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UKIP Councillor admits to using wrong sized condoms and being ‘baffled’ by lesbians

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Reader comments

  1. I also think it strange that he still has a job, but Bulgarians don’t have much to do with it.

    1. Having looked through all of this thread at 5.20pm 3 January, it’s clear that either Fletcher or Fletcher’s supporters have been voting down our comments on this idiot. Good to see that they are clearly very concerned about our reactions here at PinkNews! So keep voting up, people!

  2. glasgow1975 3 Jan 2014, 12:25pm

    Reading this, all I can think is, massive knob . . .

    1. Actually, if you read the original message, the condom came off while he was using it, so I would say he is quite the opposite of an ‘enormous knob’

    2. maybe that’s why he has trouble with those condoms?

      1. He’s certainly having trouble matching his lippy to his barnet.

        1. Milk came out of my nose. I’m not even drinking milk.

    3. that’s a big insult to knobs

  3. #ThingsElliottSays 3 Jan 2014, 12:26pm

    He said a lot more than this early this morning saying ‘I don’t wnat to think about queers, thank you’ and that ‘I think queer people are strange’. I covered all this in a follow up blog post after he said lots of disgusting things yesterday

    1. Thanks for the link to your blog, Elliott. Have just been SHOCKED to see what this frightful individual tweeted! He wrote: “I don’t want to think about queers, thank you.” Appalling.

      Is this young Fletcher person the spawn of the aged Norman Tebbit?

    2. just had a look at link lol that last picture made me laugh.. the middle guy looks like a slice short of a loaf aswell lol

  4. What a sad man! I’m afraid I can’t help laughing at this poor creature and his very strange and confused thoughts. He believes it’s not socially acceptable to be openly homosexual! Presumably he thinks it’d be “socially acceptable” for us to all be hidden in closets! And then, this oh-so-heterosexual saddo, immediately uses the camp and affected “au contraire” (and inappropriately!) to diminish lesbian people.

    But what’s particularly hilarious, in my view, is that this sad creature felt the need to imply to his interviewer(s) that his cock is so enormous that he can’t get it comfortably inside a standard condom! Well, I suppose, he needs to feel he has at least ONE thing going for him!

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jan 2014, 2:12pm

      Of course Eddy, that he had a problem with condom size could also imply that his ‘member’ is too small to fit any :)

      1. Hee, hee. This creature is not likely to exhibit any public humility regarding having a small cock! Humility is probably completely unknown to him, although such most certainly ought not to be the case! Sadly this poor man has not been gifted with facial beauty, so you’d think he’d have some degree of modesty instead of arrogance, wouldn’t you.

  5. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jan 2014, 12:31pm

    What woman in her right mind would sleep with ‘that’? I mean, look at him! Of course, it could all be a pack of lies. I challenge any of the women he’s allegedly slept with to come forward to confirm it. Wrong sized condoms? Can’t he read on the box before he buys them? It spells it out very clearly. Yet another weirdo in the party of loons.

    1. Oh Robert :) The tears are squeezing out of my eyes, yet I’m not crying. I, too, am baffled. How could those of us with an ounce of oestrogen in our inverted, lesbionic bodies, not succumb to that vision of loveliness and revert to our proper natures?

      1. Yes Snowy, I guess seeing this man’s picture and reading his words has made you see the error of your ways. Still there’s time if you play your cards right.

        1. :) D’you really think so, Ray? *flutters lashes*. Mother always said it was just a matter of time. I will send you a photo of our first love-child.

  6. The relevant authorities should be doing their upmost to locate the poor woman who slept with this pond life she is obviously mentally unstable and blind and needs some professional help.

    1. :) This comment made me snort my wine over the keyboard. Thank you Karl.

    2. Or a legal guardian…

  7. I also somehow doubt any woman has ever slept with him…. I think there must be more to this story. What I don’t doubt is that the people of West Yorkshire won’t be voting him back in again. He’s simply “too odd”

    1. You cannot be too odd for West Yorkshire, but you can be the wrong type of odd. We’ve got Craig Whittaker as well, and he, somehow, represents Hebden Bridge.

