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Good Morning America’s Robin Roberts confirms she’s in a same-sex relationship

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Reader comments

  1. The Christian right haven’t sent out the mass email to their rabid attack dogs yet, so her FB comments are 99% positive and supportive, very nice to look through.
    You can bet that the fanatics will get their emails soon though and quickly be on her page to spew bile and hatred, just as they do every time.

    This will be interesting to watch, but I hope she gets an easier time than some other US presenters/celebrities have in the past.

    It’s fascinating to see the differences between the UK and US in this regard. We seem to be much more socially evolved than America.

  2. Until recently, Sam Champion was their weatherman (moved to the Weather Channel for serious cash) and celebrated his marriage to his boyfriend on their show (GMA). For being a Disney-owned company, makes it more interesting.

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