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YMCA songwriter will not perform at Sochi in protest against anti-gay law

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Reader comments

  1. Andrew Hibbert 1 Jan 2014, 6:22pm

    Of course it wasn’t written as a gay anthem – and the various “characters” in VP were not in anyway gay sterotypes.


  2. Thank fck. Who’d want that crap tacky song representing them anyway.

    But saying that YMCA wasn’t about the ‘gays’ would be like gaga saying in 40 years that born this way wasn’t about the ‘gays’. Total imbecile.

  3. Get over yourself.

  4. Death of the author bro.
    Just because you wrote it, what do you know?

  5. Colin (Queenstown/London) 1 Jan 2014, 7:48pm

    Please perform it. Your universal approach is perfect….inclusive….inclusive of all human rights. It’s not about gay rights …what we want is human rights for all.

    I love this song and have danced with friends and family straight and gay. It brings a smile to peoples faces and by showing who we are the world will change.

    Please perform it.

  6. Hate the song anyhow, and it’s a tired old cliché to assume gay men get into a screaming fit over it and he seems a homophobe ,he thinks that it’s ok to consider playing at the fascist country’s ceremony, but not for a protest for human rights.

  7. D’oh – more sloppy churnalism from PN !

    The headline and the opening paragraph both strongly imply that Victor Willis is a good guy SUPPORTING a Gay Rights protest by boycotting a planned or expected performance.

    Only by reading the whole article does it then become apparent that the reality is the exact opposite: he is REFUSING to allow any protest.

  8. I bet Mr Willis would have been outraged if an American or European singer had flown to South Africa during the apartheid years and sung at an international event there and refused to make any sort of protest. Civil rights are important to some when there is racial discrimination but count for nothing when it is the gay minority who are being oppressed.

    1. Staircase2 3 Jan 2014, 3:41am

      You do know who Victor Willis and The Village People are right…?

  9. Christopher in Canada 1 Jan 2014, 9:59pm

    Guess he’s decided to “go west”.

  10. Lets try get The Pet Shop Boys there singing Go West! That would show them!!!

    1. I missed your comment previously John-UK but I so agree,
      I linked to a couple videos of same by Village People and by Pet Shop Boys, both are well worth checking out or reviewing (if like me you’ve not seen them for a while).

  11. YMCA… like it, or loathe it? Has been the subject of controversy before. Victor explaned the song and it’s message at that time as he has this.
    When released the YMCA across north America objected to the song, saying it’s innuendo sent the wrong message to youth and patrons, had the capacity to tarnish it’s reputation and image. Victor defend it exactly the same way then as now, it hardly makes him homophobic. factually if he were to perform it he would make himself out to be a hypocrite conveying a message he previously explained and refuted.

    Songs become all things to all people even if it was not the intent of the writer.
    In all the years I have listened to YMCA, I have never perceived it as a protest song. Victor did not say he wouldn’t sing it… just not sing it out of context. In it self this does not make him unsympathetic to LGBT in Russia.

    Did any one even ask what he thinks of the situation in Russia? Or, is was this a deliberately to make him look bad?

  12. Mark in Halifax 1 Jan 2014, 11:49pm

    A previous contributor to these comments, Gerry, hit the nail on the head……this is sloppy journalism PN. That headline in incredibly misleading.
    The topic of the song’s lyrics however is an issue in itself. Beloved by wedding reception partygoers and Sun readers everywhere, the co-author, Henri Belolo, talked about its inception on a US documentary about disco that I saw a couple of years ago. Jacques Morali really didn’t know what the YMCA was about, but as a gay man himself, noticed all these handsome guys coming and going (no pun intended!) He wrote a song with Belolo about it and Willis contributed the lyrics. Willis has ALWAYS maintained that he wrote it about the things one could legitimately do in the ‘Y’, but did say, almost as an aside, that he loves double entendres and loves to play with them. Belolo insists he knew exactly what he was doing as it became a favourite of both the gay and straight crowds. Nearly 6 million sales later, he wasn’t wrong.

  13. Ok…well I’m pretty sure producer Jacques Morali had a different idea of what the themes in that song were about since he was gay…

  14. “YMCA” is a joke novelty song, the co-written Village People song “Go West” is much better, it would be so thoroughly inappropriate to lead the Sochi games opening ceremony with “Go West” however it would make a delicious protest song.

    1. ”If they want to use the song that way, go right ahead, but I think it’s silly because the lyrics were written by me as an expression of urban youths having fun at the YMCA, Willis said.”

      Like no urban youths are gay then?

      If Willis didn’t write it intending the song to be a potential gay anthem he shouldn’t have promoted it as one from the get-go, the performance of this song is all of a piece with the music and the double entendre lyrics, the video spells out this song’s meaning crystal clear. Maybe Willis now feels he was in the wrong group? (lol)

      Village People – YMCA OFFICIAL Music Video 1978

  15. mikeysussex 2 Jan 2014, 9:12am

    Alas Mr Willis has never been a spokesman or supporter of gay rights. Despite the fact that he wrote Macho Man, San Francisco, YMCA and In The Navy, he remains committed to the fact that they are not gay songs, despite profiting over the years by appearances at gay venues.

  16. Both these versions and videos are super wonderful in different ways, check them out again.

    Village People – Go West OFFICIAL Music Video 1979

    Pet Shop Boys – Go West (1993) HD

    1. I always liked the Pet Shop Boy version of this song together with the link you posted!
      What surprised me was another video posted to the same sound track. Although the past is became a little to surreal to view considering present day Russia.
      It convinced me that “Go West!” is a more appropriate choice as other comments referenced.

      1. Thanks for the link Steve, really lovely video, it starts out really well but maybe loses momentum towards the end a bit though.

  17. And in other news today, Gina G and Sonia have said they will not perform at Sochi also. That is if they were ever asked to,hypothetically speaking.

  18. Staircase2 3 Jan 2014, 3:39am

    Am I the only one who thinks this headline is unnecessarily confusing and misleading…?
    (This kind of headline has practically become a house style for Pink News…)

    It gives the impression that Victor Willis is boycotting Sochi in protest at Russian homophobic legislation whereas he’s actually saying he isn’t…

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