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US: Woman seeks to stop ‘blatantly illegal’ same-sex wedding taking place in New Year’s parade

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Reader comments

  1. Clearly this woman has nothing better to be worrying about.

  2. This woman needs to get a life.

  3. barrybear1980 30 Dec 2013, 8:18pm

    What a sad horrible woman

  4. Pasadenabear 30 Dec 2013, 8:23pm

    It actually isn’t the first wedding… Last year a straight couple got married on one of the floats…where was this harpy when that was happening? She swears she doesn’t want ANY marriages happening… Just another hateful homophobe…

  5. No matter what this woman says I think she is just another homophobe.

    The battle for marriage equality is slow and arduous and it is great to see various jurisdictions around the world finally affording us this basic right which heterosexuals take for granted. Although I fully support ME I personally do not want to get married. This is in large part due to the fact that heterosexuals have turned marriage into a joke whereby the “wedding day” has seemingly become more important than the commitment itself. I congratulate the couple getting married but I think to do so on a float in a parade in front of millions is just plain tacky and can’t help but feel that the commitment they are making is being treated flippantly. We are fighting this battle to have the same rights as heterosexuals. Lets not make the same mistakes as them.

    1. Whatever one thinks of the wedding, it has the decisive merit of inflaming this vile creature and her hoard of noxious followers, ensuring greater publicity to the ME cause while offering considerable entertainment is they proceed to rush headlong into oblivion over the cliff of social progress….

    Here on the link above is the broader story on Karen Grube (I think it is pronounced Grubee?) She is a fully paid up member of the lunatic fringe of the Republican Party and hates LGBT people with a passion that we have come to recognise in the truly delusional christo-facists that shriek religious freedom when challenged about their anti-constitutional hate speech.

  7. Sorry, Ms Grub. You will lose. I hope you waste lots of time and money on your bigotry.

  8. I’ve had a look at the group and this woman and her supporters are… beyond crazy. And yet the group’s got over 4000 members in nine days, which is disconcerting. The Facebook description mentions nothing about stopping all weddings at the parade, the motives are much clearer cut:

    “The Rose Parade shouldn’t be used by gay activists to promote the gay agenda, and a rose parade float is no place to flagrantly display a gay wedding. But I guess they think they can pervert this year’s theme “Dreams Come True,” to allow this disgusting exhibition. Tell them NO! Tell their sponsors NO. Tell them you will boycott the parade by not watching or attending, and that you will NEVER watch or be part of it again”

    Posts to the page mention political correctness, supporting Phil Robertson’s biblical stance on marriage, the destruction of the Boy Scouts, pot smoking being legal in some states – what next pot smoking promoted and performed on the a float next year and general rallying calls to lobby

  9. Clearly this woman is a “blatantly obvious bigot” who wouldn’t be in favor of same sex marriage any where least of all in a parade.

    That said… (and I know there are people who may not feel likewise) the celebration of wedding on an AIDS Foundation float hit me the wrong way!

    Marriage if you wish it, and the AIDS Foundation are fine and reputable in their own entity. Perhaps it just struck me that getting married on a cake in a parade is one thing and may represent equality to spectators in the crowd.

    AIDS, is also an equal opportunity diagnosis. Yes it can happen to married people gay or straight, I don’t deny that! Perhaps this couple work or volunteer with the foundation and it has special meaning.

    How ever to the bigots in the crowd I see it making a direct correlation between SSM, gays and AIDS. When so many people and the WHO worked tirelessly to remove the stigma of being gay or AIDS having any correlation, I worry this single marriage may subliminally may misrepresent!

  10. It would appear that same sex marriage in California IS legal so Ive no idea what this pathetic woman is bleating about by saying its illegal

    1. Gary, State by State your correct! However SSM is not recognized Federally (we know aspects of that are changing DOMA etc) So she’s using the Federal Law as her precedent for this argument. This woman is notorious for picking and choosing the laws or examples to best represent her cause “bigotry”

      1. bobbleobble 31 Dec 2013, 12:16pm

        SSM is recognised federally after the striking down of DoMA section 3.

  11. St Sebastian, the humanist 31 Dec 2013, 3:37am

    This woman is displaying at least three major personality problems – firstly she is wants to control how others lead their lives (as consenting adults), secondly she is clearly consumed with hate (if she isn’t homosexual and isn’t being forced into ‘acts of homosexuality’, how does it affect her?) and thirdly, she uses her energies in the negative instead of the positive, why doesn’t she put her energies and resources into helping a constructive project instead of trying to obstruct those that have not and do not need her help, energy or resources).

    Finally, I would suggest that she has many other problems that spawn from her need to hate, control and interfere. What a waste of her life and talents and what a sadness for those whom she affects (or infects).

  12. QueeRevolutionary 31 Dec 2013, 7:20am

    Tell that gay bashing nazi pig what you think here

  13. Go to her facebook page and REPORT it.

    it’s simple. it’s hate speech. report it. FORCE facebook to act.

  14. it seems that religion works wonders on vanity. tiny people with a microscopic god.

  15. johnny33308 31 Dec 2013, 7:18pm

    Here’s the link to her FB page to stop the parade. Lets all go show her how we feel. She’s already deleted 5 remarks I posted earlier, but I continue to go back periodically to comment again…..hahahahaha.

    1. Huffington Post and the Pasadena Star-News, a local paper in which she attempted to defend the plan, gave this page as the Facebook group:

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