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Why does the Irish version of this Coca-Cola advert omit a gay couple?

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  1. The ad says “For every display of hatred there are 5000 celebrations of love..”

    Maybe so generally, but not in Russia where Coca Cola is sponsoring the Winter Olympics.

  2. I can explain this…

    It’s because it’s a cynical, soulless, meaningless advertising campaign by a corporation that only “supports” things when there is something in it for the corporation.

    When will people get this into their thick heads? An ad campaign by a corporation that makes you feel all warm and fuzzy is intended to do just that, giving you the impression that it gives a f**k when in reality it’s duping you into continuing to buy their cr*p.

    They assess the public opinion of a country, then match their efforts to it, pleasing the largest audience of decent people or bigots respectively. They didn’t show it in Ireland because they want to sell more, and gay marriage is not generally accepted in Catholic country.

    This is no different to a politician saying one thing in one city and another in the next, whatever it takes to convince people that they share the same opinion.

    Boycott Coca Cola.

    1. Marriage equality had consistently had over 70% support in Ireland this is actually higher than the levels of support seen in most other European countries sch as France and the UK, the reason that it wasn’t shown was that people have an incorrect perception of Irish people being staunch Catholics when there not. Must Irish people say they are catholic but when you actually discuss religion with them they have a very shrug of the shoulders attitude to it and not a lot of respect for what the church says because we have seen first hand what listening to the church can do.

      1. Maybe some irish people could enlighten coca cola to what their views are, rather than have the nation seen as been as been still enslaved to the catholic pimps. I hope the surveys are right, but I worry closer the referendum, the mud slinging and hate campaign against LGBT will reach momentum and influence voters.

    2. Frank Boulton 3 Jan 2014, 12:47pm

      Yep, Bloke Toys, I agree with you but lets give all the hot air on this subject some bloody teeth. Coke is certainly reeling us in with the warm fuzzies. If they had no gay couple in any of their adverts, this debate about exclusion would not be taking place. So, Coke gets top marks for stupidity. Do they want their Russian customers or their LGBTI customers? We shouldn’t let them have both.

      So, I’m suggesting we vote with our bellies over this issue. Stop drinking Coke and let them know why you’ve stopped drinking it. I must have been their ideal customer: a big man with a big belly and a big thirst, tea-total and with an intolerance of artificial sweeteners. I was getting through about 1000 litres (sic) of Coke a year. So, who’s joining me? If Coke won’t boycott the games, let’s boycott Coke and tell them why we’re doing it.

      1. Frank Boulton 3 Jan 2014, 12:49pm

        And it’s so easy to find a soft drink that only costs a fraction of the price of Coke.

  3. Would be interesting to see Google took the same approach with their 2013 Review advert. Especially as it is exactly the same couple as this one!

  4. A bit of a naive question, don’t you think? It is surely because Coke’s advertising agency advised them to make the cut to avoid deterring Irish religious homophobes from buying their product. Why ELSE would they cut it?

  5. Derek Williams 30 Dec 2013, 1:42pm

    Tyranny of the Majority rules. Losing 5-10% of their customer base isn’t a problem for Coca Cola – hence their decision to fall in line with Russia’s anti-gay law.

    Boycotts work only if we can convince our heterosexual allies of the merit. There’s only so much we ask of people who are constantly being asked to put themselves in harm’s way for us.

  6. andy lomax 30 Dec 2013, 2:21pm

    Cokes ad is showing us the reality that for every bad thing there are many good things.

    Showing that gay people have equal rights through much of Europe.

    Did you notice the straight couple in the Irish version were a black and white couple something we take for granted in most of the UK but still a rare thing in Ireland.

    Coke is IMHO reflecting change for good in society not pushing change that is not their job.

  7. .....Paddyswurds 30 Dec 2013, 2:36pm

    If this is fact, how is it that I have watched the same version as everyone else and i live in Ireland. Someone is stirring the shyte on this…..!!

  8. I’m Irish and think they should not have taken that couple out of the ad most Irish people are supportive of equal marriage the only people who would have a problem would probably be some of the rural, religious elderly people who I don’t think would buy much coke anyway so if they done it out of fear they would lose costumers I don’t think it would make a difference to sales

    1. Couldn’t agree more. Im in secondary school (and from Ireland) and I genuinely think that people would be more inclined to buy coke because of the inclusive nature of the ad. I can’t see coke’s logic behind this, I’m sure they knew there would be uproar for it… I still have (to date) not met someone against gay marriage in my town.

  9. It’s IRELAND, for god’s sake. What can you expect? (And we might want to remember that in England and Wales, due to an totally unjustified and inexplicable reason two people of the same sex still can’t get married (yeah, yeah, sometime next year. Why the delay? There was none in Spain. Parliament says yes – gay people get married; simple; I did.))

    1. Just so you know 76% of Irish people support same sex marriage so don’t really understand you comment saying its Ireland what do you expect ? Ireland was a country 20 years ago that criminalised homosexuality to a country now where the vaste majority don’t care about your orientation. This was coca cola listening to uneducated presumptions that people have about Ireland.

      1. Don’t worry, Jerome, I know. Yes, and I remember when the only place in Ireland where gay people weren’t illegal was Ulster and even then the province had had to change it’s laws (1982, I think) because London imposed the change. CocaCola, who didn’t get where it is by not knowing its market, will have have ordered the cuts in Ireland for a sound, if despicable, reason. And I don’t CARE how much this is voted down.

        1. Homosexuality was decriminalized in Northern Ireland only due to a ruling of the European Court of Human rights (Jeffrey Dudgeon v HM Gov). The UK government was forced into the change. Attitudes to gay life in the whole of Ireland have changed in past 30 years. However the evangelical Christian lobby in the north are far more vociferous in their homophobia than those in the Republic (think of Nigel

      2. So coca cola have bigoted views of the irish and what they deem acceptable. I’m surprised irish people are not kicking up a fuss about this, concerning coca cola’s latent isms .

  10. Hmm. Funnily enough, my family did the same thing to me. Permanently erased me from any social family occasions. I don’t ‘officially’ exist in that way any more. Homophobia comes in many forms, it’s not always about bullying, name-calling or attacks in the street. Omissions can be just as bad. Coca-Cola should be ashamed of themselves, but then again, what more could we expect from a global corporation whose only goal is to make people pay 10 times the price for their sugared, fizzy water.

  11. Christopher in Canada 31 Dec 2013, 11:05pm

    I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony…

    (I was there in 1970…)

  12. Its because Ireland is not seen as progressive a catholic dominated country

  13. …but did you notice is was a interracial marriage in the ROI version.

  14. Obviously this is a marketing move…..called variety for different regions. I noted in the second clip instead of same-sex it was an inter-racial couple which has its own protesters. These clips have to be short & sprightly to get and keep attention. Various methods are used. Advertising time is very expensive. .

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