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‘Gay cure’ book removed from sale on Amazon after complaints

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Reader comments

  1. oh god i remember this woman… when did she decide to crawl back out from under her rock?

  2. Londinium 2 Jan 2014, 5:03pm

    “adamantly anti-gay” seems rather a tame description, how about “unnaturally hateful and anti gay”?

  3. The issue here is not so much it was removed by Amazon after complaints, “HOW and WHY” did it get on there in the first place?

  4. Derek Williams 2 Jan 2014, 5:19pm

    Props to Amazon for removing this mendacious poison.

  5. “Maybe he’s not gay”

    Why is Linda Harvey so interested and aroused by the topic of homosexuality?
    Maybe she’s a self-hating, closet case lesbian in seemingly final denial.

  6. white squirrel 2 Jan 2014, 8:27pm

    A browse of her ‘missionamerica’ website reveals one thing
    Linda Harvey is a victim of ‘future shock’ in total and fearful denial as her nation’s culture changes around her

  7. What a deranged women

  8. Freedom of expression… the only thing worst than irrational hatred is censorship, which merely sweeps hatred under a rug.

    By disallowing her book, you also disallow an opportunity for her ideas to be disputed, intellectually destroyed, or ridiculed.

    You also avail yourself of the opportunity to actually see what she has written, and you give dangerous power to censors, who today may be friend but tomorrow foe…

  9. Frank Boulton 5 Jan 2014, 12:15pm

    I think that we need to be kept informed of all of the vicious and ludicrous things that homophobes say, write and do. In keeping LGBTI activists aware of these developments, they are providing an invaluable tool for LGBTI-rights campaigners.

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