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Israel: Pro-gay civil marriage bill defeated in Knesset

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Reader comments

  1. PessimIsrael 27 Dec 2013, 7:37pm

    This was hopeless to begin with.

    Consider that the religious hold on marriage in Israel is so tight
    that a straight couple can’t marry unless they can prove that all
    their grandmothers were born Jewish.

    The laws envisioned by the Germans in the early to mid 20th century
    are fully at work here in Israel, only in reverse. (Trying to avoid Godwin’s law)

    1. QueeRevolutionary 28 Dec 2013, 2:46pm

      Knesset forgot to Never Forget that before Nazis arrested Jews they arrested gay Germans, shipped them to Dachau and tortured them to death. They are basing their laws on 5000+ years of gay bashing started by the Levites. Shame on them.

  2. Of course it was – another country plagued by superstition and brain-washing….

    1. Not much more than many Western nations. The problem is reliance on coalitions in governance.

  3. Well Israel is a less extreme, jewish version of Iran so this is hardly surprising.

    Now if only Israel would dismantle all those illegal jewish settlements from the West Bank and East Jerusalem (or at the very least end the apartheid regime in the illegally occupied Palestinian territories) it could at least pretend it was a democracy.

    (And I just know someone is going to mention how Israel is the best country for gay rights in the Middle East – as if that somehow justifiies the grotesque human rights abuses of the racist state) against the Palestinian population

  4. Christopher in Canada 28 Dec 2013, 2:29am

    Ain’t theocracy grand? And the US supports it – figure THAT out!! (So does the present Canadian government… religion causes people to do strange things…)

  5. Derek Williams 28 Dec 2013, 4:54am

    As disappointing as this is, Israel remains the only safe place for LGBT in the Middle East.

    1. Turkey isn’t always classed as the Middle East, but it’s right there and has a 99% Muslim population. Homosexuality has been legal there for around 150 years, so they’re way ahead of many European countries there. There’s still homophobia within the population, but there is here. They’re also trying to introduce laws in Turkey to protect LGBT people and are even considering gay marriage. So it’s not just Israel and it’s not about any particular religion.

  6. Helge Vladimir Tiller 28 Dec 2013, 1:49pm

    Israel is not a safe place for Palestinian LGBTQ persons- according to a Palestinian gay friend of mine here in Norway ! He had to flee -from both sides in this conflict- ( major discrimination ! )

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