  8. I’m amazed he gets any at all, frankly.

    1. His comments are similar to a sexually inexperienced schoolboy trying to impress his mates that he has in fact lost his virginity and tried sex beyond his masturbatory dreams.
      That imaginary dream-girl who rides his pony while he’s lying on his back jacking off.

  9. I’m sure people in Yorkshire are feeling especially proud right now.

    Judging by that expression on Cllr Fletcher’s face in that pic, I think he was wearing a wrong-size condom while being snapped.

    1. It’s probably his own inbred extended family that voted him onto the council. I mean, due to apathy tunrout was probably low, he got a few votes and boom, he’s an elected offical.

      We should all turn out and vote. If you stay home you end up with the debris of humanity like this running things.

  10. Often those of little wit, discernment, insight, compassion, and empathy are baffled by those in possession of same. We, of course, should try not to hold it against them, they just can’t help themselves being products of their flawed DNA.

    1. there is absolutely NO part of myself I would hold against him… just ewwwwwwww!

  11. Oh goodness, the good people of UKIP must be so proud to see how well, and arguably appropriately, they are represented. I’m sure this individual will do their cause no end of good.

    (Incidentally – and I know this is an abstruse point – isn’t [or wasn’t] it still ‘adultery’ if a man, regardless of whether he’s married or not, had sex with another man’s wife?)

    1. barriejohn 3 Jan 2014, 1:51pm

      According to the Bible, it is adultery even to DESIRE someone else’s wife – but that fact is conveniently glossed over by Christians, as it makes nonsense of “celibacy”.

    2. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jan 2014, 2:15pm

      Yes, Rehan, one doesn’t have to be married to be an adulterer. Essentially complicit. Tory MP Nadine Dorries is one brilliant example.

  12. Fletcher did not post the original comment about still having a job. Apart from that – sadly (i witnessed most of this last night and the night before) its all true.

  13. as says, in comment,: ‘Fletcher is a fraud who will do anything for political advancement… He wants power and has no limits on what he’ll do to get it.” power in this case would be his mummy’s teat-teat and i’m sure he’ll know what to do with that when he gets hold of it. what an utter womble! people voted for this person?!

    1. So it seems that Fletcher’s future in the party has been up for official discussion within UKIP since last November, at least.

      “He [Fletcher] was quickly shot down by Mike Hookem, UKIP Yorkshire regional chair, who told him, along with another young commenter to report to the next regional meeting where ‘Jane Collins [Yorkshire Regional Organiser and lead Yorkshire MEP candidate] and I will consider your future in the party.’”


      (Thanks for the pointer, pwnage.)

  14. Who cares?

  15. I realize that they’re not comparable in economic terms, but socially, they really are just BNP lite.

    1. The BNP is unfortunately more homophobic and biphobic than UKIP. As a former BNP supporter, I recognise that UKIP is more sensible and rational than the BNP is about the subject and at least supports civil partnerships. The BNP still doesn’t and there is absolutely no reason why they shouldn’t.

      1. i wouldn’t be so casual telling anyone i had anything to do with the bnp, even historically! i couldn’t care less what they stand for, given that they are a political embarrassment to our nation. anyway, you’re leader is brilliantly bankrupt! let the party begin!

    2. Indeed. The BNP is a nationalist party and therefore embraces a form of capitalism which works for the nation whilst UKIP is an economically GLOBALIST Thatcherite Tory Party. The BNP could be described as being slightly ‘leftist’ in economic terms. I, as a former BNP supporter, have to acknowledge the fact that the BNP is less rational than UKIP on the subject of gay rights. UKIP at least supports civil partnerships and there is no reason why the BNP couldn’t have supported them as well.

      1. there must something wrong with you or your computer but this isn’t the type of place to peddle the wares of your ex-extremist movement.

