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Putin confirms that limited protest zones will be set up at Sochi

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Reader comments

  1. A quite astonishing mis-reading of this story…

  2. I see rows of prefab houses surrounded with barb wire fences, built on vacant farm land, far away from the cities. Likely many armed guards (for the protection of the protestors of course) and something in Russian about “protest freely” above the main entrance.

  3. And presumably all those protesting will be carefully identified and ‘dealt with’ later. Sorry, Vlad, but you’re fooling nobody.

  4. Maybe they should set a up a restricted zone where Putin’s flabby tits can be held too, let’s be honest, they need some support.

    1. Mark in Halifax 4 Jan 2014, 7:19pm

      Such a serious story and that’s the only response you can think of?

      1. It’s the considered response I chose to make when I made it .

        I apologise if it irks you that I opted to ridicule Putin rather than try to rationalise about a wholly irrational situation developing in Sochi.

        Your anger seems to have put you in a mood for a scrap Mark but we are on the same side, I’d rather not be a casualty of your friendly fire.

        1. Mark in Halifax 5 Jan 2014, 8:25pm

          I don’t want a scrap……we are on the same side……I just thought your response was a bit crass and executed my democratic right to say so, which is more than those poor buggers in Russia can do. If I’d wanted a fight, trust me you would have known about it!

  5. Mark in Halifax 4 Jan 2014, 7:21pm

    He calls them protest zones……I call them possible death traps?

    1. Well Putin’s aren’t as nice as Tom Daley’s, but death traps? more like passion killers.
      Check this out

  6. Imagine living in a country where you had to ask for permission to protest!!!

    Oh, hang on – we do… https://www.gov.uk/protests-and-marches-letting-the-police-know

    1. Really, why can’t you be serious fagburn?
      If there’s no march organised as part of your protest, you don’t have to tell the police.

    2. Alex Frost 5 Jan 2014, 11:51am

      Have you read it? Nobody asks for a permission over there, It is about police being able to perform their duties of crowd control.

      1. Here in UK, if there’s no march organised as part of your protest, you don’t have to tell the police.

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