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Utah man on hunger strike for as long as gays can marry

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  1. Crozzy2211 4 Jan 2014, 1:00am

    I doubt he has any gay friends. I’d imagine that any gay relatives would be in the closet, or if not, he opposes them. It seems to be absolutely about hating a particualr section of society, becasue I can’t see how his religious freedom is being curtailed. Not that I care anyway. Let him starve to death.

    1. well put Crozzy – also religion is the lifestyle choice – any fool can convert to whatever superstition they choose – Being Gay is NOT – We are born this way – they can choose to be bigots we cannot choose to be what we are – REAL MEN!

  2. Can he persuade anybody else to join him?

    1. ‘Hunger strike’ ? While on water and vitamin supplements? It’ll take months for the knuckle scraping bigot to die. I bet he gives up.

      1. David Jordan 4 Jan 2014, 4:49pm

        He’s chosen a method of protest where his deteration will be so slow that he will suffer no long term damage by the time his next of kin allow the doctors to force feed him, to call this farce a hunger strike is like calling a paper cut seppeku.

  3. He says it’s about religious freedom? What about the freedom of those religious groups that want to perform same sex marriage? This isn’t religious freedom, it’s religious privilege. The privilege that some religious people think they have to force their views on other people.

  4. Chris Hoult 4 Jan 2014, 1:04am

    I guess that means another bigoted hater will bite the dust. Slowly but surely!

  5. Gary Powell 4 Jan 2014, 1:26am

    “I have friends and relatives who practice a homosexual lifestyle.”

    I’ve always wondered what a “homosexual lifestyle” is. I happen to be a vegetarian: does that mean I have a “vegetarian lifestyle”? Do left-handed people have a “left-handed lifestyle”?

    This “lifestyle” attribution is so typical of how stereotypes are dumped on LGBT people.

    My favourite Sartre quotation comes to mind: “We only become what we are by the radical and deep-seated rejection of that which others have made of us.” Let’s keep on rejecting those diminishing stereotypes.

    1. Yes, you never hear of straights practising a ‘hetreosexual lifestyle’, do you? That single word ‘lifestyle’ makes me believe that like all homophobes he believes being gay is some kind of carefully-considered and free choice when the consensus of scientific opinion is that it isn’t. He betrays his homophobia with his use of that word.

      1. floridahank 5 Jan 2014, 1:11am

        Steven, your statement, ” consensus of scientific opinion”….actually doesn’t mean anything. The study of homosexuality has never come up with a medical/biological/DNA etc. finding that homosexuality is an inborn factor and cannot be altered or changed. Everything offered to society is anecdotal and never confirmed by scientific fact. While you won’t agree, there have been homosexuals who have changed into a heterosexual lifestyle and are happy with their new life — many of them happily married.
        Also the truly negative/disheartening beliefs stated by psychiatrists and psychologists is the hopelessness that is foisted on homosexuals who are truly unhappy with their lifestyle and want to change into heterosexuality __”saying once homosexual, always homosexual.” — when there is nothing proven to say that.
        There are always new research, findings that have disproven previously held beliefs about any illness or disorder with positive solutions in many instances.

        1. Floridahank, there is no scientific evidence to prove the existence of a god; however this does not prevent you from believing in him. Many gay people who do take part in so-called conversion therapy are forced to so by their families and are pressured by their community out of fear of alienation, also many who have voluntarily taken part in this therapy have later made statements saying they were never cured. Such therapies have also led to vulnerable LGBT people taking their own lives.

          Quite frankly hank your opinions on this issue are also both unfounded and irrational since you are obviously not qualified in the field in which you criticise, yet despite no being qualified you condemn something you do not understand and have not investigated beyond what you’ve been told. You are not even gay so you have no personal understanding of what being gay is like and the lives we lead but still feel completely qualified to judge us based on you prejudices.

        2. florida that’s simply not true. It is clearly established that sexual orientation is the result of a variety of genetic, epigenetic, and prenatal hormonal factors. There are hundreds of studies that establish homosexuality as a biologically based orientation, dozens of physical characteristics that are statistically variant between straight and gay populations.

