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Interview: Charlie Condou talks about leaving Coronation Street and being a gay parent

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Reader comments

  1. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Jan 2014, 2:21pm

    Perhaps I’m missing something, but if someone is 100% gay, falls for a woman and has a sexual relationship, then he’s definitely bisexual isn’t he? If sex isn’t part of it, then imagine the message it sends to religious nutters re equal marriage who claim we’re not discriminated against because we are free to marry women. This makes no sense to me.

    1. barrybear1980 6 Jan 2014, 6:13pm

      With you there Robert, I don’t see how someone who identifies as a gay man would want to be with a woman. The storyline makes no sense or me and I was really angry when it started, Corronation Street and ITV did us no favours

    2. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 10:18am

      I have to agree with Robert in S. Kensington. If a gay man has a sexual relationship with a woman, then he’s bisexual.

      I’ve often come across gay men, who’ve married women, because they’re scared to come out. I think that it’s cowardly and unethical not to live openly and honestly according to biological reality but I can understand the sheer terrorization that motivates the hiding of their true identities.

      But those “straight” guys on dating sites, who’re looking for men. There’s no excuse for it and they won’t drag me into their games of deception.

      The scriptwriters of Coronation Street have played right into the hands of the “lifestyle-choice” brigade.

  2. Danny Boyd 6 Jan 2014, 2:36pm

    I thought the storyline was stupid but was more disappointed that it seems to vindicate those who say that being gay is a ‘lifestyle choice’ and you can change if you want to. I would love to see a gay couple in soaps who just get on with their lives and show that it isn’t that complicated, but I guess they’d be classed as boring & wouldn’t last long.

  3. Note to the editor – “woman” is singular, “women” is plural

    Note to Charlie Condou – Just because Russell T Davies wrote “Bob & Rose” doesn’t make him an authority on sexual orientation. He’s just a media/showbiz sell out.

  4. After 15 years ofI watching “Coronation Street” I quit because of the Charlie and Maria story line. I found it insulting and playing right into the hands of those who call my sexuality a “choice.” If some writer or producer who has a bisexual friend uses his power to misrepresent gay people, he and those who go along with this misrepresentation abet those who hate our community and hurt all the young people struggling to accept their sexuality.

  5. Someone doesn’t know the meaning of the word bisexual – it’s worrying that that person writes TV shows that represent gay people.

  6. I have known men and been long term friends with men who have previously been married and have children, but eventually parted from their wives and went on to have fully fledged relationships with men, buying homes together and settling down. They still however went with other men. Hopefully, civil partnerships and marriage will eliminate this and make the relationship more profound and on a sound footing.

    I have only had one gay friend, who announced he was getting married to a woman, followed it through, had three children and stuck together through thick and thin. However, he still went with men — at every opportunity. Never understood it myself.

    1. Philip Breen 7 Jan 2014, 7:58am

      I haven’t understood this either. Yet, I have met a number of married men who identify as straight but who go with men regularly, whether as a strictly compartmentalised part of their ordinary ‘straight’ lives, or/and in cruising situations on the way home from work. Either their wives don’t know or care. I would have thought the closet seemed less necessary these days and the stigma of being gay in most professions (but not in all) much less pronounced than even a generation ago. Yet, many men feel the need to live this double existence. I can only imagine it to be confusing, stressful and lonely.

  7. I don’t watch Eastenders so didn’t know about that storyline. It may well happen in real life but it is irresponsible to play this out.

    1. sylvatica 7 Jan 2014, 3:41am

      Wrong soap, this is about Coronation Street.

  8. Neil Burchell 27 Jan 2014, 7:38pm

    You go for it

  9. neil burchell 27 Jan 2014, 7:39pm

    go fore it

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