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Man with two penises causes internet hysteria

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Reader comments

  1. What a fascinating abnormality. Thank you, Pink News. I had no idea this condition existed.

    1. You could have phrased that better, isn’t diversity fascinating.

      1. Well it is an abnormality. How many people do you know who’ve got two penises? Not all abnormalities have to be seen as bad, however.

  2. Well, of course I had to google that. There’s a pic at
    Looks sweet!

  3. Well that article picture seems rather random. I want gummy bears now.

  4. You censored “dick” and “cock”? Really? This is Pink News, not the Sun, and your readership isn’t 12.

  5. Jay Hayes-Light 2 Jan 2014, 6:26pm

    What always has the power to amaze me (despite my long experience with the human psyche) is just how uninformed the general population can be when it comes to the variety of human anatomy. This is part of the reason why intersex people are often regarded as a product of mythology (the use of the term ‘Hermaphrodite’’ doesn’t help matters either). Many intersex conditions are not all that rare. Other anatomical variations such as Diphallia (’two phalluses’) which may or may not be associated with an intersex anatomy is relatively rare, but is hardly the stuff of fantasy. As many as 1:200 people vary in some way from what is deemed to be ‘typical’ male or female. Human phenotype (how we present externally) is not binary, but a spectrum, yet the slightest variation is still ruthlessly ‘corrected’ (such as an enlarged clitoris in congenital hyperplasia). I (and the intersex community) just wish society would grow up.

    1. All of biology exists on continuous probability distributions.
      Once people realise that, even the extreme outliers are no surprise.

  6. I would do him!

  7. No big deal. I have 2 penises. Mine and my husband’s

  8. Must be difficult to aim when he goes for a pee though!

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