          Gays have as much choice about being gay as straights have about being straight. Instead of suggesting gays can and should change, how about demonstrating how easy it is to do by becoming gay for a few weeks — not in sexual activity now, but in being exclusively attracted to your own sex, erections please; then you can demonstrate your proposition by switching back, no harm no foul.

          Oh is that a problem for you?

        3. But this is all beside the point, isn’t it, Hank? The point is not whether we can change, but that you condemn and denigrate our way of sexual loving and think that we all should.
          Sorry. You’re not on.

          1. Florida Hank, or as I like to call him Ham Shank, and I do so in a respectful, caring and loving way just as he and his kind hate, loath and fear us using the exact same terminology, cannot be reasoned with. He does not come to this site looking for reason but opportunity to promote his religious views. He does not care if you don’t share them or regard them as delusional, he is impervious to all difference. He thinks he has a right to impose his religion and beliefs upon everyone, and that is the top bottom and entirety of his world view. So Ham, take a deep breath, exhale and chant the following, “What I believe is only one of many beliefs mine are no more real than theirs, and I have no justification for pushing my beliefs on anyone else, how they live their own life has nothing to do with me”. Easy isn’t it? PS Do come out of the closet you must be suffocating in there.

        4. The study of heterosexuality has never come up with a medical/biological/DNA etc. finding that heterosexuality is an inborn factor and cannot be altered or changed. Everything offered to society is anecdotal and never confirmed by scientific fact.

          floridahank wrote ” there have been homosexuals who have changed into a heterosexual lifestyle and are happy with their new life”

          it’s not possible for a person to change into any kind of a lifestyle..

          Also the truly negative/disheartening and discriminatory beliefs stated by homophobic religionists is the hopelessness that is foisted by them onto homosexuals who can be truly happy with their homosexuality and who wouldn’t want to change into heterosexuality even if it was possible __saying, “homosexuality is always a sin and always wrong.”

          New research and findings have proven anti-psychotic drugs benefit people who display extreme verbal or physical anti-gay prejudice and are presently used effectively in some US prisons.

    2. Adele Magee 5 Jan 2014, 10:29pm

      well, people can’t help being left-handed, since like being gay, one is born left-handed. Vegetarianism is a lifestyle choice, like religion, which can be abandoned easily.

  6. What a moron, he should grow up and realise that we arent in the dark ages anymore!

  7. ‘People don’t change their minds. They die, and are replaced by people with different opinions.’

    I wish this man the best of luck on the remaining 30ish days of his hunger strike.

    1. Well this much I can say for him. He’s got the courage of his convictions. He’s a looney both in terms of the law and his chance of success, but he’s brave and stupid, a particularly useless combination on balance.

  8. Just another “Richard Cranium” bigot !!

  9. Eκηβόλος 4 Jan 2014, 1:55am

    Die if you like ,it’s a free country.
    The human stupidity is mortal…

  10. True Equality 4 Jan 2014, 2:00am

    Religious people really need to get it in their heads that religion is a belief it is not a law. A law allowing gay couples to marry does not effect the religious freedom or freedom of speech of those opposing it, those that oppose gay marriage can still choose to not participate in those marriages and can still voice their disapproval. They need to realize that their religious beliefs don’t hold control in the lives of those that don’t share the same religious beliefs, if they did that would be an actual example of obstructing religious freedom.

  11. Another attention seeking christian loony. What are you going to do if the Supreme Court refuses to stop equal marriages being performed??

    1. His thesis is that the state has the right to ignore the Federal court rulings and ‘nullify’ any Federal law. (Good luck winning that case, it’s long since been decided that nullification is illegitimate.) So the precise answer to your question is “eat or die”.

    2. he has two ways to go, one, give up this silly stunt and look like a total prat, or die, and be forgotten like all martyrs to pointless causes.

  12. Talk about homofobia, which is based on the person own personal conflicts… (he rather dies than lets homosexuality to be aknowledgeg/normalised…)

  13. Ok, if he thinks that the institute of marriage is purely religious, than let it be so. But it should not have any legal consequences (like circumcision of Jewish boys, for example). Currently marriage has too much of social and financial benefits to be still treated as a part of servicing of God. Therefore, I think that at the very moment, when marriage was mentioned for the first time in legal document, all religious groups lost their right to claim it as their ritual. Sorry for my English.

