as they see fit without feeling the need to whine and complain about other people’s feelings and the way they respond?

        1. de Villiers 7 Jan 2014, 8:57pm

          It’s a democracy, King Hayden. We can say what we want.

          1. So why am I “King Hayden” for asking people to do what they want and let others do what they want but Tom isn’t a King for complaining that everyone isn’t reacting to this the way HE does?

            Do you live in Bizzarro World?

        2. Um… Ok…

          I thought that was what we were all doing.

          I don’t recall whining.

        3. Welcome to the concept of opinion and debate. This is a discussion on an article, of course people are going to differ in their responses.
          I could ask the same of you though, couldn’t I Hayden? Why did you choose to “whine and complain” in your comment and not just read another opinion?

          I’ll tell you why, because this is a discussion on an article with different opinions.

          What you wanted to say was “my opinion is right and I don’t want to read the opinions of people challenging it”. This becomes a pointless circle, we may as well get rid of all comments in that case.

      2. Being anti-anyone who isn’t pro-gay is equally bigoted and trust me, will make the the problem even worse.

        1. BlokeToys 9 Jan 2014, 1:46pm

          People can have any opinion they like about LGBT issues, the only problem I have is when they use their own opinions to try to enslave others and make people subservient to them.

          This guy can have whatever opinion he wants, but when he expresses it on TV he should expect to be called out on it.
          I don’t care what someone down the street thinks of me, they have absolutely no relevance to me and pose no risk. But a person preaching intolerance and bigotry on TV, or from a political soapbox, deserves to face the consequences.

          If they can’t handle the debate, they should keep their personal opinions to themselves.

  10. I love Steve’s ageist comment about Holyfield being “an old man who believes in god”.
    Steve, Holyfield is 51 since October 2013. Now I DO get it if you are 20 & think that 51 is ancient, I did so myself 30 years ago.
    But speaking as someone less than a year younger than Evander, US LOT WHO HIT 50 ARE NOT OLD!

    1. You tell him Al! :)

  11. What is depressing about this, is that nobody knows how to argue down people like Holyfield. Fight bad arguments with better ones. Appeal to reason and fairness. Celebrity Big Brothel’s only achievement was to make a martyr out of a homophobe. I am with the author on this. However, I disagree that gay people are specifically pushing for this. It’s usually faceless executives in general.

  12. “The accused, Evander Holyfield is a boxer, and a man who – let’s face it – neither you nor I had ever heard of before.”

    OK …….

    So if I change this to

    “The accused, Richard Smith is a blogger, and a man who – let’s face it – neither you nor I had ever heard of before.”

    Yup, I’m happy with this, no need to pursue the self-disliking wannabee-str8 guy further :-)

    1. Paul Brownsey 10 Jan 2014, 8:09pm

      “no need to pursue the self-disliking wannabee-str8 guy further.”

      Purporting to psychoanalyse someone you disagree with is irrelevant to the truth or reasonableness of what he says.

  13. What a bunch of BS, here, allow me to explain this for you why we don’t “laugh this off.”

    If someone on the show had called Evander the n-word, or called a Muslim person on the show a raghead terrorist, would the black community or Muslim community be told to ignore this, would they ignore it? NO, they would not.

    It’s only when gays are insulted that we are told to just ignore it and that we must accept bigotry, I will NOT accept bigotry.

  14. I wasn’t too sure of what to make of the guy who wrote this when I read the article. Then it occurred to me…he is just looking for attention.

  15. I read some of this guys blog, what an absolute insufferable asshole. Why was this moron deemed fit to publish?

  16. Evander Holyfield seems like a genius compared to the author of this commentary!

  17. we are all used to reading comments or seeing actions against us, and there have been some truly horrific videos aired from Russia and other places, i guess most people have grown up with some sort of homophobic harassment or bullying, myself included, but i don’t dwell on it, life goes on as they say… as for the holyfield incident though minor in the scale of homophobic actions … as others have said (remembering the jade goody incident) if it was aimed at Muslims or women in general (chauvinist) it would be all over the media. the thing to remember though is this guy was raised in bible belt county.. big ex boxer who’s brains have been turned to mush from all the hits he got… most of the comments CAN be laughed off as someone uneducated and not moved on with the times… the only worrying bit is the it can be cured line.. as we all know some young people have died in so called curing rituals held in churches.. lets hope we don’t see a rise in these so called rituals…

  18. ‘gayers’?

    the man who wrote this article is an imbecile.

