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Former boxer Evander Holyfield tells Big Brother House: ‘Being gay ‘ain’t normal’

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  1. The bible is always there to prop up these ignorant bigots.

    1. Yes, that is unfortunately very true. If organised religion disappeared, then homophobia and biphobia would be drawing its last breath.

      1. Religion CAN be a problem, for sure (some more than others), but the atheist Soviet Union didn’t treat us too well either.

        1. That false story doesn’t wash.
          Russia is not atheist now and look how the Russian Orthodox church is collaborating with the state to persecute gay people.

    2. Staircase2 6 Jan 2014, 9:28pm

      But the point is, the Bible DOESN’T prop them up
      The key elements that homophobes use to justify/condone their homophobia are the bits which had their meaning CHANGED in the translations into English and subsequently underlined in the many homophobic versions since.

      Has Christianity and other religions been key in creating a homophobic world? Undoubtedly. But is religion the CAUSE of homophobia? Not entirely; PEOPLE chose to translate the original meaning into homophobic English, PEOPLE chose to focus on that error to the exclusion of far more socially important rules listed in the Bible, PEOPLE chose to ignore what Jesus has to say on he subject (ie nothing!) and PEOPLE chose to ignore the one biggie Jesus was really keen on: let those amongst you without sin cast the first stone (ie NONE of them…)

      …Wise fella, Jesus! If only the same could be said for the majority of His followers…

      …ditto the same for pretty much any other religion of homophobic choice…

  2. I think Mike Tyson may have chewed away a section of brain, not just an ear…

  3. call him what you want another homophobe, period

  4. If he ever had any intelligence it must have gotten punched out of him.
    A punch-drunk, has been homophobic boxer, nasty combination.

  5. Such a stupid, idiot! no doubt, he will probably win bb as he will appeal to its bigoted audience. Shame he did not refer to his bible, and its one man one woman for life tripe , when he was impregnating 6 women , only 3 of whom he married and having a lawsuit taken against him for not paying child support. Usual, predictable hypocrisy to discriminate and spread hate.

    1. I wonder if he has ever eaten or still eats shellfish? According to the holy book that is immoral and should be banned.

      1. Sebastian 6 Jan 2014, 5:53pm

        That is only for Jews that follow the Old Testament not Christians who follow predominately the New Testament.

        1. Staircase2 6 Jan 2014, 9:32pm

          …the point being that Leviticus is held up to be the overarching proof that ‘God hates fags…’ by homophobic Christians throughout the World now (thanks to American Evangelists spreading their evil throughout most of it with their uptight ungodly missionary bollocks…)

          Steven’s making a valid point

          1. there are enough anti gay bits in new testament to validate his views

        2. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 10:34am

          Yes, Sebastian, but don’t forget that Jesus was a Jew. He said that “Not one jot nor tittle of it (The Old Testament Law) shall pass away…” The example that Jesus set was that of Torah-observant Judaism. The homophobic verses, which you want us to live by are from the Old Testament. In short, if you want others to live by your holy book, then start living by it yourself. You’ve “built your house on sand.”

  6. Remember when that woman was chucked out of one series of BB for called someone a n****r even though the woman being referred to as such wasn’t offended, and agreed that in that context it was acceptable?
    Here we have someone casually mentioning that every single LGBTQ person isn’t normal and needs to be “fixed”, and they’re staying?

    Just thought I’d point that out.

  7. The bible also advocates the keeping of slaves. I bet he wouldn’t be too keen on that idea would he?


    1. you don’t think he’s actually read a book of fiction that big – if he can read at all

      1. Staircase2 6 Jan 2014, 9:36pm

        Can I just point out that being an idiot doesn’t preclude him from actually being able to READ does it…
        History is littered with just as many idiots who have read the Bible religiously as those religious scholars who know it back to front and should know better…

    2. A great point well made!!!

    3. Staircase2 6 Jan 2014, 9:33pm

      …here we go…
      Casual racism isn’t actually helpful…

    4. Great point, and every race has had slavery in their history and it’s still going on today, because i’m sure some idiot will be screaming “racist” at you, for such a valid point.

    5. The bible is a magical book that advocates anything the reader wants it to.

  8. Derek Williams 6 Jan 2014, 12:21pm

    And neither is being left-handed or a genius.

  9. I think you’ll find being gay is much more normal than being a punch-drunk, homophobic moron, dear.

  10. Robert in S. Kensington 6 Jan 2014, 12:51pm

    So I suppose someone saying they can ‘fix’ the black skin colour, that would be ok, Holyfield? Ironic name given his beliefs.

