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Telegraph blogs editor questions Time ‘Person of the Year’ Award for Pope Francis

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Reader comments

  1. Paul Brownsey 30 Dec 2013, 8:39pm

    “Others have questioned whether the Advocate should revoke the award given this latest revelation.”

    Point of English: others have ASKED that, not questioned it. To question something is to challenge it.

  2. Adolf Hitler was named TIME’s Man of the Year in 1938, so that’s an example of Time’s judgement.

    1. They also picked FDR, Harry Truman, Churchill, Stalin, and Chiang Kai-shek, thereby backing all the main powers involved in WW2 except for Japan. I assume they were just hedging their bets.

      They’ve also given it to large groups of people, abstract concepts, and inanimate objects. The point is just to generate interest in Time, not to objectively identify the most influential individual. Forbes do this kind of thing a lot too.

  3. It amazes me, the vatican must think we are all as idiotic as they are. Pope Francis and his deranged and arrogant, swivel-eyed lot can continue bleating their mantra of talk don’t listen and it will all be okay, or ignorance is bliss, adorned by beautifully tailored Vatican’s own public relation team going at it for god, whilst continuously battling same sex marriage throughout Europe and the world. Humble Francis has been tirelessly working the camera and hugging anything that can manage to crawl its way to Lourdes to nail a shot for the worlds adoring press.
    And, who cares or gives credence to who the editor of dentist waiting room’s favorite the Advocate chooses as “person of the Year”, Britney, Gaga,….Francis. One in the same snore, just different drag.

  4. The Church cannot change its rulings on Abortion, Gay Adoption, and Gay Marriage. It’s teachings are based on scripture and are for all time. Catholics are to adapt to the teachings of the Church not the other way round. The Church does not change to fit in with the ways of the modern world. Why people moan on this site I do not know why, these rules only effect practicing Catholics.

    1. If they only effect practising Catholics then the church should stop trying to enforce its beliefs on non Catholics, also scripture was written over a thousand years ago and are written to reflect the opinions of the people of the time in which they were written.

    2. If these rules only effect Catholics then why does the church keep trying to force their beliefs on non Catholics.

    3. James Orpin 31 Dec 2013, 4:20am

      So the Catholic Church has never changed any of its doctrines since it’s founding?

    4. The Catholic church’s teachings on homosexuality are based in a homophobic translation and interpretation of scripture which does not distinguish between abusive and consensual same sex acts and condemns all homosexual acts, there is no acknowledgement of loving same sex relationships at all and all is reduced to sexual acts.
      Secondly major scriptural references to same sex acts are describing ritual same sex acts performed by otherwise heterosexual persons as part of Pagan worship and are in fact being condemned for being the wrong type of worship.

    5. So an organisation ruled by old unmarried virginal MEN who “claim” to have a direct line to an entity has commentary to make on WOMENS abortion rights, the rights of children to be cared for in a loving environment and marriage, an institution of which they do not partake.

      The irony stinks.

      Time to de-program yourself from all that nonsense.

    6. Frank Boulton 7 Jan 2014, 6:12am

      Sebastian, this article is about whether the new pope deserves to be nominated as Person of the Year by Times magazine. The award is based on the impact that the person has had during the year and not how good or bad that impact is. So, Francis I shares the award with Hitler and Stalin amongst others.

      Yes, Sebastian, we agree that the Catholic Church does not fix the wrongs that it does. So, this pope is proving to be just as much of a two-face ar**hole as his predecessors.

      The Catholic Church has changed its ruling on many thing from ancient to recent times, e.g. the calendar, the Universal Catechism, abortion and gay rights, always though for nefarious rather than admirable reasons. If the Catholic clergy didn’t interfere in politics to force its beliefs on non-Catholics, then few on this site would complain.

      Now, about what the Bible has to say about traditional marriage. Here’s a summary of it by America’s Best Christian:

  5. George Broadhead 6 Jan 2014, 2:42pm

    Well said Damian Thompson! It’s high time someone questioned how gay-friendly the Pope makes himself out to be.

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