        1. No, there is is nothing wrong with my computer or me. I am on this site because I’m interested in the issues discussed here and people’s opinions. I am nationalist but that isn’t something that is exclusive to straights. I consider myself to be a bisexual or at the very least bi-curious. I know I am not exclusively attracted to women or to men. I’m in that grey area in the middle of the spectrum and I’m prepared to admit it. This site is for gays, lesbians AND bisexuals, is it not?

    3. Yes, the BNP is an economically nationalist party so that places it at some distance away from UKIP who are basically economic globalists like Lady Thatcher was. UKIP is just a globalist anti-EU Tory Party at heart. The BNP isn’t as rational as UKIP is on the subject of gay rights. As a former BNP supporter, it saddens me that the BNP didn’t even support civil partnerships. There is no reason why they couldn’t have done so.

  16. Mushrooms growing on him? …where, on top?
    It’s baffling what some women are willing to part their legs for.
    Everything about him…Eeewww!

  17. WTF why is PinkNews giving print and columns to this grade A living argument for mercy killings – I don’t care what the feck this bigoted , retard thinks

  18. It baffles me how people like this get elected. And the only thing about lesbians that baffles me is why straight men are so attracted to them – what’s so fascinating about two people who absolutely do not want to sleep with you? Lol

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jan 2014, 2:24pm

      People like him who get elected are put in power by equally dumb low-information constituents.

      As for straight men and lesbians, well it’s about fantasy. Two women for every hetero and in the case of lesbians, a straight male sees it as a challenge because he feels they haven’t met the right man to set them ‘straight’. Pathetic though.

      Conversely, many years ago, I was sitting in a hair salon and a gay friend came with me and waited. The female stylist who knew I was gay asked..”don’t tell me he’s gay, what a waste”. I asked her why she said that and her response, “he doesn’t know what he’s missing”. Same mindset as the straight male.

      1. jack scrumble 5 Jan 2014, 10:08am

        “Same mindset as the straight male.”

        Ah yes, that well known species the “straight male”. Did you know we’re made on a production line and programmed with exactly the same thoughts?

  19. What a twat!

  20. Michele Pallet 3 Jan 2014, 2:25pm

    Maybe he should try a smaller size condom, also make the effort to meet more LGBT people to help him and his colleagues to understand the difference of really life and fantasy.

  21. Perhaps he put the condom on his head mistaking it for his dick
    or not…..

  22. The Halcyon 3 Jan 2014, 2:47pm

    I think he’s been on more than just the “normal mushrooms”. Talk about your average brain-fart. And they say people are friendlier in the North…

  23. Aryugaetu 3 Jan 2014, 2:48pm

    Many condom manufacturers sell “snugger-fit” condoms, such as the Lifestyle brand. These have a 1.75 inch diameter for 12 to 14 year olds, rather than the usual 2 inches. If these teen-sized condoms are still too large, ask your chemist/pharmacist for “finger cots”.

  24. Certainly baffling if anyone votes for this tosser

  25. Mikehattan 3 Jan 2014, 2:59pm

    If looks like a Dork, talks like a Dork…It is a Dork. This naive man needs professional counselling and does not need to hold any office of power.

  26. Staircase2 3 Jan 2014, 2:59pm

    …”Well actually ordinary mushrooms have grown on me in recent years.”

    …be great if they were French wouldn’t it…?

    1. I should think he has two choices. One he can harvest or two he can see his physician about a cream to get them to stop growing on him. That aside perhaps he could also get the Doctor to help him find condoms small enough for his needs.

  27. ugly or what….not good looking enough to be gay….

  28. KeighleyKid 3 Jan 2014, 3:04pm

    This person used to live near me and went to the same high school. I got the impression he might have been slightly mentally handicapped, and bullied at school. Hence, he’s probably just re-stating the opinions of others, and the condom comment is part of trying to deal with years of rejection by the opposite sex. I think he’s more a victim, and there is another side to the story.