  14. Fine by me, one less egotistical twat for the rest of us to worry about.

  15. Well, he’ll be able to test his theological theories about the after-life sooner rather than later. Good for him; he’s off to a “better place”. That’s good, because I, for one, will not miss him here. Bye, bye.

  16. Mark in Halifax 4 Jan 2014, 3:09am

    Pillock! And I no longer “practice a homosexual lifestyle”. I turn 50 on Monday 6th so I’m now quite an expert at it!!! Still, when he falls off his perch through lack of nutrition, I may send a card.

  17. Venner’s article wasn’t actually about gay marriage. He cited gay marriage merely as an example of Western inferiority against the Muslim world/Islam. It was about Islam.

  18. “I’ll kill myself”…He should be awarded the Darwin prize if he takes this to it’s conclusion and starves himself to death.

    Shows you how dangerous the parasite religion meme is to those who have become infected and to those around the infected person.
    Usually it is not in a parasites best interest to kill it’s host, perhaps this action represents an opportunity for the religion meme to potentially be spread to more hosts.

    I definitely think the state should respect his religious freedom to starve himself to death in his twisted attempt to prevent his “gay friends” and “gay family members” from finding personal fulfilment in marriage.

    Why is he so aroused by gay marriage as to become a potential martyr?
    How did he become so radicalised?
    You’d think there might be a topic actually worthy of such a histrionic protest.

    1. Two loving consenting adults want to get married, and he responds to starving himself, the fact that he’s putting his life in jeopardy to influence political decisions hoping to sway his states political representatives through fear. I’ll only pity the ground he dies on

  19. I’m gonna go on an hunger strike until I’m awarded next week’s winning Euro-lottery jackpot.

    1. Good luck with that Mike!… All or nothing.

  20. I doubt he has gay friends, no LGBT person with a shred a self respect would befriend a swine who is trying so desperately to see them treated as second class citizens, and using such a low tactic is both disgraceful and only reinforces my belief that the religious right have no respect for political process. This man I very low even for a Christian

  21. Why doesn’t he just pray to his god? Is his god weak? Is his god incompetent? Apathetic? Or supportive of same sex marriage?
    Either way, the fact that he’s going to starve to death for something he believes his god dislikes and can change by clicking a finger, shows how much faith he has in his god.

    1. God is flawed because we his creators are flawed

    2. God is flawed because we his creators are flawed.

  22. “Tarmac Semen Hit ” …an anagram of Trestin Meacham
    “Man Erects At Him”
    Perhaps my favourite so far, “Menace That Rims”

    1. Brilliant!

    2. Pete (Nottingham) 7 Jan 2014, 1:50pm

      I want to escalate this comment to the top of the board. You sir, are a genius.

  23. Stick to it man, don´t give up, you won´t be missed!!

  24. Hope he DIES soon……!!!!!

  25. GOOD! …….one less MORMON!!!!

  26. Stuart McDonald 4 Jan 2014, 6:45am

    A couple of Nazi pseudo-Christians just like this guy said in harassing phone calls made to me during my hunger strike in San Francisco in early 1989 for anti-discrimination laws based on HIV/AIDS status and sexual orientation, “Die, Faggot, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.” Well, I’ll just say the obvious here: “Die, Nazi, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.”

    The two phone calls came one right after another. A man and then a woman. I had just finished a live interview about my hunger strike on a local SF TV station. The news anchor did the interview from the TV station and I was at home with the cameraman. I had just finished the interview when the first phone call came in. I didn’t answer either phone call, but my answering machine had the speaker on while it was recording their messages. The cameraman heard it all. When they were done, I turned to him and said, “You did hear that, right?” And he said “Yes.” He finished packing up his gear and then left.

  27. Stuart McDonald 4 Jan 2014, 7:05am

    I’m from Utah and now live in Utah after spending most of the 1980s in San Francisco. A couple of Nazi pseudo-Christians just like this guy said in harassing phone calls made to me during my hunger strike in San Francisco in early 1989 for anti-discrimination laws based on HIV/AIDS status and sexual orientation, “Die, Faggot, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.” Well, I’ll just say the obvious here: “Die, Nazi, Die. Go ahead and starve yourself to death.”

