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UK Government refuses to repeal Northern Ireland gay blood ban

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Reader comments

  1. I’m really looking forward to September as I’ve now pretty much decided to vote for Scottish seperation and it’s all down to the Tory party and numbnuts like these two Health Secretary’s.

    1. Much as I dislike the Tories, isn’t the Scottish government currently supporting Catholic adoption agencies in their fight to be allowed to discriminate against same-sex couples?

    2. That There Other David 6 Jan 2014, 7:22am

      If I had my way an independent Scotland would be forced to take Northern Ireland with it. Your mess, you clean it up.

  2. Slightly sensationalist headline there, Pink News. Disputing whether blood donation rules are a devolved or reserved matter is not the same as refusing to repeal the ban. It’s more like disagreeing that they are legally allowed to repeal the ban. Presumably the government wouldn’t be able to repeal it until the appeal is over anyway.

  3. Poots is hanging on to this out of spite. Unionists/Orangemen are driven by pure hate.

    1. That is a pretty sweeping statement! Lumping all unionists in with Poots makes as much sense as deciding all Catholics are full of hate because of comments from 1 bishop. Poots is a bigoted imbecile yes but 60% of the population of N Ireland, no.

      1. @Paul S,
        You seem to overlook the fact that Poots was democratically elected. The DUP are the biggest party in NI and the 4th largest party in the House Of Commons (despite the population of Northern Ireland being only 1.8 million and almost 750,000 of those are Catholics). The DUP was founded by the rabidly homophobic Rev “Dr” Ian Paisley and still retains strong links with his hate-mongering church. The less hardline Ulster Unionist party has been steadily losing support since 1999. Poots is not the only “bigoted imbecile” in the DUP. Their anti-Gay stance is a real vote winner.

        1. JamesBelfast 4 Jan 2014, 7:49pm

          Cal, it is tribalism, not a support of anti-gay stance that gets DUP votes. Northern Ireland society has moved on and is very accepting of homosexuality (a big difference from 10-15 years ago). What has not progressed is politics and people’s allegiances to the UK or Republic of Ireland. The DUP are the staunchist defenders of retaining Northern Ireland as part of the UK, and unfortunately because of this, they will always get votes from a large proportion of the unionist population no matter what homophobic rubbish they spout.

          1. @JamesBelfast
            According to the Guardian “Equality Commission for Northern Ireland reveals that negative attitudes towards gay and lesbian people worsened over the last six years”
            The DUP stance on GLBT rights is indicative of their attitude to everything. Heartless. Uncompromising. Protestants are still shamefully behind Catholics in their attitudes to GLBT issues (see link below). Sinn Fein also have a strong political agenda regarding borders but they are able to support our rights. People who vote for the DUP monsters are homophobic.

        2. JamesBelfast 6 Jan 2014, 1:32am


          A ridiculous, sectarian slander to suggest protestants are more homophobic than catholics. This has nothing to do with religion. It is tribal politics. Unionists (the majority of whom are protestants) have 2 political parties to choose from, the DUP or UUP (both right wing, conservative and largely anti gay). Therefore, if people want to remain part of the UK (which over 55 percent of the population of Northern Ireland do), these are the parties to choose from to vote for.
          I was born in Northern Ireland. I am British. I am gay. I am left wing. Who do I vote for? DUP- retain links with UK, right wing, anti gay. UUP- retain links with UK, right wing, largely anti gay. SDLP- want to be part of Ireland, left wing, positve on gay rights. Sinn Fein- terrorists responsible for the murders of thousands in Northern Ireland and England, left wing, pro gay.
          Not much choice Cal.
          I am from Northern Ireland and proud to be British. What choice do the unionist population have?

          1. Why is it a ridiculous sectarian slander? The survey that I linked in my last comment says it all. A similar survey was done in the last few years which put Muslims in a bad light with regard to Gay rights. Was this slander too?
            I’m afraid you seem typical of your community. The Unionist/Orange Order track-record on human rights is a disgrace. segregation akin to apartheid, ethnic cleansing – you have done it all over many years and remain viscously arrogant with your triumphalist parades. And let’s not talk about Unionist links to the murderous RUC and Loyalist terrorist groups. The NI Protestant obsession with being British is mind-boggling for everyone outside your community. Nobody in the real Britain paints their curbstones red, white and blue or wastes parliamentary time worrying about lilies in the City Hall.
            You are putting your brainwashed Loyalism first. To vote for Unionist poison above all other considerations? Sounds like sectarianism to me.

          2. Michael126 6 Jan 2014, 10:12am

            Well said JamesBelfast. Couldn’t agree with you more.

          3. My response seems to have disappeared so here goes again.
            The survey I linked to above is clear evidence that attitudes to homosexuality in NI differ between Protestants and Catholics. Not slander.
            Unionists have an appalling history of human rights abuses. They are still arrogant, heartless and a political laughing stock outside of NI.
            If you are Gay and you vote for a homophobic party you are no better than they are. The violent Unionist obsession with being British is baffling to all outside their community. They have abused their power against the indigenous Irish for centuries and would still be practicing their particular version of Apartheid if they had not been curbed by UK parliament. Sectarian bigots vote for the DUP just like racists vote for the BNP.
            If they want to be British, let them follow the law of the mainland with regard to human rights.

  4. .....Paddyswurds 4 Jan 2014, 9:41pm

    So what will happen if I, as a Gay man, turn up to donate blood in the north of Ireland. Firstly how will they know I am gay if I don’t say and secondly, how do they know Gay men haven’t been donating all along. I am determined to find out this coming week just how this Neanderthal poots will deal with me and the law suite I bring against hime personally and then the suite I bring against the devolved Government and the Health service of the UK,Hunt included. How about we all turn up en masse and donate then tell them a week later that we are in fact active Gay men. That should set the cat amongst the pigeons. Straight men with unknown HIV status donate all the time. Religious bigotry and discrimination is Poots’ problem……

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