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Bournemouth fan evicted for making anti-gay chants during Brighton match

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Reader comments

  1. What an idiot. I don’t understand what makes a grown adult shout homophobic abuse at crowds of (largely) other straight adults. You wouldn’t to it at work, in a supermarket, a cricket match – why at football matches? I hope he gets a heavy fine and never sees another football stadium in his life.

    1. BlokeToys 3 Jan 2014, 7:21pm

      There are a lot of very unintelligent people who attend these matches. Not all of them can be described as such of course, but a very loud and idiotic majority tar the entire game and fans.

      We all know the “type” – EDL supporting, tabloid reading, titty-mag buying, white van driving, knuckle dragging, racist, homophobic thugs who go to other countries and get pissed before starting a fight in the street and embarrassing our entire country.

      Just look around you, we’ve all met them.

  2. BlokeToys 3 Jan 2014, 7:18pm

    It’s good to see action finally being taken, but this is a drop in the ocean. I’m inclined to think this was one moral staff member taking action than anything more considerable from a venue perspective.

  3. Football: The Ugly Game.

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