    1. There is ALWAYS another side to the story of a homophobe …. usually one of being in denial about who they really are.

      1. 5:14pm, and at “-2”, Truth, it looks like Fletcher and his friend have read your apt words! I’m voting you up!

      2. Indeed. I know I have mentioned it before but it bears repeating. If you want to see more clear examples of what you have just described just go over to Stormfront Britain and you will witness some really disturbing levels of self-hate. I really can’t believe that some of the posters there when discussing gays or bisexual people aren’t self-loathing gays or bisexuals themselves. The worst offenders in this regard are two Scots one of whom is a 76 year old who is a NF supporter called Taysider and another younger Scot called The Provands Lordship. Their sheer bigotry and intolerance towards gays and bisexuals is really something to behold. NO truely straight man is that hateful towards gays or bisexuals. Their rabid bile is of a nature that needs medical treatment it is so extreme! Unless you were gay or bisexual and are projecting your own self-hatred onto others you simply wouldn’t be that homophobic or biphobic.

        1. Well said, Steven. So true. And I see a Fletcher-supporter, or Fletcher himself, has voted you down. I’m voting your comment up.

          1. Thanks, Eddy!

    2. Thank you KeighleyKid for showing some understanding of the situation, it’s the only vaguely tolerant comment on here. I agree that he has made some stupid comments and shown himself to be ignorant about homosexuality , which he admits to when he says he is ‘baffled’ by it. However, the nasty comments on here are far worse than anything he ever said and show an unbelievable level of intolerance.

  29. Tom Cotner 3 Jan 2014, 3:05pm

    Nobody has mentioned this – but it occurred to me that this fellow is an excellent candidate for a drag queen — with those lips and that hairless head, just begging for a wig.
    I don’t mean to downgrade drag queens at all — just noticing that, if he isn’t already, probably he should be.

  30. He says even worse things later like ‘I don’t want to think about queers’ and ‘I think that queer people are strange’ (from He’s a shameful man.

  31. Sounds to me like this person (as is the case with so-many homophobes) has an obsession with sex – gay sex, that is. Childish and immature in the extreme to go on about his female conquests. Who is he trying to convince? Obviously himself. He needs to take a long, hard look in a mirror and ask ‘WHY am I homophobic? Is it because I’m gay – and in denial?’ Hmmmm?

    1. Truth, I see that as at 5.11pm today you’ve been voted down at “-2”, the only explanation being that Fletcher and a friend have been reading our comments here! Hopefully the poor sad creature will learn something.

    2. I believe that is the basis of a great deal of homophobia. Simply put, homophobes view gay people as rampant sex animals who are ‘at it’ 24/7 and have no other aspect to their lives other than engaging in gay sex acts.

      1. Correct, Stephen. But what no one ever asks is WHY these people are so obsessed when others are not. The only explanation is that they are gay themselves and in denial of their true feelings.

        1. I agree wholeheartedly. If you were genuinely 100% straight you wouldn’t give a damm about what others do in the privacy of their own bedrooms. They can only be complete religious nutjobs who want to monitor other people’s behaviour according to what the ‘good book’ says, have severely authoritarian personalities and therefore have an insatiable ‘need’ to interfere in others’ lives or have some aspect of their own lives that they feel ashamed/disgusted about like having at least some same-sex attractions so they have to project that fear/disgust/shame onto others with similar tendencies in order that they feel less ashamed/disgusted/fearful about themselves.

  32. Can you imagine, gay or straight, waking up and seeing that head on the pillow next to you? He should put a condom over his head.

  33. He said that he supports the social change and I think that is admirable even as he makes himself look very uneducated and inexperienced with the choice of topics to cover.

  34. What a creep!
    Unfortunately this nutter’s attitude is becoming more familiar to us as the UKIP is seen to be growing.
    Beware! This party’s policies are not just about taking a stance on immigration.