  11. I think there is a very delicate balancing act going on here. We, the public, have a right not be abused and demoralised, but at the same time, I think it is essential that people should have the right to free speech. Whilst his opinions are offensive to me – they are not abusive and because of this I don’t think he should have any disciplinary action made against him. I think the media storm and the damage to his character is enough of a punishment.

    Fortunately at present, society seems to back the gay community with enforcing equality policies and condemning these opinions. I do not however want to live in a society where my verbal opinion (no matter what it is) is enough to get me in hot water within institutions. It will lead to people holding their tongue about their true beliefs which is fundamentally wrong in any society.

    I think the important thing here is that Holyfield’s comments were offensive but not ABUSIVE. He was not inciting hatred or anything malevolent like tihat.

    1. He should have the freedom to be right and the freedom to be wrong and others have the right to point-out to him how he is so very wrong.

      1. just the way this ‘pointing-out-wrong’ the media and the community does it is utterly destructive for what we’d like to archive.

    2. He was saying we needed fixing and that could be understood in many different ways.

  12. Another great role model.

  13. Well being that stupid and that brain f u c ked isn’t normal – what a pathetic old fool –

    If a so called celebrity said anything negative about race, they would be out – So tell us channel 5 why is this moron still in there? It certainly isn’t for his conversational skills.

  14. No sh*t. Being left handed or having red hair isn’t the norm, but it’s perfectly normal for the left handed and red headed.

    1. Indeed. I WILL accept the fact that being gay or bisexual isn’t ‘normal’ in the sense that they are uncommon sexualities but he wasn’t trying to say it in that perfectly mathematically correct and rational way. Like all homophobes and biphobes he was saying that homosexual and bisexual people were not ‘normal’ as they were not straight which he clearly thinks every human being should be. Well, I have news for him. Around 6% of humanity has ALWAYS been either gay or bisexual and probably always will be.

      Stonewall’s slogan needs to be continually repeated to the likes of him: Gays exist, GET OVER IT, Bisexuals exist, GET OVER IT.

      1. Steven(no relation) 6 Jan 2014, 2:23pm

        At last, someone else who doesn’t have a knee jerk response to being called not normal. Us gays aren’t ‘normal.’ Normal is heterosexual as it is the biological design and the majority. HOWEVER let us not conflate ‘normal’ with good. If we do, we are as guilty as those who hold up ‘natural’ as something that is necessarily desirable. Normal and natural aren’t necessarily good things!!! I’m abnormal and proud! Vive la difference!

        1. BlokeToys 6 Jan 2014, 2:37pm

          Actually, I would disagree. There is plenty of evidence to suggest that bisexuality is actually the most “normal” when it comes to the numbers of people who have thought about or experienced a same-sex attraction of one kind or another. Acting as an adult might be a different matter, but there is no set standard for conducting research on Human sexuality.

          Research from decades past suggested that something like 75% of young men experienced some form of same-sex activity in their teen years. It’s only later that they formulate a more “traditionally accepted” sexuality.

          Either way, there is no adequate research to categorically show one way or the other whether heterosexuality is the “norm”, and there is evidence to suggest that it actually isn’t.

          1. floridahank 6 Jan 2014, 10:42pm

            Hey Bloke, your comment “Either way, there is no adequate research to categorically show one way or the other whether heterosexuality is the “norm”, and there is evidence to suggest that it actually isn’t.”
            You ask a valid question. That goes along with my questioning the statements about homosexuality, bisexuality, transgerism — I believe there is inadequate scientific studies to make core statements about human sexual development. Also that brings into question about how homosexuality develops. I believe it’s a muti-factor involvement and therefore there’s no credence to saying it’s totally inborn and cannot be changed. Studying homosexuality is in its infancy as far as the psyche, mind, social influence, etc. is concerned.
            I think we’ll have more proven information in 5 yrs, and until it’s all speculation and hypothetical and both sides should not make absolute statements.

          2. Steven(no relation) 8 Jan 2014, 10:03pm

            I think you’ll find, simply in terms of sexual reproduction alone, that heterosexuality is the norm. The sexual act, biologically speaking, is SOLELY related to procreation. Anything other than that serves no biological purpose. And even if your slightly spurious claim is true, my point still stands! ‘Normal’ is not something we should strive for. And we, as non straights for a better term, should not take issue when we are accused of not being normal.