  19. Kevin Barnard 7 Jan 2014, 5:59pm

    When Children aren’t beaten and bullied or pushed to suicide by Homophobes using views like his to back their hatred. Maybe then we might see the funny side of his ignorance.

    Holyfield has the right to air his views. And we have the right to point out hes a homophobic twat. Freedom of expression works both ways.

    1. Not at all. He wasn’t being homophobic. He didn’t say anything in hate. I think you need to understand what homophobes are. And get this – they are not people who simply disagree with your view on homosexuality.

      1. He was homophobic!

  20. Wild Heart 7 Jan 2014, 6:00pm

    @ Matt..

    You make a very important point about us having to be expected to “laugh it off.”

    There are some, I’m sure among the Black/Asian and Muslim community quite prepared to do just that, but it seems that any sort of militancy among the gay community seems to have died a death, over the years possibly under the realization that we’ve “got what we wanted.”

    However, as with racism, sexism, etc..the “casual,” versions of stereotypes still persist and often go unchallenged.

    Joe Pasquale, the other night on Dancing On Ice, made a comment about looking like a “gay Bob The Builder,” (presumably referring to the old all gay men are camp and all camp men are gay mantra) and everyone laughed along, although there were a few uncomfortable glances from one or two, on the show.

    Had HE made a similar comment about race/religion, then I’m pretty sure there would’ve been a storm of protest and headlines in the press the next morning, I’ve no doubt..:O)

    1. They also KNOW gays won’t do a thing when it’s a black or Muslim making the homophobic statement. Part of it is because gays are afraid of them. Part of it is because gays are insanely-politically-correct, STILL desperately trying to hang onto the idea that “diversity” is always a good thing.

      1. oh i say resident bigot showed up again, failing to understand simple facts that when a black or a muslim person makes homophobic comments, people like resident racist and bigot mj resort to making derogatory comments about whole black and muslim populations and when ‘ insanely-politically-correct gays’ challenge their bigotry, the likes of mj accuse them of being afraid of blacks and muslims and overt political correctness. i mean how thick you have to be not to get this?

        1. Wild Heart 9 Jan 2014, 10:20am

          @ Kane.
          Well said..
          I never subscribe to the notion that you can lump all people of any particular group into one, catch all, definition.
          Life and experience has taught me the complete opposite.
          As for “political correctness.”
          The way I understand it, those who bitch about it, are sometimes those who don’t like having their ideas challenged.
          Homophobia, IMO, should be challenged, wherever it appears and from whatever source..that doesn’t involve having to denigrate whole groups of people, as a result, because of the actions/comments of a few..blacks, gays, muslims, christians, or whatever.
          If that’s being “politically correct,” I’ll own it :O)

  21. I’m in two minds on this one.
    In so much as we’re just giving Evander Holyfield far more headspace than he merits, Fagburn is on the money.

    And Tom is right that taking offence can become a kind of addiction if you don’t keep it in check.
    I also think there’s something to be said for the John Stuart Mill approach to free speech, that anyone should be able to say anything offensive up to the point it crosses into shouting “fire” in a crowded theatre.

    I still have some misgivings abound giving these egits their 15 minutes of fame on a reality show as a platform to spout their homophobic tripe on, but on balance the Streisand effect applies as much to reality TV ratings as it does to taking out injunctions against people looking at your house on google earth.
    If you don’t want to generate further interest, ignore it and let it die a natural ratings shedding death.

    As the saying goes “There’s no such thing as bad publicity”!

