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Scottish band mistaken for Californian parade with same-sex marriage by senders of homophobic messages

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Reader comments

  1. The band said: “it doesn’t take a lot of brain cells to realise that we are a band from Scotland and not the actual tournament of roses”. Did anyone think that the bigots posting these messages – on the band’s website, or elsewhere – have a single brain cell between them?

  2. Colin (Queenstown/London) 6 Jan 2014, 8:01pm

    Sorry to hear that the band got caught up in all of this.
    However loved the actions of fans to sort it out. I hope it’s one of those stories that raises the bands profile. Being a Scot myself I like to hear that good people win out.
    Best wishes Folks

  3. it just proves that the homophobes who shout their opinions and force them on the world whilst complaining of a “gay agenda” being forced down their throats do not do their research properly.

    I responded to several of the negative posts on twitter to the actual Rose Parade and amongst the replies was told by a university student of nursing that I should do my research before making things up. When I took two screenshots of different of evidence she thankfully deleted her posts. It just proves that the conservative nut jobs are exactly that and that they couldnt string together a coherent well thought out argument even if they tried

  4. This type of abusive language exposes how deep the religious social demonization has reached.
    How sad is it when a religion can exclaim peace, love, and tolerance while abusing the gay community so subversively.

  5. Frank Boulton 8 Jan 2014, 1:07pm

    This story illustrates very clearly how homophobia is a concern for all people and not just the LGBTI community. Homophobic discrimination is bases not upon actual sexual orientation but on perceived sexual orientation.

    1. Frank Boulton 8 Jan 2014, 1:08pm

      Oops, I mean :based”.

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