        2. Doggie doo is natural and normal, just sayin!

          1. So are puppies and fluffy clouds. And airplanes and medicine aren’t ‘natural’, what’s your point?

          2. floridahank 7 Jan 2014, 4:33pm

            Hey Pav….thanks for your informative and enlightening comment. Really is a brilliant reply to my comment.
            My questions were serious and I’d like your serious answers.

      2. floridahank 6 Jan 2014, 10:33pm

        Steven, when you say, “Around 6% of humanity has ALWAYS been either gay or bisexual and probably always will be.”
        Could you please give me dependable, unbiased sites for that information.

  15. “the Bible lets you know …”

    The minute you hear or read that it confirms the stupidity of the person saying or writing it, and you can give up trying to reason with anyone that ignorant.

  16. BlokeToys 6 Jan 2014, 2:31pm

    I’m a little confused.
    Big Brother is supposed to be the ultimate reality TV show, with real people and their real opinions. Surely it goes against the very notion of the programs concept to sensor the opinions of those in the house?

    We obviously know he’s a bigot, but that’s a part of life, these are his opinions, and the show is built on the reality of it. Asking him to stay quiet about his opinions in a conversation like this makes the whole TV show nothing more than a popularity contest based on false persona’s.

    I don’t know how BB works these days (I didn’t think anyone still watched it), but all he’s done is destroy public opinion of him. This doesn’t damage the show, and I don’t think people should be asking for him to be evicted on his opinion.

    This is supposed to be reality, not a sanitized and controlled version of reality.

  17. sorry to bang on about how ill-educated some people in the limelight are, but they do seem to be. in his defence, he’s a boxing mega-star, anyone expecting highly-tuned social discourse from him is kidding themselves! plus he’s american, ie. special people, so while it is disagreeable he feels this way about gay people, perhaps someone will explain it to him in a way he understands. don’t jump on the guy for being this way, he’s a legend in boxing, come on! people just need education to bring them up to speed with a few things. peace.

    1. Plus he’s black, is what you want to say.

      1. nope, not a racist. thanks.

        american education system. discuss.
        american class system. discuss.

        he’s a sports jock, not a politician. cut him some slack… is what i want to say.

        1. But in the U.S. the majority of white people under age 50 are pro-gay marriage. Not so with other races. And….you already noted the Ugandan president, and the English football guy, so….you know you can discuss race and homophobia without bringing the U.S. into it.

  18. Art Pearson 6 Jan 2014, 3:35pm

    There are lots of us out here who think being a fighter isn’t ‘Normal’ either.

  19. Janet Lameck 6 Jan 2014, 5:31pm

    Please ABSOLUTELY define “normal”!

    1. Maybe normal is what you are after you’ve had medical intervention to make you conform to some arbitrary standard someone decided upon.

    2. In terms of human sexuality, “normal” – though I don’t think that is the best word to use – is that which is in accordance with the physical form and biological functions of human bodies.

  20. Staircase2 6 Jan 2014, 9:21pm

    What an idiot

  21. David Skinner 6 Jan 2014, 10:02pm

    The comment that Jesus Christ had nothing to say about homosexuality is wishful thinking. Apart from the fact that homosexuality in the Jewish culture of His time would have been unheard of ( Paul only speaks about it when he moves into the pagan culture of Corinth where homosexuality was rife), he says that anyone who changes one jot or tittle of Word of God will be least in the kingdom of Heaven- that includes the moral laws of Leviticus as opposed to the ceremonial laws that he rendered obsolete in His own body. However, he makes reference to Sodom and Peter in his second book speaks of Lot, council tax resident of Sodom, being daily tormented by the sexual depravity he saw all around him.

    1. The Janet and John books say, “Look John look, see the dog” and I’ve always wondered what they were really trying to say, I think there must be some words missing from this sacred J&J verse.

    2. floridahank 6 Jan 2014, 10:53pm

      In Judaism. and with Jesus Christ, marriage is always spoken with reference to husband and wife. Nowhere is there the slightest hint that there is another option to marriage. And never is there any definite statement that homosexual relationship or marriage is condoned . Also throughout ancient history there is never any accepted marriages (even by incest marriage, or by evil leaders) between homosexuals. While it happens throughout history, it’s always looked as some unnatural event, and accepted with ridicule or peculiarity , and not taken seriously.

