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Surrey Police defends record amid rise in homophobic crime

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Reader comments

  1. England and it’s blatant and unbelievable instututional homophobia

  2. Now to wonder: are the number of incidents on the rise, or is it that more incidents are reported, now that victims know the police will be on their side (they haven’t always been!)?

  3. Craig Smith 31 Dec 2013, 8:57am

    Woah dont get so hyped up…. is this because of an increase of homophobia which I doubt, or is it an increase in the number of people reporting and the police service treating LGBT rights better…. more people reported means more convictions….. the more that are convicted the quicker the haters will realise that it is not acceptable

  4. We always get the stats on the identity of victims, could we also have the stats on the perps too? What sort of people commit homophobic hate crimes in Surrey? Is there a particular group or community over-represented in any way? If we know the facts we can intelligently target the education needed to stamp it out.

  5. I live in Surrey and the gay community is basically invisible. There are no clubs and bars for us and we basically don’t exist to all the white rich Christian families.

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