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Troops abandon Boy Scouts of America as it prepares to allow gay members

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Reader comments

  1. *wave* … and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

    But as a matter of fact, the Boy Scouts of America is not allowing youth members who are “actively homosexual”.

    The Scouts are allowing members who identify as gay. All sexual conduct with anyone of any gender by youth Scouts is “contrary to the virtues of Scouting” and – in theory – grounds for expulsion. See point 1.

    So there you go, Mr Brass. Problem solved. Feel free to expel all your sexually active members, of all orientations.

    But perhaps you never enforce that rule for straight kids. So could it be that you’re just a mean-spirited, attention-seeking homophobe?

    1. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Dec 2013, 1:18pm

      The rules on sexual misconduct also apply to heteros too from what I’ve read on U.S. blogsites, not just gay scouts or staff.

      1. PantoHorse 29 Dec 2013, 4:29pm

        That’s what Atalanta’s saying.

  2. Ah yes. I have no doubt scoutmaster Bass regaled the little troopers with horrific tales of how, given the slightest chance, the “active gays’ would seduce and molest them in attempts to convert them to teh ghey.

  3. It’s nothing to do with the kids being uncomfortable (many if them will have experimented anyway in the natural way of things). It’s the vile Christian leaders that are spreading hate and fear.

  4. I remember a scout is to be trusted, loyal and a brother to all scouts. None of which you can be if you discriminate. Show the pathetic men peddling hate the door and tell them they are the ones destroying scouting in the US

  5. For the benefit of non-US readers, PN needs to make it clear exactly what the ‘Troops’ are. I assumed it meant the military !

    1. Midnighter 28 Dec 2013, 7:21pm

      Gerry, I’ve just checked with my father who ran UK scouting activities going back to the early 60s and he assures me he referred to his particular gang a “troop”. They were part of “groups” in hierarchical terms but neither of us feel that “troop” is a confusing or incorrect term in the context of scouting.

      1. I didn’t say that it was incorrect, only that as a UK non-scout I didn’t immediately recognise the term. I just think it would help if PN articles didn’t always assume that everyone is familiar with all the terminology.

        For example, if I were writing for a US audience I’d outline anything they might not know, e.g. that in the UK a public school is a private school, there are no trains in a subway, a Mars bar is a Milky Way and you shouldn’t thump someone if they ask you whether you have a fag…

        1. I’m a UK non-scout and it was bleeding obvious to me.

        2. ‘Mars bar is a Milky Way’

          No they are not. They are completely different.

    2. Troop is the correct term for scout groups in the UK too. Can’t see where the confusion would be.

      1. It’s here in Scandinavia where scout groups are called squads and troops are used for military means.

  6. I remember when blacks sat in the back of the bus. Help wanted ads for males and females. postMAN. workMAN, policeMAN, fireMAN, etc Twenty years from now gays will be totally accepted

  7. Their next huge headache, which could be completely unavoidable, is when a Gay Eagle Scout, loaded with badges and accolades, son of a police officer, about to enter college studying to be teacher, gets denied the position of Scoutmaster solely because he is Gay.

  8. “The kids just were completely uncomfortable with having kids in the Scout troop that were actively homosexual” because heteronomative society is teaching them that it is wrong, just like 50 or so years ago they were taught that blacks and whites couldn’t mix, had to have separate dinning areas and seating on buses.

    I for one don’t believe this is about the young people at all, hate and prejudice are not genetic traits children are born with. They are learnt behaviours, passed on by adults and institutions who have lost their way in a world full of judgements and self righteousness.

  9. Yes, we get it. You want to leave. Don’t hang around expecting anyone to plead with you to stay. Just bugger off.

  10. “Actively homosexual”? That’s the stupidest phrase I have ever heard. I am actively browned, actively left handed, actively getting older, actively more intelligent than Jim Brass.

  11. Besides still banning gay adults they also still ban atheists (youth and adults). “Trail Life USA” the alternative for those who feel the BSA has gone too far has had some press but I’m not sure how many it has attracted since (a) it is strictly Christian and (b) doesn’t admit girls (at least one of the units that has left the BSA is a Venturing crew and Venturing accept both girls and boys). It has partnered with American Heritage Girls which was formed by some splitting off from the Girl Scouts in the early 90s due to the GSUSA stance on god and gays. AHG claims 16,383 youth members (the GSUSA has about 2.2 million youth while the BSA has about 2.6 million youth). My guess is the new group will get at least as many as the AHG and perhaps up to twice their numbers.

  12. Substitute the word ‘gay’ for ‘black’ in this article and it gives you a good idea of how irrationally bigoted the USA remains.

    1. Here we go again – do you really need to illustrate your point with conparisons to black people? It’s an obsession on this site!

  13. I suspect that any ‘uncomfortable’ kids have just been taught to be scared of anyone with a positive gay identity. My experience of being a Boy Scout in the 1960s was that ‘active homosexuality’ was the last thing the boys were uncomfortable with. All the lads who identified as ‘straight’ were nonetheless having sex together. I would argue that the American boys mentioned here are unusual or their adult leaders are being dishonest. The latter, I suspect, which is why the wish to maintain discrimination os farcical as well as unjust.

  14. This isn’t about whether gay scouts should be admitted. They are already there. It’s about whether they can be open and honest about who they are. Ideals the Scouting movement encourage. It’s a shame the troupe that are leaving can’t see the bigger picture here.

  15. “The kids just were completely uncomfortable with having kids in the Scout troop that were actively homosexual,” he continued.

    “Actively homosexual”? Homosexuality is not something you do, it’s something you are. It’s absurd as disliking people for being “actively back” it’s nonsensical.

  16. ““The kids just were completely uncomfortable with having kids in the Scout troop that were Nigro’s,” he continued.”

    These idiots really don’t understand how freakishly bigoted and backward they are, do they?
    I’m sure the BSA will not miss them, who wants a bunch of backward rednecks involved in a national organization like this?

  17. Robert in S. Kensington 29 Dec 2013, 1:24pm

    Wasn’t it only as recently as 2011 that our own scout movement accepted openly gay members?

    1. Nope. As far as I can recall, there has never been an official ban specifically on lgbt in uk scouting since decriminalisation

  18. I bet the majority of kids didn’t care in the slightest about having gay scouts

  19. Keith Farrell 29 Dec 2013, 4:36pm

    Well I hope that when a troop leaves they stop using the uniform and badges too, maybe change the name to some church organisation, another one of those that brain wash children. Churches are all hate groups. They would like to see all LGBT people put to death. Silly fools don’t know that we control everything, lets face it they brame us for every natural disaster, so we must be able to control everything.

  20. This just means that more inclusive people will be around to lift the ban on gay leaders.

  21. Staircase2 30 Dec 2013, 2:40pm

    ‘”The kids just were completely uncomfortable with having kids in the Scout troop that were actively homosexual,” he continued ‘

    Bollocks were they…it’s YOU, Jim Brass…

    It’s called LEADERSHIP – it’s your JOB to educate them away from bigotry and prejudice…that’s what you’re there for.

    As opposed to what is currently happening where you are clearly passing on your OWN prejudices and bigotry onto them…

  22. ” Broke my heart” to walk away – think of the broken young gay hearts a few years ago when they gave them a big boot out the door. The Girl Scouts did not throw anyone one out and do not have this mess.

  23. No more donations to me from to the BSA.

  24. How can someone be a practicing gay in the scouts? they are supposed to be morally pure!

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