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Ireland: HIV infections among gay men at record high

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Reader comments

  1. Derek Williams 3 Jan 2014, 5:05pm

    One of the most preventable diseases on the planet, whose exorbitantly costly treatment is being funded by the taxpayer. I wonder when patience will run out?

    1. Derek Williams 3 Jan 2014, 5:06pm

      * avoidable

    2. I think it’s probably wiser to attack the drug companies who make extortionate amounts of money from making the drugs that the taxpayer pays for, rather than those unfortunate enough to have to live with HIV. Luckily the treatments are good nowadays so that life isn’t as bad as it was years ago.

      Unhealthy eating, smoking & alcohol costs the NHS way more than HIV treatment. Should we ban junk food, cigarettes and alcohol? Should healthy people lose patience with fat people, those who eat junk food? Should we lose patience with smokers and drinkers?

      The NHS is there to help with the ailments of the day.

    3. Whilst I agree that for many, HIV is entirely avoidable; which is why all our efforts should be focused on the most vulnerable & at risk individuals when it comes to HIV prevention programs.

      All the cuts to prevention services will come home to roost, it is a false economy, which leads to much higher costs in terms of late diagnosis & the complications this brings with it.

      The cost of HIV treatment is often used as a stick to beat those of us living with HIV with – the reality of treatment cost is very different to that which is often mis-quoted. With the introduction of generic ARV’s the cost will further fall.

      The annual cost of a typical first line treatment regimen is around £7k to 9k a year, this is in stark contrast to the cost of in-patient care as a result of late diagnosis, which can cost a staggering £250k to ensure the late diagnosed patient is stable & able to recover to a point where on-going treatment is effective.

    4. Starship Captain 9 Jan 2014, 6:40am

      Thank you, Derek! You make the case for why we should spend money for prevention and education—because they are much less expensive than treatment. And not just in monetary terms.

  2. This is sad news, for both the gay men and the heterosexuals who have contributed to these figures. The Irish have been through tough times, economically, and this could be PART of the problem, as it has been in crisis-riven Greece, where there has also been a dramatic rise in HIV infections. Staying safe takes a great deal of determination and will-power and in tough economic conditions that determination and will-power is weakened.

  3. There also appears to be a clear lnk between homophobia and HIV transmission rates. Bigotry equals ignorance. You cannot begin to tackle sexually-transmitted disease unless you are prepared to discuss and accept sexuality in all its forms. This is no time to hold-on to pathetic Victorian sensibilities. Let’s all just grow-up shall we?

    1. The ignorant ones are those who know of a risk and choose to ignore the risk, then blame others for their choice to ignore the risk

  4. Starship Captain 9 Jan 2014, 6:42am

    Thank you, Derek! You’ve made the case for why we should be spending tax dollars on prevention and education—because it’s much cheaper than HIV treatment. And not just in monetary terms.

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