    1. Great comment! Unfortunately a balanced and thoughtful response gets you into the thumbs down club on here.

      Still – seeing the shrill and unoriginal comments (that may well be right but certainly aren’t interesting or thoughtful) in the thumbs up club, I think we picked the right group ;)


  22. Totally agree with Richard. Life is too short to be getting our knickers in a twist about every stupid, uneducated dickwad who expresses every shallow “thought” that passes across what might laughably be called his or her mind.

  23. Robert in S. Kensington 7 Jan 2014, 7:00pm

    In some ways I could agree with Richard Smith but what if Holyfield had made disparaging comments about an ethnic or religious group? A lot of unpleasant things are in the bible such as the right to own slaves. Yet he believes in the bible. Should Jewish people ignore the comments of holocaust deniers as a matter of freedom of speech?

    So Richard, in light of what I’ve said, would it be acceptable to say and do nothing and just become thick skinned by grinning and bearing it?

  24. richardisatool 7 Jan 2014, 7:06pm

    Attention seeking fool who wrote this. You make me homophobic

    1. Paul Brownsey 10 Jan 2014, 8:11pm

      It is noticeable that when people on this board want to insult someone they call them attention-seeking. What’s wrong with seeking attention?–Especially when you have views that are as pungent and stimulating as Mr Smith’s?

  25. I can’t even believe you all would publish this article as it’s obviously been written by a narrow minded twit who cannot see the bigger picture.

    1. de Villiers 7 Jan 2014, 8:58pm



  26. Just imagine, for one minute, that instead of Holyfield saying something negative about gay people, it had been Jim Davidson saying something racist.

  27. Wild Heart 7 Jan 2014, 10:15pm

    @ David re Jim Davidson.

    Give him time :O)

    Why else do we think that he’s in there?
    I gather that he’s a “reformed,” character and I do believe that there’s hope for everyone, even people with views like Evander Holyfield…why?…because I’ve seen it happen, so I’d not dismiss anyone as a “lost cause.”
    In fact, I’d go as far as to say that he’s probably not been in too many situations where he’s had his views challenged and there was a look on his face towards the end of the conversation which showed that he might’ve been digesting some of what was said.

    It would interest me to hear what he has to say upon his exit and if someone does their job properly, I would hope that the incident doesn’t go unmentioned.

  28. Tarlok Singh 7 Jan 2014, 11:18pm

    So following the argument, all minorities are open to sport for a bad joke, a jibe, a kick, a knock; maybe a practical joke or two; and should show the other cheek. The author hasn’t followed the plight of other minorities fighting for their rights! You can say what you like, but others, liberal minded or not, are more than entitled to let you know that what you are saying is persecution.

  29. Douglas Mckeever 8 Jan 2014, 1:54am

    Richard Smith is, as always, confusing criticism with censorship. He’s also following his usual path, of self-hating sensationalism, in a vain attempt at self-promotion & a pathetic desparation to conform to the ‘norm’. ‘Normal’ in Richard’s eyes equates to straight & macho. Anything outside of that is to be reviled and condemned.

    I believe in free speech & that includes the right to criticise, condemn, or even to ridicule statements made by others. I am not calling for censorship. It appears that Richard Smith is: self-censorship, of the gay community and it’s supporters.

    I wonder if he would feel the same if the comments were blatantly & offensively racist? Somehow I doubt he would be advising people to just ‘laugh it off’. Bigotry, in ALL it’s forms should always be confronted & criticised. Bigoted, homophobic remarks add to overall homophobia in the general culture. They are enabled by self-hating, idiotic fifth-columnists like Richard Smith.

  30. The reason we should take offence is because if something was said that was considered racist, there would be consequences. And this sort of ignorance goes on all the time in the Private Sector workplace all the time, in that racism or racist language is not tolerated (and rightly so). However, in a lot of instances, anything homophobic is brushed under the carpet. Homophobia is STILL rife in the workplace. So yes, we should have the right to take offence.

  31. Old codger 8 Jan 2014, 4:08am

    Well I totally and absolutely agree with this article from the estimable Richard Smith.

    I have been shaking my head in disbelieve at some of the recent twitter meltdowns ever since the ones over Alec Baldwin and Suzanne Moore.