    The two phone calls came one right after another. A man and then a woman. I had just finished a live interview about my hunger strike on a local SF TV station. The news anchor did the interview from the TV station and I was at home with the cameraman. I had just finished the interview when the first phone call came in. I didn’t answer either phone call, but my answering machine had the speaker on while it was recording their messages. The cameraman heard it all.

    1. A fascinating reflection, Stuart from Utah. It’s an irony that ought to be severely embarrassing to their like. Thank you.

  28. So this “Christian” is happy to stuff his face while millions all over the world starve to death, but let two loving adults of the same sex marry and the world suddenly becomes a place he feels he needs to try and change. What an amazing person.

    1. Yes, that’s the behaviour of a really devout and dedicated homophobic closet case.

      If the poor deluded chump is trying to prove to his community and peers how straight he is by taking this extreme, dramatic and rather theatrical action then I’d like to tell him it’s certainly not fooling some of us.

      Doesn’t he have a girlfriend or wife? if he does it seems rather neglectful of their best interests to take this action.

      People who are secure in their own heterosexual orientation just do not become so aroused by issues attached to homosexuality.

  29. Ryan Jaymes 4 Jan 2014, 8:39am

    Perhaps if more people like him, followed his cause we could actually solve a lot of problems caused by these homophobic eejits. Be one way to get rid of twats, but then again we’d probably get blamed for their mass suicide.

  30. Silly sod let him starve. Dont these bigots realise that suicide is a so called sin.

  31. Who the hell wears a tie to a hunger strike?

  32. Who’s monitoring his hunger strike? I mean I could go on a my blog and say i’m on hunger strike in protest for living under sexual apartheid, does not mean I actually am. Anyhow, who cares, it’s all an attempt at emotional blackmail.

  33. Well, maybe he will starve to death….

  34. Ignorant attention-seeking fool. Was he starved of love and affection as a child? Some people will do anything to get their none-too pretty faces into the media these days.

  35. He has a right to express his dislike of other people’s human rights peacefully. Maybe if he put as much effort into helping the poor or vulnerable, then people might give a shat…

  36. Enrique Esteban 4 Jan 2014, 10:03am

    Help to sign: prenume=first name; nume=family name; oras=city; tara=country.
    Also can use Google to search “vrem parteneriat” and translate it into your language
    You’ll receive a mail and have to click on the link to confirm your signature.

  37. If he does starve himself to death, opponents of equal marriage will use his demise as proof that “gay marriage kills”.

  38. Ever wondered why some people (usually men) are extreme homophobes and others couldn’t give a monkey’s what consenting adults get up go in the privacy of their own homes? I’ll tell you. It’s about self-loathing…. the self-loathing this man undoubtedly feels about his own suppressed same-sex attraction. He no doubt feels ‘threatened’ by gay men ‘fancying him’ when, in reality, it is he who fancies men. When is the world going to demand of these people that they stop using religion to support their own psychological issues and to face-up to their own homosexuality ….?

    1. Sounds a lot like the Father Despard case too, but he’s getting his comeuppance from his own kind just like O’Brian.

    2. Never a truer word, Truth. Well said.

  39. RIP then fella, after a desperate attempt to force your will on other people.

  40. He’s not doing his cause any favours by exposing himself as an extremist.

  41. Jock S. Trap 4 Jan 2014, 10:40am

    So sad that this gentleman seeing very little quality in life.

    Typical of the religious to use emotional blackmail though.


  42. He’ll just be liar like the rest of these religious attention seekers. Mind Keith O’Brian, he was supposed to be celibate!


    Right Wing Watch calls Meacham “a libertarian-leaning Navy veteran who ran for the state senate in 2012 as a candidate for the far-right Constitution Party, which promotes biblical law.”
    The fast is largely about promoting his would-be political career to the unhinged “the bible is the literal word of god” brigade. He is of course a closet case who like other’s of his ilk have no hesitation in doing everything possible politically to harm others just like himself. He loves free speech so much that he closed down his Facebook page because of ‘negative comments’.