      1. I suppose it’s similar to the way that today very well read thinking people ridicule those who mistake historical fiction for historical fact.
        Unnatural events like talking burning bushes and talking snakes are accepted with ridicule and those who believe these things to be factual are thought of as peculiar and are not taken seriously.
        Enid Blyton described a same sex relationship between Noddy and Big Ears who lived together and always slept together but this has been largely revised and edited out of the Noddy books today, such editing or censorship lhappened to ancient scripture too.

        1. floridahank 7 Jan 2014, 4:45pm

          Hey Pav….my comment, ” Also throughout ancient history there is never any accepted marriages (even by incest marriage, or by evil leaders) between homosexuals. While it happens throughout history, it’s always looked as some unnatural event, and accepted with ridicule or peculiarity , and not taken seriously”

          Can you show where my comment is erroneous? Whatever you do or don’t think about the Holy Bible has no bearing on ancient secular history and its view on the normalcy of marriage between a man and a woman. Homosexual marriage was never considered a desirable and acceptable of mainstream society and its progressiveness. If you want to promote civil unions I’m certain you’ll get much further, but to make it a part of the marriage institution, you’re out of touch with history. And that was your biggest mistake in trying to further your agenda.

          1. Steven (no relation) 8 Jan 2014, 10:09pm

            My response to anyone claiming that there has never been a gay marriage in the whole of recorded history is ‘so what?’

            Marriage has been redefined countless times in the past. This is simply another ‘tweak’ :)

  22. David Skinner 6 Jan 2014, 10:20pm

    Peter Tatchell does not believe that being gay is genetic.
    In an article entitled Beyond Equality he says, “queer politics challenges the ….. view that exclusive heterosexuality is somehow natural and eternal…. It sees sexuality as being primarily a social construction, rather than a biological given.

    He writes, “Who we are attracted to largely derives from a combination of social experience and ideology. In other words, everyone is born with the potential to be queer. Exclusive heterosexuality is mainly the result of a socially-encouraged repression of same-sex desire. In a society where there were no pressures or privileges associated with being straight, a lot more people would be queer or bisexual. Lesbian and gay attraction would cease to be a minority sexual orientation and become something that almost everyone would experience.”

    1. I think the ubiquitous Hollywood romance propaganda of the 1940’s created the idea of a largely fictional straight sexual conformity which excluded everything else. Cookie cutter houses and families who conformed to lunatic fictional stereotypes , even when it all went wrong and depression, tranquilisers and overdoses became commonplace the fake happy straight propaganda continued to be pumped out, many are still caught in it’s grip.

  23. David Skinner 6 Jan 2014, 10:21pm

    But Peter Tatchell also believes that denying gays marriage is the same as being racist. He says, “ I don’t think that anyone would accept the government , saying to the black or Jewish community, that they were banned from marriage.”

    1. Yes, discrimination targeted at lgbt’s is the same as discrimination targeted at people of colour, homophobia and racism are of the same order.

  24. David Skinner 6 Jan 2014, 10:22pm

    So returning to his original statement would he say that the colour of our skin is primarily a social construction, rather than a biological given and that the colour of our skin largely derives from a combination of social experience and ideology? In other words, everyone is born with the potential to be black. Exclusive whiteness is mainly the result of a socially-encouraged repression of a desire to be black. In a society where there were no pressures or privileges associated with being white, a lot more people would be black. Being black would cease to be a minority colour and become something that almost everyone would experience.

    One thing one can with certainty about sodommedanism is that it does something to the brain.

    1. On a scale going from extreme exclusive heterosexuality to extreme exclusive homosexuality most people are clustered around the middle, the extremes being far less common, so most people are potentially bisexual to a greater or lesser degree, science has not come up with a simple cause for sexual orientation whether we are straight, bisexual or gay.
      Skin colour is absolutely passed on genetically.
      One thing that can be said about penilevaginaism is that it is something to do with the brain.

  25. David Skinner 6 Jan 2014, 11:30pm

    The so- called polarities of heterosexuality at one end of a spectrum and the homosexual at the other end is a piece of fancy created by the paedophile pervert Alfred Kinsey. The polarities however are homo and hetero. The homo comes from the Greek to mean all of a piece, of the same kind, pure, stable and uniform. Mankind is made of two complementary constituent components, the male and female, the female originally being formed from the male. Hetero comes from the Greek for being impure, conglomerate, made from foreign constituents parts. Hence we are using the wrong Greek prefixes, A man being married to a woman is a homosexual relationship, whereas a man being married to his father, brother, son, a horse, dog, dead body, slipper, side- board, himself, is an impure and heterosexual relationship

    1. I think maybe you need to stop drinking now Dave.

    2. BlokeToys 7 Jan 2014, 1:41pm

      As soon as you said “paedophile pervert Alfred Kinsey” everything else you said is deemed irrelevant and nothing more than the ramblings of someone who should perhaps be continually medicated.

