World War II love letter professes love of one soldier for another


Okay, so this technically didn’t happen this year, but it’s too heart-wrenching to miss out.

Brian Keith wrote the letter to Dave, a fellow GI stationed in North Africa, on their anniversary, and the moving letter, which ends “sleep well my love”, reminisces about time spent together, and expresses regret that Dave never made it home after the war.

This bi guy jumped out of a plane completely naked to raise money for terminally ill kids


The skydiver has completed a jump wearing nothing but a parachute, and raised over £2,000 for terminally ill children.

Marking his 100th jump, Dan Cope successfully made the naked dive on 30 November from 10,000 ft, experiencing temperatures as low as -10°C.

‘This closet is suffocating’, the life story of a young gay Muslim in Pakistan


A young gay Muslim in Pakistan shares his experiences of life in the staunchly conservative country with

We were honoured to have been able to publish this first-hand account of being gay in Pakistan.

Disney and CBBC characters come out as gay for the first time 

Wizards Vs Aliens

The character Mulan in hit Disney-ABC series Once Upon A Time, was revealed to be bisexual in a scene of unrequited love.

More recently, a lead character in a hit CBBC series came out as gay to his best friend in a touching scene. The character Benny comes out to his best friend Tom in the episode of the show Wizards vs Aliens.

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