      Here is his personal Facebook page if you want to pop over and have a look at it. Take care though you might find that you will need your IQ dropping down a few points when you read the comments from his ‘friends’.

      1. I can’t bear to look at the ramblings of such an ill man, suffering from such serious homophobia. His is clearly a dreadful case.

  44. Gay Mormon men are very hot, especially the college guys going door to door. But a slim one that is obsessed over Gays is better than most of my fantasies. Please, I’d pay you to come to my door and talk about anything you want. You look tired and sweaty from all of that walking, please, feel free to use my shower.

    1. Trestin Meacham should have come-a-knockin on your door a long time ago Aryugaetu, I think you would have sorted him out no worries.

  45. Poor man. Having homophobia is really serious when it causes people to talk of killing themselves. I hope the local medical authorities take responsibility and take this poor man into care as quickly as possible. He clearly needs urgent psychological attention.

  46. I will eat only Haagen-Dazs for 10 minutes to protest against the fact that he is drinking water and taking vitamins. It’s cheating!!!

  47. Bill Cameron 4 Jan 2014, 12:13pm

    Another grade A attention-seeking religious wacko best ignored.

    1. I wonder if he has form? for all we know he has a history of emotional blackmail and threatening to kill himself whenever things don’t go entirely his way. Perhaps he’s recently stopped taking his medication, that could explain it.

  48. More fool him sad deluded man

  49. Ah, that old religious conviction thing again.
    Funny how he never had such conviction when it came to poverty of others, suffering of people, charity etc.
    Isn’t it remarkable that the so-called “religious” have such “conviction” when it comes to same-sex marriage, but they tend to never do charitable work, while sitting on their very comfortable wealth.

    If only these people could learn to actually put their faith to good, rather than simply using it as an excuse to attack people.

    Also, I hope he can get some more cult members to follow him too, it seem that the US could use some more Chlorine in their gene pool.

  50. Let’s hope he starves then.

  51. I don’t say this often, but GOOD, I hope it ends up killing him. Bigotry kills LGBT people every day, why should this bigot be allowed to keep his life.

  52. I urge the mythical gay friends and family of this backward bigot and closet case to come forward – or are they like his religious imaginary deity – pure lies!

    Will reason win over – and will another bigot die? here’s hoping….

  53. OK — he’s out to lunch, figuratively speaking, of course: Article I, Section 8 of the US Constitution deals with the powers of Congress and has nothing to do with Judge Shelby or his decision. The Tenth Amendment says simply that powers not delegated to the federal government by the Constitution are reserved to the states or to the people. And it’s a well-established principle of American law that the people do not have the right to withhold fundamental rights from minorities by plebiscite or through the acts of their elected representatives.

    He may have read the Constitution; he certainly didn’t understand it.

  54. dangermouse 4 Jan 2014, 1:31pm


  55. Very foolish man. Starving himself over something that has nothing to do with him.

  56. AND……must have an attention-seeking Gandhi-complex….

  57. It’s striking how many homophobic bigots think that having gay and lesbian friends vindicates them when in fact it gives them even less excuse for their attitudes.

  58. Come on, Get off the cross, we need the wood

  59. Isn’t starving yourself to death suicide? And therefore goes against biblical teachings?

    I hope he succeeds in killing himself and when standing before his “God” is told he’s been a complete bigoted moron and is sent somewhere hot for eternity!!

  60. The sooner right-wing ultra conservative Americans realise that the whole point of the American government is to create a separation of Church and State, the better. It’s all very well banging the ‘religious freedom’ drum, but what about every other kind of freedom, like the freedom to marry who you love? I despair of the USA, I really do…

    1. And to think the USA is the world’s only remaining Superpower and has hundreds (if not thousands) of nuclear weapons at its disposal! I think it is high time our great country started to distance itself from America as it seems as if the religious right has a big grip on that country and I find that disturbing. Come on America, you are a Republic and as such you should be more open to the idea of the equality of man and hence sexual equality ideas like gay rights.

      1. Obama is religious but hardly Religious Right. And if the UK becomes a Muslim theocracy you’ll be trying to MOVE to the U.S.