    What have we become? Thought police? Are we going to lock up people for having opinions?

    You can’t legislate away people’s prejudice. You can legislate against them carrying out prejudiced acts or, in extremis, you can proscribe hate speech when it’s intention is to direct hate or incite violence against a particular group of people.

    but using unfortunate apologies, homophobic words or stating one’s beliefs that the Bible says being gay is wrong may be uncomfiortable for us and we may disagree with it. But grow up folks, live with it. I guarantee that if you do, it will die out soon enough.

    If only as much energy and emotion could be diverted to save gay teenagers from bullying and suicide, or to challenge legislators in countries like Uganda.

    1. You think the way to save gay teenagers from bullying and suicide is to propagate the view that being gay is a choice and in the face of homophobic insults, tell them to grow up and live with it? The complacency is astonishing.

      1. It is incredibly important to pay attentions to what celebs say. Like it or not, they have a voice and that voice can be far reaching to many many people. More impressionable people could end up taking the lead on such quotes. That is where the extremism is created, that is where it comes from and you are a blind if you can’t see that. Hate and prejudice must must always be challenged! People don’t learn unless they are educated.

        As expressed before, if this had been racial, your comment, this Comment blog post would not even exists. We would all say it was abhorrent, wrong and all agreed with that but it being an issue of sexuality, yes, we can all laugh it off cause it does matter. It’s not as “black and white” as racism,, it’s more of a grey area….. – WRONG! It needs to be “black and white” or this ingrained prejudice of gay people will never ever go away!

        1. old codger 8 Jan 2014, 11:16pm

          sorry, but I think these hyperbolic reactions to very slight homophobic indiscretions just make us look shrill and intolerant. And what are we actually condemning? A view that homosexuality is a choice and that the bible condemns it? While we may disagree with Holyfield, it is nevertheless a view held by a substantial number of people involved in organised religion.

          1. Yes, we mustn’t look bad to the straights, otherwise they might not like us. This reminds me of all those people who said we shouldn’t seek an equal age of consent or marriage for fear of appearing to militant and to be pursuing a gay agenda. These bigots are entitled to their opinion, but I don’t want it beamed into my living room. I have heard enough hatred, homophobia and lies about gays in my life, thanks.

  32. I, for one, laugh off such views. With Solon, Sophocles, Plato, Michelangelo, Botticelli, Francis Bacon, Keynes, Turing, Wittgenstein (and probably Isaac Newton) etc etc etc etc etc as one of “my own”, I care little for the opinion of someone descended from people who for centuries never built a building over two stories tall. And everyone will thumbs down me for that, because their automaton-politically-correct reactions are more important than the self-esteem of young gay dudes out there just realizing their own sexuality, who should be taught high standards and the art of putting history in perspective.

    1. Nice one – condemning homophobia by using racism.

      Shame on you.

    2. The chances of Solon, Plato and Sophocles considering some US hick one of their “own” people, as opposed to a barbarian (with some justification in this instance), are as remote as can possibly be.

      I’m impressed, however, that you know the details of Holyfield’s descent. Or perhaps you just think all “darkies” are the same – which would certainly seem consistent with the intelligence you display.

    3. hmmm, if it wasnt for uk’s binge colonising, oops, sorry mj, how politically incorrect of me, perhaps i should say spreading the democracy to savages. well there is a dilemma, im afraid whatever term i use im in danger of offending people like mj whose racist inclinations and dislike of political correctness are so evident here. but going back to initial point thanks to enlighten white colonisers spreading good deeds of christianity half of the world (mainly of different shades of brown and black) became rabidly homophobic and was left with great pieces of anti gay legislations legacy when white masters were kicked out

  33. I knew this was an Onion piece with one absurd statement: “People watch it [Faux Reality TV] because it might show some vague semblance of reality.” This genre is now the exact opposite of anything real – the cell-mates are chosen to be controversial to attract viewers, the reality is more scripted than any soap opera, and finally editors make sure that anything approaching “reality” never makes it to air.

