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Comment: FA appointing player who said gays are ‘detestable’ shows we have a long road to equality

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Reader comments

  1. If anyone had said that black people or Jewish people were detestable – does anyone think he’d still have his job. Me thinks not. One rule for racism and anti-semitism, another for homophobia.

    I’m so bored of homophobes getting away with it.

  2. He’s going to have to work hard to prove he has changed his position since those “detestable” comments. I hope it works in our favour.
    I would like an in depth explanation of what brought about his great epiphany.

  3. Personally, I believe bigoted religious homophobes are detestable. But I’d never be so crass as to say so.
    Whoops …

  4. Confidence in Michael Johnson’s ability and genuine commitment to tackling homophobia has got to be next to zero after having expressed his beliefs so publicly and so recently, his complete inability on The Big Question to say he supported moves to tackle homophobia suggest he really should step down from his post as the FA’s equalities advisor and make way for someone better suited.

  5. Another example of how any discrimination is ok to some folk as long as it’s not discrimination against them or their group. I’m allowed to be discriminatory but you aren’t. To have such a narrow view of equality suggests you don’t really believe in the concept of equality at all.

  6. How can Michael Johnson, who on television publicly demonstrated he was ignorant of homophobic discrimination so recently, suddenly be suitably qualified to be the Football Association’s advisor on the subject of equalities?

  7. 5 Jan 2014, 2:57am

    I have worked for equality for most of my working life. Such ignorance and bigotry is unacceptable. Resign.

  8. Here we go again.
    Okay, so, when, exactly, will he be dragged out of the closet?
    BTW, he’d better not ever raise the specter of racism, or his hypocrisy will be on full display, along with his closet nature.

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