        1. I agree that Obama is hardly Religious Right but there is a very strong element of the Republican Party that is and many Americans seem to take a religious viewpoint on this subject which is why they are against gay marriage and also sometimes other gay rights. I am a nationalist and one reason I am for gay rights is that I don’t think ANY religion including our own should be allowed to impose its views on society about this subject using the law of the land.

  61. marcus steane 4 Jan 2014, 2:41pm

    Die then ! And the rest of of us can live peaceful and fulfilling lifestyles And we wont have to save you any wedding cake ! result ! Sooner people like this man are dead and forgotten the better for the rest of us !

  62. Fast away….

  63. Fast away then….

  64. He might as well try holding his breath. His silly little protest will be over sooner and will result with the same outcome. Him dead and gay marriage continuing.

  65. And, yes, it IS emotional blackmail. Gandhi used to pull it all the time, and that was probably only one reason Noel Coward stated in his diaries something like, “Gandhi is dead. About time. Long overdue.”

    1. Care to give an example of Ghandi’s emotional blackmail MJ?

      1. I thought I just did. Isn’t the subject here hunger strikes ?

        1. But Ghandi had been imprisoned and there was little option for him to make any other effective protest with his freedom taken away from him, whereas this Mormon asshat has so many other options and is free as a bird… a vexatious protest over something that does not affect Trestin Meacham is hardly equivalent, and if the going gets too tough a fridge full of food is in easy reach.

          1. Gandhi wasn’t in prison for these particular hunger strikes (and threats of hunger strikes) I’m talking about.

  66. Is he dead yet? Perhaps someone should point out to him while he’s in a weakened state and can’t fight back, that homosexuality is NOT a choice. I’m a bit fed up of having to remind bigoted idiots about this.

    It is a choice to practice a religion. Once someone explains to him that his religion is a lifestyle choice, he should begin to understand his bigoted ways. But… I really doubt anything will change the mind of an idiot who’s happy enough to die to show what a horrible dick he is.

  67. Robert in S. Kensington 4 Jan 2014, 3:51pm

    Come on, Andrea Minichiello Williams, C4M, why aren’t you all following suit or at least defending this loon?

    It always amazes me when the ‘lifestyle’ word is employed as if we choose to be who we are unlike the religious nutters. Nobody comes into this world religious let alone bigoted. A chosen lifestyle most definitely.

  68. Fast away, thats what I say!

    1. Not wholly related but your comment “fast away” reminds me of something that keep predatory priests away.

  69. Let’s hope they don’t ban it for at least 6 months – that should do it!

  70. Religion causes more misery in this world than anything else.

    I suspect this guy is a closet case.

    1. Maybe it’s just Fanatics. Religious fanatics. And atheist fanatics. (Because there are certainly plenty of decent religious folk, too).

      1. Care to give an example of an atheist fanatic who is starving himself in an effort to block equal rights MJ?

        1. No. But I can give examples of atheist mass murderers.

          1. Apart from despotic power crazed demagogues I mean…anyone?

          2. Just to start : Stalin and Mao. Just for those two thumbs down. Two atheists. Largest body counts of the 20th century.

  71. Christopher Hayden 4 Jan 2014, 6:25pm

    How do you practice a homosexual lifestyle? is it anything like football practice where I condition to be a homosexual? People Don’t ” practice a lifestyle they live it hence the word lifestyle. This is someone who is just to set in his ways to see that the world needs to be united. Freedom and justice for all. There is no justice in taking away someones rights. I think we should just get rid of the whole marriage aspect if everyone is going to be this critical about it. Honestly marriage is a word its the relationship between the two people not this religion bs.

  72. Not even chocolate???

  73. Not on hiunger strike because of America’s spending on arms and wars, the governments failure to tackle healthcare, unemployment, financial government greed….etc etc etc. No gay marriage is his biggest problem. What a jerk.

  74. johnny33308 4 Jan 2014, 7:14pm

    Bigot is as bigot does…..

  75. Since the man is evidently unable to view any attempt to address his arguments on his own facebook page as being anything but negative (apparently negative=any disagreement with his premises – wow, the ego on some people…), I shall just point out, to his probable shock and horror, that gay Utahns are also people.