    1. I don’t think anyone should be particularly fearful about UKIP. They have grown as much as they are ever going to do. They embrace globalist, ultra-Thatcherite economics to such a loony extent that their social appeal is a very limited one and that will prevent them from growing much further. Basically, UKIP are just a minor irritant on the British body politic.

  35. Hodor, hodor hodor.

  36. I’m sorry but who’s shagging him? He looks like something off Dr Who.

  37. This guy is not fit for public office.

  38. Don Harrison 3 Jan 2014, 5:38pm

    Oh dear, he is showing us far behind the times he is.

  39. Ruwan Uduwerage-Perera 3 Jan 2014, 5:50pm

    Ah Ukip, the so-called ‘thinking mans’ BNP never fail to let themselves down on matters pertaining to equality issues as well as everything else that they espouse.

    As for wearing the wrong size condom, perhaps he did not realise that although he is obviously a ‘dxxk’ with ears he was not meant to wear it over his head?

  40. I’m baffled by that colour lipstick with red hair!!!

    1. Oi you pinched my name……….

  41. If all men looked like him, all women would be lesbians! Thankfully, all men don’t have that affliction!

  42. I’m baffled that he even gets any!

  43. white squirrel 3 Jan 2014, 6:43pm

    clearly lesbians are not the only thing he finds baffling
    another being social decorum

  44. To be fair regular condoms are a little bit on the small side.

    What a strange strange man though.

    1. Boasting, Nick?

  45. What an attractive man…..

    1. So if he said, “Will UKIP with me”, you might say yes?

  46. Christopher in Canada 4 Jan 2014, 12:18am

    After he fails at politics, he could do Drew Barrymore in drag – too bad the only singing she’s done has been in Grey Gardens…

  47. Is that really a picture of this guy? Come on. This has to be a joke article. Why is he wearing lipstick? I am baffled. This has to be the most effeminate persona of a heterosexual man I have seen. He doesn’t appear to be gay, just girlish, like a gossipy pre-teen. Creeps me out.

  48. I love gays and want Britain out of the EU. So its a shame the main party campaigning on this issue has to have so many weirdos.

  49. I grew up in the ward he represents, unfortunately his mindset doesn’t surprise me much. I was well used to people at school saying that being gay ‘makes me sick just thinking about it’ (they seemed to think about it a lot). Glad I left that hellhole a long time ago. What a backwards place.

  50. Johann Fourie 5 Jan 2014, 12:13am

    There is actually a woman that will allow this putrid looking man to shag her??? Oh. My. God. He is repellent.

  51. jack scrumble 5 Jan 2014, 10:17am

    I’m not sticking up for UKIP here, but out of curiosity but whats the source for this. This stories going viral, and this is the originating site. The only other reference I’ve found is that these are facebook comments, copied and pasted on a tory supporters blog. No sign of these comments on his facebook page, which to be fair could have been deleted, but no sign of this so called blog either. I’m all for bringing UKIP down, but if people make stuff up, but it weakens the cause if you make stuff up.

  52. I’m baffled that he can’t find condoms small enough…to match his…mind. Yeah, that’s it. His mind.

    1. Frank Boulton 5 Jan 2014, 10:35am

      Oh, thanks for clarifying matters for us, Philipem. So, he put the condom over his head, did he? That explains why he couldn’t find one tight enough to stay on. Is that what’s called “head-banging”?

  53. Frank Boulton 5 Jan 2014, 10:30am

    Come on, PN, April 1st is 4 months away!

  54. Iain Logan 5 Jan 2014, 2:07pm

    I’m not surprised really, UKIP are a joke. Who ever wrote this article needs to pay more attention to their spelling, grammar and syntax.

  55. Who is this bell end?
    I mean look at him. If he has ever been laid in his life I will show my arse in Harrods’ window.
    Them that brag about how much sex theyr’e getting, either that or he’s a closet case.

  56. Christopher Coleman 8 Jan 2014, 4:45pm

    Wrong sized condoms? Probably a genetic inheritance.

  57. He obviously couldn’t get a condom that would fit over his head.

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