    I nominate Richard Smith (or whoever is using his name) to be the PinkNews correspondent in Iran or Uganda. I look forward to his in-depth reporting on LGBT issues in those progressive countries so that we can learn more about how to be good, submissive gays. Now, who exactly is advocating censorship?

  34. Wild Heart 8 Jan 2014, 9:34am

    @ Old Codger.

    I think if we look at where we are today, in the “liberal,” West, then we have come a very long way in a relatively short period of time and there are all sorts of reasons for that.
    However, I’d argue that there are pockets, even in the West, where some pretty disturbing ideas still hold sway and are unlikely to “die out,” anytime soon.

    Substantial numbers of people in the States still hold to Biblical Literalism and tout what they quote from the Bible as the definitive “word of God.”
    In other parts of the world, these notions are not tempered by “politically correct,” attitudes and opinions and what seem to be slightly bewildering and bizarre views by Messrs Baldwin and Holyfield here, are dangerous and scary in places like Uganda/Russia, for example.

    I believe it is essential to stand up and be counted when confronted by these people.
    Yep, let them state their opinions, but let’s not be afraid of, or concerned about stating our own?

  35. If people make these bigoted comments and there is no reaction, then doesn’t that say that such views are acceptable? I would much rather the situation today, where those in the public eye can’t spout their bigotry with impunity than go back to the days when homophobic language, negative stereotypes and vile prejudice were everywhere in the media. What a ridiculous article.

  36. Big Brother knows exactly what it’s doing – selling advertising space. They let this guy take in a bible – wonder if they would have agreed to the Koran – they encourage outrageous behaviour and what can only be called titillation. Some nights it appears to be the Benny Hill show (look it up kids) but with more on show.
    Holyfield’s view are pathetic but putting what appears to be a punch drunk ex boxer up for public humiliation is just as pathetic by Big Brother.
    Personally I find Dappy considerably more homophobic and misogynistic and the way the fame seeking woman are being MANipulated sickening but I’m not going to complain. I’ve just stopped watching.
    Its a sad sad world if we consider this pile of shi* important

    1. and FFS he admitted last night he punched a pregnant horse in the head.
      I’m more angry at that than his stupidity about us. He’s a punch drunk piece of trash.

  37. Once Lgbt people are no longer persecuted, illegal, murdered, bullied, abused, raped, violated, discriminated , suicidal because of this, maybe then I will laugh off the creeps homophobic comments, but that has not happened in this country or any other yet.
    Some gay people stand up for themselves and are correct to be offended, whereas some like the blogger who wrote this rubbish article are passive ,weaklings, happy to laugh along with those who deride them.

  38. I agree with what someone wrote earlier – Jade Goody was demonized after her misjudged comments, yet make anti-gay remarks and you can get away with it? Racism should be knocked on the head, but why is it OK for us to be treated badly?

  39. As the author sort of implied, why would any of us watch this kind of stuff unless we were trailer-trash bigots too or voyeurs, who, voyeurs, by definition should be silent in the corner. If you look at the whole scene objectively from a creative point of view, I think the U.S. version of ‘Queer As Folk’, how it was turned into some kind of hair-salon soap, pretty much shows how really low-brain America is at all. Rainbow gays seem to need this Holyfield’s red-neck bigotry to define themselves as gay, as ‘more sensitive’. The rest of us, actively inventing an identity through our art, don’t even bother with it.

  40. ” Evander Holyfield is a boxer, and a man who – let’s face it – neither you nor I had ever heard of before. Oh, apart from some vague folk-memory about Mike Tyson having bitten a bit of his ear off long long ago.”

    This is ridiculous. (For a start, if Holyfield is really a nobody, why is everyone so het up about what he said?)

    I had heard of Evander “The Real Deal” Holyfield before, most people have and not just because of the Tyson ear-biting incident.

    He won a Bronze medal for America, at an Olympic games in the 1980s.

    He is the former undisputed world boxing champion in both the cruiser- and heavyweight divisions.

    He is the only 4-time Heavyweight Boxing Champion in History.

    He is a household name in the United States, well known for TV appearances and product endorsements.

