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BNP leader, Nick ‘gays are creepy’ Griffin, declared bankrupt

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Reader comments

  1. Couldn’t have happened to a nice person!

    1. *nicer*

  2. oh dear what a pity, couldnt have happened to a nicer person ;) as for the other thing i admit not to being an expert on it but i think he could only no longer be an MEP if he were subject to a bankruptcy restriction order or suchlike though i dunno for sure but still likley he’ll be voted out anyway

    1. bobbleobble 3 Jan 2014, 12:37pm

      UK MPs must resign if they become bankrupt but not MEPs for some reason. Still I doubt he’ll be an MEP much longer. I’ve got my fingers crossed since I am one of his constituents currently.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 3 Jan 2014, 12:26pm

    Unhappy New Year, bigot!

  4. Meh. This guy’s no longer relevant. His party’s yesterday’s trash.
    Still, justice is served. Karma’s a b*tch. The first thing to bring a smile to my face this morning.

    1. The BNP is effectively a dead party which was trashed mainly by Griffin’s incompetence and refusal to promote the more able members of the party. Farage leads UKIP in a similar manner and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if both Griffin and Farage have connections to the security services.

      As a former BNP supporter, it saddens me that Griffin didn’t reform the BNP sufficiently so that it supported gay rights like civil partnerships at the very least like UKIP sensibly does. He did move it on so that is moved away from John Tyndall’s totally irrational and insane position on the subject but nowhere near enough.

      This news clears the way for the new British Democratic Party to move into the BNP’s political space. The new party supports civil partnerships and once I become a member I will try to get it to support equal civil marriage too. There is no reason why a nationalist party should be homophobic or biphobic!

  5. Oh dear. How sad. Never mind.

  6. Not half as creepy as his soulless, lifeless eyes.

  7. Ahh. Having just received the BBC’s pathetic response to my complaint about the AIDS ribbon debacle, this has cheered me up no end.

  8. Declared bankrupt? Is that morally, intellectually, or just financially?

    1. Heh – good one.

    2. white squirrel 3 Jan 2014, 6:20pm

      all three plus socially electorially, and educationally inter alia

  9. Oh. Maybe there IS a God.

  10. And let’s remember that amongst the videos on YouTube there are two created by a gay former BNP colleague of Griffin’s which prove that Griffin has very much enjoyed homo-sex himself!

    1. Oh god! Thanks for putting that vision in my head Eddy. The things you wish you could ‘unknow’… ;)

    2. John Lyttle 3 Jan 2014, 2:11pm

      I’ve just been a little sick in my mouth.

  11. He has the full set now, moral, mental and financial bankruptcy, well done!

  12. John Lyttle 3 Jan 2014, 2:10pm

    Apparently even money is repelled by Nick Griffin..

  13. God (should he or she exist) does indeed work in mysterious ways …. especially where homophobes are concerned. Have you noticed how often ‘god’ makes these people turn gay in the end ( … all those rabid evangelists caught with their pants down)? Or could it simply be that they’re all really gay already and in-denial and attack gays as a way of exorcising the self-disgust they feel at having experienced same-sex attraction?

  14. As a former BNP supporter who is still a nationalist, I am glad this has happened. Griffin trashed the party through total incompetence. This clears the way for a better nationalist party like the new British Democratic Party to replace the BNP. It supports civil partnerships and when I become a member I will try to get it to support equal civil marriage as well. There is no reason why a nationalist party should be homophobic or biphobic. The fact that Griffin failed to reform the BNP sufficiently so that it didn’t support homophobic or biphobic policies was pure political idiocy although he did reform it a little bit so that it did move away from the totally irrational and insane stance of its former leader John Tyndall. To my mind as a nationalist, there is no reason why a reformed nationalist party shorn of homophobia and biphobia can’t eventually gain significant support from gays or bisexual Britons.

    1. citizen of Europe 3 Jan 2014, 6:36pm

      or at least those gay and bi who agree with the rest of such a party’s ‘policies’

    2. Why has my comment been given the thumbs down? I know that historically nationalist parties in Britain have had strong homophobic and biphobic stances but I think the new BDP will learn from the mistakes of the past and not repeat this. This should be welcomed by gay and bisexual people.

  15. Coemgenus 3 Jan 2014, 3:31pm

    Does this mean that this immigrant Englishman will now have to give up his home in a Welsh speaking part of Wales so that a local can live there?
    Oh, sweet irony.
    A loser in every way.
    Ho hum!

  16. I hope Nick Griffin’s pigs will be OK. They are innocent bystanders in all of this.

  17. Ah! Karma. Serves him right…the nasty little bigot.

  18. Where’s the article about jobs being exported abroad, in many cases with the help of unions, with mass immigration being used to keep wages down?

    It’s a non “story”.
    NG hired a solicitor.
    Solicitor gave bad legal advise.
    Solicitor sacked,
    BNP win court case against Trevor Phillips mob.
    Solicitor angry that he’s not paid for a job he didn’t well.
    Solicitor wins bankruptcy battle.
    Nick vows to dispute the money to the end.

    It’s a civil dispute. Given that no politician knows who will be his friend or enemy when he/she hires them – it’s an occupational hazard that can happen to any politician, especially one that isn’t a multimillionaire like so many are in Westminster these days.

  19. Frank Boulton 5 Jan 2014, 10:55am

    It sounds like he’s cooked his own goose. How many of his constituents are going to vote for him now that all he has to offer them is a booklet on how to deal with their debt? Hahaha. Is this PN’s April 1st Special Edition that’s accidentally been published for months early?

  20. Hope he starves to death, the miserable bastard.

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