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US: Lesbians named without permission ask for lawsuit against Utah and Mormon Church to be struck down

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Reader comments

  1. Chester666666 2 Jan 2014, 7:49pm

    Why would you want your names removed from opposing homophobia?

    1. i’m pretty sure that’s not the point they were making

    2. It depends on whether naming them would land them with some responsibility for the £6million, and whether they’d be expected to appear in court. It’s definitely the sort of thing that you’d want to be fully informed about.

  2. If it were me, i would want me name on this anyway… But I really wouldnt like the thought of someone seemingly filing a lawsuit on my behalf without me knowing about it… I agree with the lady its a weird sort of invasion of privacy, whether you would actually want to be part of it or not…

  3. downtown dave 2 Jan 2014, 11:26pm

    In the end, the Lord will straighten everything out.

    1. You need help 3 Jan 2014, 3:06am

      If you’re suicidal, seek therapy sweetie. Downtown Ministries isn’t the place.

    2. Surely, — even in America, the law requires people’s signatures, at the VERY least.

      And oh, their informed consent !

  4. Michael Anthony 3 Jan 2014, 5:47pm

    The lawsuit was strictly filed to make this attorney wealthy. In cases such as this, if he won, he would take between $3–5m. Its 100% illegal to sue on your behalf without permission. And if u lose, you could end up paying court and attorney costs. In addition, lawsuits open up your life to the court. They have a right to go thru everything about you.

    1. This is correct; the attorney could be sanctioned for filing a suit under their name without their permission. What he could do is find one or more willing couples to start the suit then ask the court to certify it as a ‘class action’ in which everyone who is in the same circumstances automatically becomes a plaintiff without being named. Anyone who wishes to be excluded has to file a notice with the court in that case; but even then the attorney has to make a serious attempt to ensure everyone ‘in the class’ gets notified and has that opportunity to opt out.

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