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Former BP CEO Lord Browne: ‘The oil industry is so heterosexual’

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  1. That There Other David 27 Dec 2013, 6:36pm

    Mining is just as bad. When BHP merged with Billiton the staff magazine made fun of the company’s logo resembling that of GLAAD with lots of jokes aimed at stereotypical gay men, without a thought that maybe, just maybe, some of BHP and/or Billiton’s employees might actually be LGBT ourselves. It never even crossed their.minds that anyone working for their super macho companies could be gay. Sad really.

    1. Does Browne recommend finding alternatives to oil?

      If not then he is dangerous and evil.

      Good thing he has no children – thanks to his (and others) actions he will leave the world in a worse place than which he found it.

      Has Browne been to the Gulf of Mexico lately.

  2. Weird story – isn’t the world. Let’s be honest no one gives a f@ck about anything other than money at this level. None if the ‘isms’ matter and they’d ‘lose’ you if you didn’t play their game. But it not real and reassuringly few of them are really happy.

  3. He worked in an industry that is having catastrophic effect vis a vis climate change yet he can only whine about how he was too cowardly to come out.

    This scumbag really has his priorities screwed up.

  4. Gritty and grungy jobs are generally not within the typical gay radar for career employment.but occasionally it does happens. I had a similar experience as his not long ago.

  5. Heterosexual men seem to be attracted to the smell of other heterosexual men, and you wouldn’t think it should work that way.

  6. soapbubblequeen 28 Dec 2013, 8:40pm

    They need an Alexis Colby at the helm of BP. A trans Alexis that is. She’d kick all those silly heterosexual boyz asses :)

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