  76. Andrew Davies-Land 4 Jan 2014, 8:39pm

    Enjoy starving to death dick head, no one will miss you when your gone

  77. This is a pretty great story, I hope he starves himself to death!

  78. I hope he can persuade all his fellow loonies to join him

    1. How about ‘sponsored hunger-strikes’?
      That might catch on!

    2. How about a ‘ Sponsored hunger-strike’, that might catch on!

  79. Colin (Queenstown/London) 5 Jan 2014, 2:03am

    Well a candidate for the Darwin Awards!

    1. Some probably said that about Bobby Sands.

      1. Margaret Thatcher said something on the same lines about Sands.

        1. For a lot of people it just comes down to what side you’re on. Whether you agree or disagree wih the starving person’s cause determines if you have contempt or admiration for him.

  80. I want an independent adjudicator to monitor his emaciation from his alleged hunger strike and online pics so I can have a good laugh

  81. Frivolous story about unhinged man possibly pulling a publicity stunt, which is almost certainly only being taken seriously by easily-angered fire-breathing culture warriors on the far right.

    Here in Utah, where the Salt Lake Tribune is a left-leaning news paper, they’re not even reporting this story. Among local news sources, it’s mainly just right-wing news that’s picking it up.

    The headline might as well be “sympathy-fishing extremist pulls publicity stunt to keep extremists simmering over cultural wedge issue”.

    1. The Tribune doesn’t want to equate him with who they consider “heroic” hunger strikers like Cesar Chavez.

  82. What a moron! He quotes two sections of the US constitution limiting legislative powers as reasons for restricting judicial prerogative!?! Send him back to his high school civics class on the separation of powers. Apparently he finds it a governmental abuse of power that the federal government won’t let him use the state government to abuse the rights of certain citizens to marry. He also appears to forget that we fought a nasty civil war over this issue, and the result was a 14th amendment which reads: “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.” Ignorant authoritarian twit. He should go marry Hitler or Stalin. They seem more his type.

  83. “I will go without food or drink, but will continue to drink water, and take weekly vitamin supplements.”- Cheater.
    More food for the rest of the town though, and that’s rather nice.

  84. A bigot is starving to death. I fail to see the problem here

  85. Dennis Velco 5 Jan 2014, 5:08pm

    Thanks for this article and your reporting. What you do is appreciated. 
    I posted it to the largest LGBT Group on LinkedIn with over 23,800+ global members to spur members to read your article and to make comment. I also scooped it at Scoop.It on my LGBT Times news mashup. 
    Link to group >>
    All LGBT+ and community allies…. please come join me and 23,800+ of your soon to be great connections on LinkedIn. The member base represents 80% of the world’s countries.  
    It’s core value is – Visibility can lead to awareness which can lead to equality. Come stand with us and increase our visibility on the globe’s largest professional networking site. Be a professional who just happens to be LGBT – or a welcomed community ally.  

    Here are the cold hard solid facts presented reasonably and lawfully why the State of Utah will be denied its application to stay the present legal rights of equal marriage. The State has presented not one single objection that will stand the examination of the Courts and be upheld. The Mormon ranting bigots and the self-publicising self starver have lost and they know it. This case is dealing a fatal blow to the religious fundamentalists of all hues in all States and they see the loss of power to exclude and discriminate against us coming down on them like an avalanche. I celebrate that it has been a long time coming and many of us have suffered terribly to see this day arrive, but arrive has. Trestin Meacham’s cup is full of bigots water and his hopes diminish daily, but ours runneth over with boundless growing joy of the certainty of equality for all in Utah.


      When they resort to this level of irrationality you know you have won because they are proving it to you that they cannot.

  87. G*d or Allah will feed him… no problem, Mon. And, since he’s sh*tt*ng his pants about this, there’ll be less sh*t ’round the house. Win-win.

  88. Please keep starving yourself. There will be one less bigot and hater if you actually stick it out. My gut predicts you will never hold “true” to your conviction and eat again. Hopefully not because the court steps in but because you don’t have the real balls to really starve yourself!!!

  89. phil armond 11 Jan 2014, 1:21am

    Good luck to him, think I’ll go and have roast beef and Yorkshire puddy…yum yum

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