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Comment: My hopes for gay people in the year ahead

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  1. And don’t forget that equal survivor pension rights need to be enacted for all married people.

  2. GulliverUK 31 Dec 2013, 3:03pm

    – Outlaw reparative therapy in the UK
    – Definitely a focus on anti-LGBT bullying in schools, and making sure the CofE make good on their promise of ensuring they do the same. Make sure ALL schools, private, public, Chrisian, Muslim, secular, ALL uphold one common standard.
    – Fix Transgender rights
    – Very strong controls on any Internet filtering, possibly even making it an offence to block an LGBT site without good reason
    – Equal private survivor pensions for Civil Partnerships and Marriage
    – Civil Partnerships open to all
    – Cut bilateral support to anti-LGBT countries
    – Do NOT sign any agreement allowing heterosexual to adopt Russian children whilst banning gay couples from doing so
    – Better training for NHS staff and doctors – many are still homophobic or at least unaware of how to properly
    – Sort out LGBT asylum once and for all

    There is so much still to do.

  3. That Russia reverses all of its proposed anti-gay laws.

  4. Robert in S. Kensington 31 Dec 2013, 4:39pm

    Well said, Mathew and thank you. Happy New Year!

  5. Philip Breen 31 Dec 2013, 4:55pm

    My hope, following the pardoning of Alan Turing, is that the old gay, repealed, spent gay offences that do not involve minors, ‘gross indecency’, ‘soliciting or persistently importuning by a man for immoral purposes’ will be able to be filtered for the purpose of DBS standards and enhanced checks so that gay and bisexual men can get on with their lives without the stigma of disclosure. Peter Tatchell has written to Mr Cameron about how the case of A.Turing highlights the injustice that gay men prosecuted for these offences are still having to face.

    1. GulliverUK 31 Dec 2013, 5:59pm

      I knew there was something else I needed to add to my list, and it was the wiping out of gross indencency convictions, victim-less crimes, often resulting from government-initiated (Tory mostly) agent provocateurs (pretty police officers) in toilets and parks. 16,000 applied to have convictions removed after the TORY government proposed a sly attempt to curry favor with us, but only 3 were accepted – meaning the TORIES were not sincere. Come election time they be reminded of that statistic … 0.18% Any time deliberate entrapment was involved the government should have come clean, owned up, and removed that conviction.

  6. Its 2014 now-and still no equal marriage in Scotland or Northern Island. And we still have homophobia on TV e.g Fast Freddie, the Widow and Me broadcast on ITV on Christmas Eve. We still have gangs of schoolkids intimidating and abusing anyone perceived to be gay. Whats changed????????????????

  7. theotherone 31 Dec 2013, 6:17pm

    good to see he thinks that LGBT actually means G

    there is allot of serious work to be done on queer rights in the uk – the granting of gay marriage actually harmed the rights of trans*gender people

  8. We need our leaders to put pressure on their global counterparts who are not living up to the standards we expect in this field.

    This is why countries like Uganda impose anti gay bills. You can’t go around the world demanding a mirror image of uk law. That happened before with colonialism and look at the mess these countries are in. You can’t go from being illegal to marriage and the trimmings. Educate these people rather than force them.

    And libdems have ensured that there is a generation of gay people who will no be able to go to uni due to cost. And the disabled LGBT people have to go through ATOS tests. You guys should be ashamed.

  9. Shame he’s a liberal

  10. A parish councillor!

    We are honoured!

    1. PantoHorse 2 Jan 2014, 9:50am

      Quite. My first thought was ‘who?’.

  11. Helge Vladimir Tiller 1 Jan 2014, 5:59pm

    To The Gay and Transgender community in The UK- and PinkNews : A Happy New Year from an elderly man in Oslo, Norway ! Thank you for accepting my modest comments- I’ve even got some thumbs up-! Makes me happy. ( Forgotten a lot of English, but I do try to brush it up.) I have many wishes for The New Year , but I believe they mostly harmonize with so many other peoples wishes. And since I can confirm that most of you-MY FRIENDS- are nice and friendly persons, I just mention one Wish, one strong Hope : That the Transgender Community gets more focus, help and acceptance ! And please, don’t forget , I LOVE YOU ALL.

  12. Paul Fitzgerald 2 Jan 2014, 10:46am

    Thank you Matthew

    You are an inspiration to the LGBT communities across leicestershire.

    We are proud to have you in our region!

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