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US: Supreme Court suspends same-sex marriage in state of Utah

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Reader comments

  1. At least that idiot can eat again.

    1. He could eat any time he wanted to anyway, the guy is a nutbag.

  2. Actually, I’m glad the nut is able to eat again. Those people thinking they were cutsey by sending him pics of delicious food were being such snots.

    1. It was his choice to compound his bigotry with starvation, have zero sympathy for him. I also think the facebook page with the pictures of food was a great idea, it highlighted just how absurd this man really is.

      1. He might have some mental illness going on though. Maybe he just cannot NOT think gay marriage is wrong. I’ve often thought people starving themselves for causes were stupid and/or mentally ill, but to make light of it is childish. Almost like making light of anorexia and bulemia.

  3. Appalling decision. Depressing. Th bigots will be partying tonight.
    A long way to go still for equal rights and respect.

    1. BlokeToys 6 Jan 2014, 6:26pm

      I believe this is nothing more than a technical glitch. The original ruling will likely be supported, and after a failed attempt to overturn it the challenge should render it almost impossible to revoke in the future.

      They can argue all they like, they’ve already lost and this is nothing more than a desperate attempt for the religious bigots to hold back a society they are increasingly detached from.

      Let them try it, it’s funny to watch. They’ll get a stay for a little while but it will pass and they will be humiliated further. I wonder if that little freak will be back on his blackmail and self-publicizing attempt when the stay is removed? Lets hope so.

      1. floridahank 6 Jan 2014, 8:03pm

        Hey Bloke, when you say, “I believe this is nothing more than a technical glitch” I believe you’re wrong. I see a national trend happening that is opposing same-sex marriage, and there will be more states showing a backlash towards homosexual marriage being permitted in the USA. We conservatives were caught in a surprise by the homosexual agenda over the past few years, but more average, moral people are seeing that the homosexual movement is not in the best interest of giving families a wholesome attitude towards the behavior that best helped the USA grow into a strong nation. Much of this has had problems because there is downward trend in following and accepting the Gospel of Jesus Christ — too many churches are weak and falling away from true Christianity. But things are changing for the positive soon.

        1. bobbleobble 6 Jan 2014, 11:22pm

          I’ve long suspected that conservatives have only a very casual relationship with the real world and you’ve certainly done nothing to dispell that. Every poll carried out in the US shows support for same sex marriage growing, even in Utah. Just last year 8 states approved SSM, It’s hardly a sign that the country is turning against gay people. Keep believing what you will Hank although you’ll need to keep that head firmly buried in the sand.

        2. Christopher in Canada 7 Jan 2014, 1:34am



          It’s only been how many thousand years now, waiting?

          I suggest you hold your breath!

          “The homosexual agenda” is a stock phrase that is used by the haters such as ‘Florida Hank’ his happy band of delusional religious zealots however have hysterical hissy fits the moment their own “agenda” is revealed as above in the link provided. I also recommend ‘American Fascists, the Christian Right and the War on America’ by Chris Hedges and ‘The rise of Christian Nationalism, Kingdom Coming’ by Michelle Goldberg. ‘Florida Hank’ comes to this site simply to collect responses to his provocations for onward posting at ‘Christian’ websites as supposed proof of the validity of their own prejudice against LGBT people. It is not possible to reason with him nor to change his delusions into a rational understanding of reality.

        4. Oh, dear, Hank. I’m sure this propagandistic drivel meets uncritical accolades among your God-bothering friends but the rest of us are very weary of it. Any historically literate person realises that the USA became a ‘strong nation’ through appropriating a vast continent and its resources and displacing or killing off its original inhabitants, massive militarisation during and after its Civil War, and protecting its subsequent industrial growth through tariffs. It had as much to do with family structures, supernatual belief, and who shags whom as the Easter Bunny. In typical fundamentalist fashion, you describe lots of flavours of your religion in a hyperreligious country as ‘not the true gospel’ for not endorsing your exact prejudices, when in fact the whole lot of you simply subscribe to different variants of the same unprovable nonsense. I don’t know why you have to tell us all about it, but I can guess.

        5. That There Other David 7 Jan 2014, 3:50pm

          Anyone who links Christianity or any other religion that sprung from the fables of Abraham with “morality” obviously hasn’t read their particular sacred text.

          There will be no widespread backlash. Please realise Hank that you are wasting your life following a load of BS fed to a desert tribe by a deceitful privileged elite class. Increasingly people are seeing it for the petty drivel it is and moving on with our lives without such divisive nonsense. There’s nothing moral about your so-called faith. It’s ignorance, and laughable ignorance at that.

  4. That There Other David 6 Jan 2014, 6:03pm

    This isn’t a surprising turn of events. It’s only because Utah’s state officials are incompetent that the original ruling wasn’t immediately subject to a stay. The SCOTUS have effectively acted to clean up the mess Utah’s Attorney General has made.

    If you’ve read the anti-equality arguments put forward by Utah you’ll already realise just what a weak and obviously bigoted case they’ve put together, meaning the 10th Circuit is virtually guaranteed to back Judge Shelby’s original ruling and marriages can resume. At the latest this stay will be lifted by October IMO.

    In the meantime it’s more concerning what happens to those couples in Utah who have tied the knot. The state issued them licenses, they absolutely MUST recognise the marriages, yet something tells me they will try every avenue in order to not do so.

  5. They really are very backward in the USA in so many respects – we moan about the EU but we have to thank them for speeding up gay rights in Europe

    1. BlokeToys 6 Jan 2014, 6:28pm

      The US is backward in numerous ways. They like to cheer themselves on and actually believe that America is “the best” country in the world, when in reality they are far behind many European countries in Education, healthcare, economic equality, press freedom, democratic process… The US has one of the best nationalist propaganda machines ever created.

      1. We have too many of the wrong minorities here. Brings the crime rate up and the education down.

  6. Disgusting bigoted mormon state. Poor America.

    1. Why” poor America” ? I’m in NYC. It has nothing to do with me. The U.S. is huge. I have to suffer more with the zillion Englishmen and women crowding NYC and Miami and thinking they’re so “cool” with the accents and …who can blame them…the way anglophile snobby Americans fawn over anything with a British accent.

  7. Gay Activist Paul Mitchell 7 Jan 2014, 5:38am

    SCOTUS should have let equal marriage continue for the time being. This is 2014 last time I checked the Calender?????

    Utah remember is controlled by Mormon trolls – the very same people who influenced both the Hawaii and California marriage bans!!!!!!

    Both Colorado and Utah are all next to have marriage equality (over the next 2-3 years or so) and in the same area called the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals as well (which by the way might hopefully all the bans on marriage equality be struck down as unconstitutional)!!!!!!!!!!

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