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Rylan Clark: Tom Daley’s coming out shouldn’t have been such big news

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Reader comments

  1. Look at me! look at me! (Not him)

  2. Bitter, jealous, fame hungry idiot. Do not we not hear that question enough from straight people every time a gay person comes out but now we have to hear it from gay people too. Tom is a talented role model for young people struggling with their sexuality, who’s Rylan? An X Factor reject desperate for fame, who now wants recognition, for what exactly?

    1. could not agree more, he is such an attention seeker

  3. barrybear1980 31 Dec 2013, 8:22pm

    “Rylan” jealous much? Still Mr Daley is so much better looking and comes across as such a nice boy…

  4. Why is rylan deflecting Tom’s experience back to himself ? He sounds bitter in a fame hungry way ,that he never got such fame. And what is it with his joke shop knashers? Actually, i’m indifferent to rylan, but in this case he got it wrong.

    1. Tom did it with style.

      Rylan is clearly a media whore with no skills other than perpetuating an income by BEING a media whore.

  5. Why doesn’t Rylan just go away!?!?

  6. Beelzeebub 31 Dec 2013, 9:48pm

    Rylan Clark.

    A self imagined stereotype unable to consider that not all gay people are self absorbed image consciouse buffoons.

  7. Personally I don’t want to acknowledge Rylan as gay because of the make up, false tan, over plucked eye brows and those ridiculous white teeth. The mincing attention seeker is the living embodiment of pretty much everything people dislike about gays. There’s so much fake people don’t even know the real him.

    Stop bring shame on the gay community !

  8. Hm! sounds like a lot of sour grapes!
    “What do we get? We don’t get recognition.”
    Sounds like some one craving attention is in envy of the 10.285 million hits it got on YouTube! (and with over 185 thousand + likes)

  9. I love Rylan and understand what he means. He may be a stereotype but he’s still a gay man? Should gay men be ostracised because thetly are camp or feminime? Focus on YOURSELF rather than celeity feuds as it’s really pathetic you’re al hating on Rylan! Love and adore them BOTH!

  10. Unbelievable…. is he seriously wondering why he didn’t get the same attention as Tom!? Rylan you’re comments were disrespectful, conceited and mischievous. If you can’t get media attention by saying positive things, please don’t say anything at all.

  11. I usually don’t watch much telly, so I had to (image)google this rylan person. I really don’t want to hurt anybody’s feeling, but I freaked out when I saw all those pics of his in front of me.

    So this overdone caricature dares compare himself to Tom (I didn’t look for a clip of his X factor thing or other TV circuses he engages in). He was camparing himself with a talented, hard-working lad who happens to be respected by millions around the world, and did not look for any of the media attention he had for stating he is dating a guy.

    The more I read about these sorry people speaking of Tom, the more I like and respect him.

  12. Rylan’s right. Coming out shouldn’t be big news, just like people shouldn’t assume everyone is straight. Nevertheless, given a platform in the Sun, I think Rylan could have highlighted something of more importance like homophobic bullying in schools or gay persecution around the world, instead of moaning that he hasn’t had enough credit for being upfront about being gay.

  13. Rylan has not been in the news for a bit so he comes out with this story, he is a vile bitter talentless person, shame on Pinknews for giving it the time of day..

  14. Leaving personalities out of it (since I have no idea who Rylan Clark is and don’t really care), it’s the mechanism: being “open” about your sexuality in the sense of never having hidden it is not making a statement — or, to add a little bit of nuance, it’s an assumption rather than an announcement.

    Add in that celebrities — especially athletes — are tagged with stereotypes that are not something they chose, and find themselves, as so many have noted, “living a lie.” That wears on you.

    And Daley is young — only 19. People aren’t necessarily completely formed at that age — how many 19-year-olds know what they want from life? — and deserve to be allowed to make their own determinations of what they are. If that means telling the rest of us to back off, so be it. And if you’re in the public eye, that means a public statement.

    Yes, I too am waiting for the day when it’s not a big deal. But it is a big deal right now, and Daley managed it with grace and honesty.

  15. You know I’ve never liked Rylan at all, I find him to be quite vile (for obvious reasons) but I actually see his point.

    The people that are and always have been ‘out’ really don’t get much recognition for it. Isn’t being yourself, without fear, cause enough for a pat on the back? Especially in a society that seems to frown upon individualism. This isn’t to say what Tom did is any less of a brave/wonderful thing, of course it is, but despite the way Rylan phrased it (clearly childish attention seeking) I understand what he’s saying.

    Also, to those that insulted his appearance – you are just as bad as he is. Whilst I don’t take to or find his ‘over-done appearance’ attractive in the slightest, resorting to insulting him based on that, and not just his terrible personality, is pretty low.

  16. Michael Inkpin-Leissner 1 Jan 2014, 3:10pm

    Just shut up, Rylan. Do not promote your gigantic idiocy in connection with being gay. You are an embarrassment for gay people.

  17. BlokeToys 1 Jan 2014, 4:53pm

    Now, compare a talented young sportsperson who has worked hard with dedication and passion to be where he is, with a stereotypical shallow fame-wh*re who is famous for nothing more than being an over the top gay character in reality TV shows.

    Perhaps Rylan needs to educate himself with regard to what respect means. Millions respect Tom for his achievements at such a young age, while maybe a few hundred thousand only know Rylan because he’s an attention seeking minor celeb famous for being a stereotype.

    Rylan seems like a nice enough guy, but to see him whining about this when he’s done nothing to deserve the celeb status he has is just pathetic to me.

    Grow up Rylan, and perhaps actually do something of note in your life.

  18. Rylan Who get over yourself!!

  19. Perhaps the underlying issue here is that Rylan Clark should not have been such big news in the first place.
    For there are many talented singers and musicians, working their way up, playing in small blues bars etc for little financial reward, yet driven by their passion. They might also say: why should Rylan get so much attention and not them?

  20. this guy is an embarrassment , big headed , talentless idiot ! Go away cause the glare of your teeth is blinding me !

  21. mikeysussex 2 Jan 2014, 8:55am

    I haven’t a clue who this bloke is.

  22. Paul Brownsey 2 Jan 2014, 12:28pm

    “He was also immortalised in Russian doll form, alongside Sir Elton John, Graham Norton, George Michael and Stephen Fry, in a charity auction.”

    Immortalised? IMMORTALIZED?

  23. I think Rylan has missed the point. This is the first time a top sports person has come out in the peak of their career for a long long time. It may encourage others to do the same as sport doesn’t have the best rep for being gay friendly. Rylan im afraid to say although your both on the Tv your careers are polar opposites.

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