  26. Lots of talk about free speech in the papers and on the web. Racism is free speech too and nobody complained when Jade Goody was chucked out.
    Get rid of him!

    1. Yes, and getting chucked out was the making of Jade Goody eventually, before she died she had changed for the better and was regarded almost as a saint by some.
      It could also ultimately be a positive learning experience for Evander to get kicked out over this incident.

  27. He’s stated the obvious -‘The Emperor has no clothes’ or ‘it ain’t normal’ in other words .What used to be called gross indecency is now called ‘equal marriage’ (ref Turing) .No doubt soon the so-called LGBT ‘community’ will become the LGBTD community when the ‘Dolls’ plead to be seen as ‘normal’ along with the other sexual deviants .Those with sanity will be branded ‘doll-o-phobes’ ,’bigots’ & ‘dinosaurs ‘…and will be compared to racists .The world has gone mad .

    1. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 10:51am

      And what’s normal, Ray? Is kicking heads in for a living normal? Is your use of offensive language for no purpose other than to offend normal? Yours and Holyfield’s normality is something that I’m proud not to be part of.

    2. BlokeToys 7 Jan 2014, 1:47pm

      I would like to remind you that were it not for Turing, you likely would not have the computer you are currently using, and you would probably be speaking German right now too.

      Lets also not forget that interracial marriage, equality for black people, and the right for women to vote were also argued by the religious right wing nutters in the same way. Rape was once legal, as was child marriage, as was racism, sexism, and so much else. Do you believe that these things were valid components of our society and should have been supported by people like you?

      I wonder if you’re also a sexist, misogynistic, racist bigot, as well as being a homophobe? Please, elaborate further on your notions regarding the abuse of other groups throughout history and clarify your opinions for us – primarily so I can ridicule your obvious ignorance a little more.

  28. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 10:46am

    I don’t think that we should be getting so upset about Evander Holyfield’s opinions about what’s right and wrong, or normal and “ain’t normal”. This guy used to kick other guys’ heads in for a living, doing them brain damage in the process. So, why should anyone take his opinions about what’s right or wrong seriously? If his aggressive brutality is normal, then we should be proud to be presenting an alternative to his outdated normality.

    1. Well, quite. What’s questionable is Holyfield’s status as a ‘celebrity’ and the purpose (if any) of Celebrity Big Brother in the first place.

  29. This is yet another example of the double standard where homophobia is considered to be more acceptable than racism.

  30. David Skinner 7 Jan 2014, 3:37pm

    But if homophilia is genetic and normal why cannot its antithesis also be genetic and normal?
    The antithesis of a philia is a phobia. Perhaps even now there are scientist searching for a homphobia gene, passed down from generation. I am certain that in time they will find one. Rather than homophobes being forced to undergo therapy, counselling and maybe electric shock treatment to cure them, ( which incidentally does not work and only causes suicidal tendencies in the patient) homophobes should be allowed to come out and be proud and like Popeye, the sailor man, say ” I yam what I yam, ” just like the blacks and left -handed.

    1. The ideology of homosexuality – as often happens to ideologies when they become aggressive and end up being politically triumphant – becomes a threat to our legitimate autonomy of thought: those who do not share it risk condemnation to a kind of cultural and social marginalization.

      The attacks on freedom of thought start with language. Those who do not resign themselves to accept “homophilia” (the theoretical appreciation of homosexual relations) are charged with “homophobia” (etymologically, the “fear of homosexuality”). – Cardinal Giacomo Biffi

  31. everyone has the right to their own and express their own opinion, if that’s his opinion we everyone has the right to respect it regardless

  32. phil armond 11 Jan 2014, 1:24am

    This comment from a person who makes his living getting repeatedly punched in the head and face…. that’s pretty “normal” isn’t it.

  33. My complain to Ofcomm:
    I was deeply offended by his bigoted comments about gays. He broke the law: Section 5 of the Public Order Act. With little rebuke apart from a slap on the wrists by the programme owners. Giving a public podium for this type of fool is no doubt regressing our culture and society backwards from where we have struggled so hard to get to; as well as breaking the law.

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