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US: Utah asks Supreme Court to put stay on same-sex marriages

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    This application is so bad in terms of an arguable case that will win, even the cultists of Moroni have announced that they will pay without limits to other lawyers who can come up with a better case to argue before the Supreme Court. The lawyers who are the authors of this application are both typical Mormon’s who hate the very idea of there being LGBT people with a unreasoning passion. They will lose.

  2. Derek Williams 1 Jan 2014, 4:16pm

    Since religions wantonly involve themselves in politics, the time has come for them to pay tax like the rest of us. Then come back and argue your case on a level playing field.

  3. Robert in S. Kensington 1 Jan 2014, 4:53pm

    From what I understand of the American judiciary, if Sotomayor rules in permitting marriages to continue, it leaves it wide open for an appeal to the full court to decide either way. She may well defer to that.

  4. Jen Marcus 1 Jan 2014, 6:01pm

    Its time these bigots learn and realize that Same Sex Marriage is a matter of Due Process and Equal Protection protected under the US Constitution for its citizens.Their protestations and laws prohibiting our marriages and equal rights are unconstitutional because they lack a rational basis to justify their very existence and are merely grounded on bigotry.

    1. That There Other David 1 Jan 2014, 6:28pm

      Sooner or later a US court has to defend rulings not by referring to the 14th amendment and go straight for the 1st amendment jugular. There is a separation of church and state in the USA, it’s written in the Constitution in no uncertain terms. All of these anti-gay laws based on religious teachings are unconstitutional, every last one of them. All it needs is one brave judge to drag the first into the debate and it’s game over for the fundies.

  5. bobbleobble 1 Jan 2014, 6:43pm

    The panic they’re experiencing over the stay is entirely of their own making. It is standard practice in cases like this for the state to apply for a stay of the judgement at the same time as submitting their defence in case the ruling goes against them. That’s what happened in California during the prop 8 trial. For whatever reason, be it arrogant overconfidence that no judge would ever find their same sex marriage ban unconstitutional or maybe just plain old negligence, no application for a stay was submitted. They’re now desperately scrambling to try and get one in place to cover their own shortcomings even though the vast majority of gay couples who want to marry have already done so. And of course if marriage continues in Utah until the Supreme Court decides to hear the case then it becomes harder to reinstate the ban because it genuinely will cause harm to those who have legally married in the interim. The AG’s office in Utah may well have done gay Americans a favour.

  6. EqualityNOW 1 Jan 2014, 10:46pm

    A right delayed is a right denied – MLK.

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