    Oh, and once Mike Tyson bit a piece of his ear off.

    1. Thanks for clearing that up.

  41. Paul (Canada) 9 Jan 2014, 2:03pm

    What if instead these bigots were targeting black people? When people make homophobic remarks it etches away at our dignity. It etches away at the gay teens who are coming in (or out) to themselves. It etches away tolerance. We’ve become so accustomed to homophobic abuse, that there’s gay people by the dozen who will urge us to “laugh it off”. No thanks!

  42. Whoever wrote this article is a moron! Sorry, but it’s true! Pink News should not give him another article, to express his silly opinions! He just doesn’t get it! I am sorry, but why does someone need to laugh of homophobia? I find homophobia disgusting! The same way I do about racism, anti semitism and making sick jokes about the disabled. Amongst other things! Holyfield deserved the warning he got. He was out of order! If someone in the big brother house made a racial slur, they would be kicked off the show. It’s been done several times. I’ve seen homophobia a number of times in big brother. I don’t off the top if my head, remember similar action being taken, about that. So why is being homophobic acceptable, when racism isn’t? Both are as bad as each other! It’s about time that homophobia was taken as seriously as racism! Whoever wrote this article, should be ashamed of himself for excusing homophobia! It isn’t a laughing matter!

    1. I didn’t.

  43. Dis Charge 10 Jan 2014, 3:13pm

    Are you really so keen for people not to challenge homophobia or bigotry when they see it? What a terrible example to set, especially now when it is becoming so hard to get gay youth engaged with their history and even more difficult to remind them to continue fighting for not only our own equal footing within society but for out brothers and sisters abroad. You should not be encouraging people to be quiet but to speak up! If the conservative right fear the gaystapo, good! They should be afraid, they should be quaking in their boots that eventually, their bigotry will not be tolerated or accepted.

    1. I think I agree with you, but why go crying off to Ofcom?

  44. One reason that the comments are not laughed off is: if gay people didn’t react with spittle flecked outrage, every time they encountered someone who had a different opinion to them, what exactly would this website write about?

    This website is just a stream of provocative stories designed to keep gay people in a permanent state of anger and fear. The writers routinely scrape the barrel to keep up the pretence that everyone hates gay people and is scheming against them. Eg – “gay man in Vietnam receives what he thought was a dirty look, in a suspected homophobic incident”

    Considering all this, one would almost think that gay people desire to be constantly distracted from the reality of their daily lives. I wonder why that is?

    1. Ahh a fagburn fan. I’m sure that he’s more than happy to be associated with your implication that gays need outrage to distract from their dull little lives and that this site needs to manufacture stories about homophobia, because really there isn’t any. Truly, you can tell a lot about a man by the company he keeps.

    2. And yet this is the website that gave to a forum for your own … er, provocative contribution. Ungracious, to say the least.

  45. James Campbell 13 Jan 2014, 6:00pm

    I am not gay, but my brother is and I recall the times he has come home from school bearing the evidence of why he failed to laugh off the bullies and cowards who sided with the all powerful homophobic, self-righteous ‘normal’ (don’t make me laugh) bullies. This was one factor which influenced me to specialise in mental health as opposed to another area of medicine. Whilst some can ‘laugh off’ what this Neanderthal ex-boxer said on BB, back in the real world I (along with many others) am picking up the pieces of the damage done to teenagers who have been targeted on the basis of what a ‘real man’ (i.e. an ex boxer and bigot) said in a programme that many young people watch. I have worked with scores of suicidal young people whose only ‘crime’ was their sexuality. How I wish that these youngsters ‘could’ turn the other cheek and simply let the stream of abuse flow past like a filthy river, but when they get splashed by the filth that passes for ‘free speech’ they get hurt.

  46. It’s embarrassing to be honest mate that you don’t know who Evander Holyfield is. One of the most prolific people from the world of sport who’s made a legacy for himself in boxing and you say you don’t know who he is??? I don’t support what he said by any means at all but trying to downplay his achievements within the world of sport ain’t fooling no-one.

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