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Gay Ugandans urge President Museveni not to sign Anti-Homosexuality Bill into law

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Reader comments

  1. The only thing the corrupt politician’s of the Uganda Parliament will consider is the cost to them personally. Museveni is not the brightest bulb in the fixture but even he will only take note of the pressure from outside Uganda where it hits them in the pockets because they are all dipping that money. Looking forward to the day when certain members of that corrupt government are standing in the dock charged with crimes against humanity.


        This is the reality of Uganda and for as long as American Fundamental Christian’s are handing out sack-loads of cash to certain politicians in that country LGBT people are going to suffer or die in it.

  2. if Museveni is an intelligent person ( like I think he is) he will not sign the most stupid bill Uganda had in the last 50 years …besides I hope Museveni’s wife will soon have a stroke and be paralysed from the head down

  3. Unfortunately Museveni has both a gravely misguided wife in Janet and a gravely misguided daughter in Patience who is an anti-gay, hate spreading pastor, and she’s being given assistance from evangelicals in training up more pastors to man the 14,000 new anti-gay churches that have been set up to spread the hate, encourage popular prejudice and infest the minds of poor Africans ultimately to control them.
    If president Museveni is any kind of a man he will risk upsetting his pious but misguided wife and daughter and bin this disgusting and inhuman anti-gay law in it’s entirety.

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