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US: Boy Scouts of America begins to permit gay members

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  1. There have always been gay kids in the scouts and always will be…this removes the stigma and kids no longer have to hide themselves. So a few troops leave and some troops won’t do it…what this means if one troop won’t take a boy for being gay, there will be other troops which will be there to welcome them.

    And one day, gay adults and volunteers will be able to work within the scouts leadership and no one will bat an eye about it. Remove the stigma of being a gay child and you remove the opportunity for those few predatory types to exert undue influence.

    This can only be a good move!

  2. Aryugaetu 1 Jan 2014, 2:21pm

    The BSA will continue to be an overly complex organization with religious institutions at their core. There is no oversight and any reports they produce can best be described as “creative”. As such, they will collapse with the religions into obscurity. For the past 10 years, they have had a decline in membership, counter to the increase in male youth population. The BSA is currently losing about 10% of its membership annually; probably due to many factors.

    There is no doubt our youth needs education in the areas that today’s stressed parents and education system cannot supply. In addition, the sexist days of boys chopping firewood while the girls baked biscuits are gone (as they should be). A more universal socio-domestic curriculum, a life college, that is locally administrated to all genders and ages would be far more successful in preparing our youth for the world today.

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