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Sandi Toksvig: I am honoured to have received an OBE

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Reader comments

  1. Congratulations, Sandi.

  2. Sandi is literally honoured to receive an honour and well deserved too. An extraordinarily clever, witty and funny lady who always manages to entertain me and lift my spirits.

  3. That There Other David 31 Dec 2013, 11:36am

    Totally unfair I know, but given Sandi’s tendency to fill in on chat and panel shows when another guest drops out my first thought was wondering who didn’t turn up at the Palace :-)

    Well done to her.

  4. brilliant news, and well deserved too. charming, witty and dead-pan! love her.

  5. Wherer’s the knighthood for Peter Tatchell? A person who has REALLY put his own head on the block for us – and at substantial personal risk-not some establishment token gay ‘luvvie’

  6. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Dec 2013, 12:29pm

    Congratulations, Sandi, well done and richly deserved.

  7. Congratulations, and full marks also to the delightful Toksvig for, reliably, not resorting to that most tiresome disingenuous cliché of the moment and saying she’s “humbled” to receive an honour!

    1. Sandi may have said she’s humbled if she’d received a pie instead of an OBE.

  8. When Liz Windsor kicks the bucket it is time for Britain to become a democracy and have an elected head of state and an upper house.

    And replace the absurs ‘honours’ system.

  9. Colin (Queenstown/London) 1 Jan 2014, 7:21am

    I’m a republican at heart so find all this stuff nonsense. I’d rather we had community or leadership awards instead.

    However for this girl….well done Sandi
    Best Wishes

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